Quick Look - Employee Management, Task and Timesheet


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Have a quick look into Task management, Employee Management and Timesheets

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Quick Look - Employee Management, Task and Timesheet

  1. 1. www.peersuite.com
  2. 2. On-boarding Employee Management Exit Management Timesheets TasksPEER – Quick Look
  3. 3. Track new joiners from job offer tilljoining.PEER – On-Boarding
  4. 4. Provide various details when offer being made.PEER – On-Boarding
  5. 5. Also identify if the facility provided needs to be tracked during employee exitIdentify various facilities to be provided on joining On-Boarding
  6. 6. You can move the request item When the item moves to joined stage, the new joiner to next stage or previous stage automatically becomes employee of the organization. as needed New employee approval workflow. Possible to configure approval workflow as per your need.On-Boarding
  7. 7. Comment or capture a note on the item and track complete conversation between each stake holder.On-Boarding – Work-flow
  8. 8. Track the movement of item among various stake holders.On-Boarding – Work-flow
  9. 9. Thus On-Boarding makes it easy to tracknew joiners –When are they joining?What facilities to be provides?How many joined and how manydeclined?And more.. On-Boarding
  10. 10. Manage various details of employeeduring stay at your organization.Add/Remove facilitiesManage reporting managerPayroll historyand more…. Employee Management
  11. 11. Search Employees Employee ListingEmployee Management
  12. 12. Various employee details that can be managedEmployee Management
  13. 13. Payroll detailsEmployee Management
  14. 14. Assigning various roles to different users. Depending on the roles, each will get access to the system.PEER provides powerful access control via Role-Module-Access paradigm. It is possible to control access to any part of PEER as per your need. At any point in time add/modify the roles associated with usersEmployee Management
  15. 15. Exit management helps you track exit ofemployees from resignation throughfull and final settlement.Thus capture all the details associatedwith exit in one place. Exit Management
  16. 16. Various NOCs to be tracked and Exit interview facility User can resign formally online.Exit Management
  17. 17. System automatically lists all the facilities provided during the employee life time for you sto re-claim. When the item reaches ‘Close stage’, the exiting employee is automatically locked and he can no more access the systemExit Management Workflow. Exit request moves from stage to stage for approval and tracking. At NOC stage various process owners such as HR, Sys Admin etc can track and confirm clearance. Exit Management
  18. 18. Exit Interview form – this is a customizable form. The questions can be added as per the need of the customerExit Management
  19. 19. Has two key parts to it - Projects - Time-sheetsEach project can have various highlevel Tasks.Employees can clock time againsteach project and high level task. Timesheet
  20. 20. Project Details 1 Define ProjectTimesheet
  21. 21. High Level Project planProject milestones. User candefine milestones as per the need. 2 Define Project Plan Timesheet
  22. 22. Assign Project RoleAssign Team member to the project Assigned team members shall be able to clock time sheets associated with this3 project. Timesheet
  23. 23. Listing of timesheets. For each employee assigned to project, a timesheet for that week is generated automatically.Timesheet
  24. 24. Task’s total Hours for that week Day’s Total Hours Week’s Total Hours Facility to fill the timesheet. User can simply select the project and Phase/Task and input the timesheet. User can also capture additional comments against each cell.Timesheet
  25. 25. Each timesheet can go through workflow for approval. The workflow stages are customizable as per the need of the organization.Timesheet
  26. 26. Task module facilitates day to daytask management and tracking.Tasks
  27. 27. Task ListingTasks
  28. 28. Various details of task A task can be linked to another task as parent and child User can define Types as needed User can define Priority levelsTasks
  29. 29. User can view associated child tasks Can navigate to details of child task. User can navigate to any depth of parent child hierarchy and navigate upwards as well. Tasks
  30. 30. Task Execution workflow. You may add or remove workflow stages.Capture all the comments and track entire conversation associated with task. Attach supporting documents and other artifacts associated with task. Find all content associated with a task at one place Tasks
  31. 31. Document Management Guest House Booking Loan Request ManagementTravel Request Management Job Referral Vehicle Booking Management Conference Room Booking Expense Claim Management Leave Management HR Help Desk Org Intra-net Other modules of Interest
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