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Going Live With Dispatch


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This presentation covers best practices and tips and tricks to assist you with planning your upgrade to Dispatch. It discusses everything you need to know to make the jump, including preparing your Perspective administration tasks, setting up Dispatch and go-live procedures while providing key tips to save you time and effort along the way. It also touches on new tools for migration of key data from Perspective to Dispatch.

Presentation by: Brad Rooke, Solution Consultant, Resolver Inc.

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Going Live With Dispatch

  1. 1. I am a Solution Consultant at Resolver. @rookieb73
  2. 2. ActPlanAssess
  3. 3. The first administrative-level user to log into Dispatch 5 becomes the Master Admin. Choose wisely.
  4. 4. ▪ Operational and Working Zones ▪ Teams ▪ Users ▪ What’s managed where?
  5. 5. Operating Zones are best defined as a single area of operations. You cannot cross- pollinate resources between operating zones. You can have resources available for multiple zones, but they can only be on duty in a single zone at any given time. Best question – do I need X resource to be available in both these areas at the same time? If yes, you likely have working zones within a single operating zone. Working zones subdivide operating zones and are a useful filter parameter.
  6. 6. Teams are groups of users that are given access to working zones in order to respond to Dispatch activity. Teams are often distributed by shift, by qualification, or by work area, and can be changed when an officer is brought on duty.
  7. 7. Admin level access to Dispatch only. Can access all settings within Admin. Can see, but not do. Access to all panels within Dispatch, but no ability to make changes. Note: Great for managers! Note 2: User is NOT a resource for Dispatch. A user who can dispatch calls, and is available as a resource in the field. User-only access to admin settings. Account also allows mobile application access.
  8. 8. Geo Mapping ▪ View active officers and open dispatches ▪ Add map filters for a clearer picture of your dispatch data
  9. 9. Overall site plans, followed by multi-level floor or location plans Location warnings can be set for specific areas
  10. 10. Single or multi-level plans can be added as needed to more accurately represent your locations. Picture format needed.
  11. 11. Your sites already exist in Perspective in a 4-tiered structure. We can leverage this structure to migrate these sites over, saving Administrative work! Every unique long/lat coordinate in Perspective will generate a unique location in Dispatch. Site values from Perspective will be mapped accordingly. Latitude and Longitude values must be present for each unique site/building Any subordinate values attached to a master will be created as indoor locations. These can be moved to their correct position via click-drag after migration. Address values and Site Notes will migrate as well. The migration tool will supply placeholder photos until such time as you can get your maps and photos imported.
  12. 12. OfficerUserPerson Any new officers added to Dispatch from this point forward will be created in Perspective as officers as well… in case you forget.
  13. 13. Available for iOS and Android devices, Officer Mobile allows for real-time response documentation and communication in the field.
  14. 14. Update officer status to on- or off-duty Receive task assignment and RTA time View dispatch details and assigned officer information
  15. 15. Document incident and add relevant media View maps and floor plans Instant message with officers and dispatchers
  16. 16. Maintained in Perspective Administration. Codes will populate, default priorities will not. Standard Operating Procedures are maintained in Perspective Administration. Visual alerts have been made available and are more logically organized.
  17. 17. A new location to document lunches, breaks and other out- of-service activities. Recommended (or regulated) Times to Act are now logically organized within Dispatch Administration. Call signs can be pre-assigned as a default to users in Dispatch Admin.
  18. 18. Calls that are dispatched frequently or need a set procedure followed can be pre- created with templates. Windows can be docked within the interface and on multiple monitors! When multiple windows are open, each window updates with the information from the call or task you have selected.
  19. 19. The revised scheduling tool allows you to schedule calls at varying recurrences. You can pre-set specific tasks and then see who is doing (or did) what! All dispatch-related functions can be performed using the command line.
  20. 20. @rookieb73