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Introduction: Maximising the Yield


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From REG 2015 Winter Summit, Rotterdam

Published in: Health & Medicine
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Introduction: Maximising the Yield

  1. 1. David Price, REG Chairman 2015 REG Winter Summit: Welcome
  2. 2. Welcome! Many Miles Travelled to be here today. Thank you for your time & commitment to REG
  3. 3. Housekeeping & “rules of engagement” • Mobile phones • Please switch off / to silent • Regular coffee breaks if you do need to pick up emails • Recording & Photography for: o Internal reference; meeting report; newsletter & (with consent) website • Toilets / Rest rooms • TBC on the day • Delegate pack • Programme • Abstract book – for all thematic sessions & select plenaries • Maps – directions to dinner tonight • Expenses form – emailed for completion on your return • Sessions • Q&A welcomed – discussion & debate is strongly encouraged
  4. 4. Looking back; looking forward… 2014 2015
  5. 5. 2014: off to a good start… 2015 Arch Supplement • Published by ATS Annals • 7 papers discussing the key aspects of real-life research: o Guideline limitations o The role of RWE o Standards o Cost-effectiveness EAACI 2015 Conference proposals accepted • Harnessing primary care databases to unpick the complexities of allergic obstructive airway disease7 papers discussing the key aspects of real-life research • From efficacy-based to effectiveness-based guidelines in asthma: a paradigm shift?
  6. 6. Initial wish in 2012/13 “Set up a short-term initiative that will raise the quality and profile of real-life (respiratory) research across the research, political and public arenas” But… 2014 required REG to recognise its longevity…
  7. 7. 2014: REG continued to grow… April 2014 95 Dec 2014 125 April 2014 5 Dec 2014 10 COLLABORATORS SUPPORTERS
  8. 8. 2014: Recognising our longevity (II) Initial Structure Constitution+
  9. 9. 2014: Recognising our longevity (II) More formal structure required: • Oversight Committee; • Council; Special Interest Leads; • Society Leads; • Regional Leads; • Guideline Leads; • Accreditation Committee; Manuscript & Research Review
  10. 10. 2014: “Manageable chunks” Topic- specific working groups Child Health Small airways disease Asthma/CO PD overlap syndrome COPD Control Adherence Database validation Allergy IPF / ILD Standards – REG/EAACI Taskforce Validation/St andardisatio n of Coding
  11. 11. 2014: Formalised call for research ideas • Research Pin board • Studies shortlisted for funding as: 1. REG Studies (non- commercial, with multi- sponsors or hands-off grant); 2. REG Collaborations (single-sponsor, non- commercials study), or 3. Commercial Study (commercial/product- specific study).
  12. 12. 2014 Research: understanding real practice • Asthma State of the Union • Rationale: poor control may contribute significantly to the health and economic consequences of asthma • A study characterising asthma severity, treatment and control among patients from 153 UK primary care practices. Addresses questions around: o Exacerbation risk at different GINA treatment step o Possible over-treatment of patients (at higher GINA step) o Differential outcomes for smokers/non-smokers • Submitted to EACCI 2015; Manuscript in development CONTROL RISK?
  13. 13. 2014: June Summit
  14. 14. 2014: June Summit
  15. 15. 2014 ERS… • Real-life session: The Evolving Role of Real Life Research in Respiratory Medicine • Collaborators meeting • 6 abstracts from REG studies: o REG Endpoint Validation Study: o Paediatric Asthma Step-Up o COPD Eosinophil Study
  16. 16. • Real-life session: The Evolving Role of Real Life Research in Respiratory Medicine • Collaborators meeting • Real-life research course – run by Research Education Alliance – materials to be accredited by REG 2014: APSR…
  17. 17. Looking forward… 2014 2015 To all who contributed to REG’s many activities and successes
  18. 18. • ERS session proposal submitted • Session at the ATS – Jerry Krishnan & Barry Make • EAACI sessions • EAACI Taskforce completing its work • Completion & publication of current REG studies: o Asthma risk predictors o Blood eosinophils in COPD o Longitudinal bi-directional relationship between ICS adherence and asthma outcomes o Asthma Endpoint Validation o COPD risk prediction o Devices – iHARP & Critikal 2015: lots to look forward to (I) • More research • More meetings • PR-activities – make the world start to sit up and take notice • Possible joint society taskforce application…? • Potential Horizon 2020 bid…?
  19. 19. Next 48 hours – the summit… • Opportunity to: o Share and learn from each other’s data o Identify new data resources and opportunties o Strengthen relationships and extend our networks o Identify new ideas and opportunities for REG and for your own research interests • And much more • Hand over to Dermot Ryan for his opening talk: Maximizing the Yield: towards patient-centred care