Which one-are-you-a-thinker-or-a-doer


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Are you a thinker or a doer? Which one is it best to be? Is there another option?

I explain what you need to know in this latest edition of my popular self help newsletter

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Which one-are-you-a-thinker-or-a-doer

  1. 1. THE THINKER AND THE DOER Who wins? Richard Butler is a qualified life and business and practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming. He has been helping individuals and companies define what they want to achieve and devise roadmaps for getting from A to B. He is a strong believer in the common sense approach to life. Dont over complicate matters that dont need to be so complicated. Living in Barcelona, Richard continues to help people as well as write poetry and novels. Richard is available to help you or your organisation. Feel free to get in touch Richard ButlerWHICH ONE ARE YOU?A thinker or a doer?Richard Butler offers practical,meaningful, down to earthadvice on life and how to get Life and Business Coachthe most out of it. RichardButlerTheSuccessCoach BarcelonaNo guru nonsense, just straight 08790 Spaintalking advice on self Phone: +3531442 9769development issues. In this Office: +1-561 623-9569issue of the newsletter I am info@richardbutlerthesuccesscoach.comlooking at the thinker and the http://RichardButlerTheSuccessCoach.comdoer and the advantages of @successcoachboth and also thedisadvantages.I provide you with some of myinsights. Enjoy and pleaseshare on facebook, print outand give to your friends. The Thinker and The Doer Brought to you by: Richard Butler +3531442 9769 info@richardbutlerthesuccesscoach.com Vol 3
  2. 2. WHICH ONE ARE YOU?THINKERS VS DOERSThinkers Vs DoersIntroductionYou have probably seen the famous sculpture of the thinker. To be honest I don’t know whomade it, it’s history, where it’s located or anything like that and to be honest it’s not important. Bythe way did you spot the doer in the picture?What is important is the meaning behind it. Let’s examine it.The Thinker – the advantagesThe thinker sits there, thinking. What he is contemplating we don’t really know. However he istaking his time to think everything through and make the right decision. I firmly believe this isimportant in life. We should try not to make rash decisions. We should think through what wewant to do and make an informed decision when we can and when time allows.When it comes to making a decision someone who thinks the consequences through can havemore success. They have thought about what must be done, have made a plan and then act on it.Thinkers may take less risks, or if they do take a risk it’s a well calculated risk. He or she has greatersuccess as they have thought everything through.The Thinker – the disadvantagesOver thinking things can be a negative exercise. Why? Because by over thinking about somethingyou can end up missing your chance with an opportunity. Not only this but if you over think asituation you can actually talk yourself out of taking the chance to do something different.As a thinker you can suffer from analysis paralysis. This is when you think so much that you overanalyse the situation. Again this results in your over thinking, talking yourself out of opportunitiesand missing out.The Doer – the advantagesAs you can see the doer is no where to be seen! Why? Because the doer is quick off the mark andjust does. Opportunities are not wasted on over thinking a proposal or idea. It is done and then RICHARD BUTLER, RICHARDBUTLERTHESUCCESSCOACH +3531442 9769 - info@richardbutlerthesuccesscoach.com - http://RichardButlerTheSuccessCoach.com 2
  3. 3. WHICH ONE ARE YOU? the next project is started. Think less do more. Being a doer you get things done and don’t over analyse things. You can tend to be more productive (in general). The Doer – the disadvantages The major disadvantage of a doer is they may tend to rush into things without thinking it fully through. So while they may be a first mover on a project they may not think beyond the initial idea. This may result in half baked ideas, unfinished projects and a general sense of non completion. The Perfect Solution To have a perfect combination of both the thinker and doer. Think things through but don’t over think. Take action and do but don’t do so without thinking a little bit. There a perfect combination RICHARD BUTLER, RICHARDBUTLERTHESUCCESSCOACH +3531442 9769 - info@richardbutlerthesuccesscoach.com - http://RichardButlerTheSuccessCoach.com 3Powered by TCPDF (www.tcpdf.org)