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  1. 1. In the day and age when web hosting services flock the market by the thousands, one must be careful while subscribing to the service of any such and research extensively before settling for it. Virtual Server hosting popularly known as VPS hosting, iscapable of well organizing your business needs andthen draw up the required online portal that displaysyour wares on your website. It is obvious that one isputting an immense amount of trust and faith in their service provider and whether one is looking toexpound one’s presence through a website. As people and organizations use the website as portal for display for their business, the maintenance of such websites in a long run is of great importance. Any glitch in the website hosting, due to lack of availability of resources, slackening of web speed due to increased traffic can lead to loss in the visitors, who may shift to opt for other better available resources.hybrid cloud
  2. 2. These days cheap web hosting is indeed a daunting task since someservers will forgo a lot and compromise with speed, agility andcompatibility to make your needs cost effective There are wide range ofexamples of such hosting services, ranging from the renowned servicesof Linux and Windows, to less known I-page and Web hosting hub
  3. 3. One must take into consideration the trilogy of speed, cost effectivenessand ability while homing in on cheap hosting services, since anycompany that compromises on any of the trio might not be sustainable foryou in the end While choosing between such VPS Hosting services,the two giants, Windows and Linux immediately come to mind
  4. 4. And though both have immense followings and huge customer bases, itwould be a good idea to weigh the pros and cons of each while selectingone that suits your web hosting needs the best Windows VPS hostinghas gained immense favour by virtue of being widely compatible, while atthe same time affording convenience for its users
  5. 5. It provides a wide gamut of useful and compatible services towebmasters and businesspersons alike especially if one is runningMSSQL and ASP database powered apps However, one must be carefulregarding the version of Windows hosting services to be used since manyweb-hosting providers offer both versions and some applications mightnot work at all or might run in a faulty fashion in all versions
  6. 6. Also, make sure that the hosting service provider also includes andenables various control panel options and technical support related to thisparticular hosting service Sometimes certain providers might sell allversions of windows but may not cater technical support adhering to allversions, which will undoubtedly put you in a fix
  7. 7. Linux VPS Servers are a much safer option, which also comes at astable price and is far more flexible hybrid cloud compared to Windowsbased hosting services However if your technical skills are not up to thenotch this might not be the safest bet for you since Linux has a limitedconvenience with GUI or a Graphical User Interface system, but what itloses in GUI it makes up for it in service, advantages, security andflexibility
  8. 8. Choosing a good and functional hosting server is a matter ofresearch and understanding of your requirements and comparing variousfeatures offered by hosting solution providers With a skilled look on theoffers it will be a easier task to select the most appropriate server for yourspecific requirements while you need them to go
  9. 9. hybrid cloud