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Midlands Workplace Wellbeing Brochure 2010. Details of Health and Wellbeing programmes for the workplace

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Low Res Brochure

  1. 1. MIDLANDS WORKPLACE WELLBEING A happy workforce is a productive workforce...
  2. 2. Energise your workforce
  3. 3. Midlands Workplace Wellbeing offer a premier corporate health and wellbeing service with packages tailored to suit your organisational needs The link between employee health promotion and bottom line is clear. Employers who engage in workplace wellbeing programmes see: • A reduction in sickness absence • Better staff retention • An increase in staff morale and • Higher quality employee motivation recruitment • Higher performance levels Companies who engage in health and wellbeing programmes report up to 30% return on their investment. If you would like to discover the secret to a happy and healthy workforce please call us today on 01562 634926 Call us today on 01562 634 926
  4. 4. Nurture and see them grow
  5. 5. Wellbeing Management Programme Wellbeing: a state of being happy and healthy By working with you we help build and maintain a stress resilient organisation that will not only attract the best people but will retain them as well. All of our wellbeing programmes are tailored to your organisational needs, so you can rest assured that you will receive a service that is right for you and your business. Wellbeing Awareness Training Executive Wellness Coaching • Personal health, wellbeing and positive • Attendance management lifestyle habits • Stress management • Relaxation, diet and exercise • Emotional intelligence • Health checks including BMI, BP and • Benefits of a healthy workforce cholesterol • Positive work-life balance • Cancer awareness, smoking cessation, healthy heart The customer service provided is excellent and we would not hesitate to use her services again next year” Cherry Phillips, Health and Safety Officer, Warwickshire County Council
  6. 6. Knowledge is power
  7. 7. Stress Management Stress: e adverse reaction people have to excessive pressures or other types of demand placed on them Knowledge is power – we believe in raising awareness of stress within the workplace. Stress is often looked upon as a taboo subject with people too embarrassed to talk about it. A little knowledge can go a long way; we work with you to help identify, measure and address issues of stress within the workplace. Stress awareness programmes include: • What is stress? What is anxiety? • How to recognise the signs of stress • How to reduce stress both in and out of the workplace • Guidance on the tools available to help reduce stress • Breathing and visualisation exercises To find out more email Renee at Renee@mwwellbeing.co.uk
  8. 8. Love your staff
  9. 9. Office Massage Massage: the manipulation of muscles to ease tension and aid wellbeing Specially designed for the workplace, this popular fully clothed, seated massage offers a practical, cost-effective option for stress management. Get your staff feeling relaxed, refreshed and rejuvenated with our on-site massage service Office massage helps: • Relax the mind and body • Alleviate stress, headaches & eyestrain • Reduce tension and muscular aches and pains Other Massage services include: • Sports & Remedial Massage, Indian Head Massage, Reflexology, Reiki, Swedish Body Massage, Bowen Technique, Auricular Therapy “We gain such benefit from the sessions both physically and mentally that we have a regular monthly booking” PD Worcester County Council
  10. 10. Healthy people = healthy profits
  11. 11. Health events and Occupational Health Occupational Health: e promotion and maintenance of physical, mental and social wellbeing of employees Our health events and occupational health packages offer a cost-effective solution to organisations that do not offer in-house services. We offer a fully integrated service designed to meet your organisational needs. Health events: Occupational Health: • Health screening • Counselling service • Workplace massage • Health screening • Stress management • Health surveillance • Nutritional advice • Health promotion • Exercise / relaxation classes • Travel health • Health awareness programmes • Immunisations • Counselling service • Pre-employment screening Call us to today on 01562 634 926
  12. 12. MIDLANDS WORKPLACE WELLBEING Contact: Renée Clarke T: 01562 634 926 M: 07954 414222 Renee@mwwellbeing.co.uk www.mwwellbeing.co.uk Midlands Workplace Wellbeing Ltd Company Registered in England & Wales No. 7150975 A happy workforce is a productive workforce...