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REG / EAACI Quality Standards Taskforce Meeting


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Meeting of Quality Standards Joint Respiratory Effectiveness Group and EAACI Taskforce held in London during ERS 2016 Congress

Published in: Health & Medicine
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REG / EAACI Quality Standards Taskforce Meeting

  1. 1. REG–EAACI TASKFORCE QUALITY STANDARD IN ASTHMA CER DATE: Saturday September 3rd TIME: 11.45am – 12.15pm VENUE: Royal College of General Practitioners; 30 Euston Square, London, UK Dissemination Planning
  2. 2. AGENDA •  DISSEMINATION PLANNING: o Manuscript outines o Target journals o Maximising the impact
  3. 3. Planned papers: June/ATS discussions
  4. 4. Target journals Main paper •  Allergy QA Tool paper •  ERJ…? •  Marc Humbert contacted; potentially interested •  Nicolas or Guy to follow up
  5. 5. Timelines April 2016 Results presented at REG Summit, Lyon May 2016 Next steps discussed at ATS, San Francisco June/July 2016 Outlines developed (Nicolas, Jon) August 2016 Outlines circulated to taskforce members Sept 19th 2016 Comments requested from taskforce members Nov 2016 Parallel submissions to target journals
  6. 6. Launching the tool In coordination with publication of the Taskforce Papers: 1.  Make the quality assessment tool available via the REG website: –  Online list of quality criteria checklist –  Option to download desktop (Excel) version 2.  Linking with the EAACI website –  Page on the EAACI site, and/or –  Link to the REG page via the EAACI site
  7. 7. Launching the tool: Society interactions 1.  Link with other societies for their comment: o  ERS –  ERS Guidelines Group (via Marc Miravitlles) to see whether the tool could be of utility to them as a research appraisal and guideline development aid §  Possible ERJ Editorial? –  ERS Vision team to see whether there may be interest in featuring the tool on their website and/or to interview Nicolas about the work of the taskforce o  ATS –  Contact Kevin Wilson (leads an evidence synthesis group within the ATS) who may be interested in looking at the tool and commenting on its potential utility.
  8. 8. Launching the tool: Journal interactions 1.  Contacting all respiratory journal editors o  Invite them to send the tool to reviewers to help with quality appraisal of comparative effectiveness papers 2.  Contact Lancet Respiratory Medicine to see whether they may be interested in an editorial as follow up to the REG research framework (Roche et al), which the tool builds on 3.  Ask all REG collaborators to utilise and refer to the tool in their peer review of observational research, e.g. “the paper meets / does not meet the REG quality standards” – Ripple effect...
  9. 9. Educational potential •  ...?