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12 A4 Flyer Jane Keep2 Email Copy


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Jane Keep Flier of services offered

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12 A4 Flyer Jane Keep2 Email Copy

  1. 1. bringing philosophical consciousnessWorking with Organisations into human developmentJane works with you and your organisation or team, inreal time, on real challenges you are facing, or tosupport you to build new opportunities. To book or for further details of all Jane brings aThis includes facilitating: services offered please contact Jane on: Philosophical Consciousness meetings events +44 (0)7876 140 413 to true wellbeing, authenticity, health & harmony organisational change projects in organisations, teams & individuals workshops through … learning sets skype: jane.keep communities of practice or via The Inner-Heart, Coaching, Facilitating, Writing team development Imperial Chambers, Gloucester Road, & Esoteric Healing small group work Avonmouth, Bristol BS11 9AQExamples include supporting organisations and within the workplace to change: "The true delivery of service begins first issues of workplace disengagement towards by delivering that same service to self in every way, becoming interconnected, self-responsible, and to the others by the same manner, focused organisations and teams Jane is a forever student of her inner-most and has that are within the group, by unpicking disharmonious, unproductive attended the Sacred Esoteric Healing courses before the organisation can truly serve." and unhealthy behaviours and work patterns and workshops including Esoteric Chakra-puncture. ~ Serge Benhayon, 2007 to begin to build new and harmonious ways She is a member of the Esoteric Practitioners Association. of working. All modalities are in line withJane also works to support building personal and Esoteric Medicine as taught by Serge Benhayon,workplace resilience, integrity and authenticity in any the College of Universal Medicinework place setting, or leadership context. For further information please visit: +44 (0)7876 140 413 Skype: jane.keep
  2. 2. working with individuals Jane offers a range of services for individuals as follows:Esoteric Coaching to Harmony Supervision for Coaches Sacred Esoteric HealingCoaching to harmony is a philosophical, practical Jane offers 1:1 or small group coaching supervision Esoteric means inner-most.coaching process where individuals focus on their own working uniquely to enable coaches to become more Through Sacred Esoteric Healing, Jane offers a rangehealth, wellbeing and harmony (whether personal, self aware within their coaching practice, and to take a of 1:1 treatments including:work-based or otherwise). deeper responsibility for their work, with a clearer sense of personal wellbeing. Energetic Facial Release – working on specificCoaching to harmony is based on developing self points of the face, this is a gentle massage thatawareness from Janes 5 year research study (a practical supports the whole bodystudy on developing self awareness towards deliberateself care), all of which is based on the teachings of Esoteric Massage – using a gentle approach,esoteric psychology by Serge Benhayon. this massage works on specific areas of the( Esoteric Chakra-puncture body such as the back, arms, and legs to support the whole bodyThrough gentle reflection you can feel the choices youhave been making and the deeply held patterns and ... brings the body back to its fiery essence. Gentle hands on Sacred Esoteric Healing –beliefs you have about the way you work, or live, works with your body to reconnect you to who Chakra-puncture supports the rebuilding of vitality,which can help towards: you truly are and to support true health and harmony and balance in the body. balance to the body learning to take responsibility and discern through Esoteric Chakra-puncture, Jane offers a range choices that can support and nourish you of treatments for individuals using a light and gentle All of these treatments support personal vitality, while you work and in your daily living, needling technique with very fine needles. wellbeing and harmony, bringing the body back to its finding your way through challenging true essence. projects, workplace issues, or career choices with focus and clarity,Coaching can be face to face, by telephone, or Skype.