PepsiCo's Hoyt Talks Recruiting at TalentNetLive 2011


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PepsiCo's Chris Hoyt (global talent engagement & marketing leader - aka: RecruiterGuy) kicks off the 2011 TalentNetLive event at PepsiCo Frito-Lay headquarters in Plano, TX.

The focus of the 40 minute kick-off was to take the audience on a quick journey through a handful of the promises that PepsiCo makes to both it's employees and it's consumers and why it's vital that Talent Acquisition is not only a business partner, but fully engaged.

In line with PepsiCo's new initiative that moves Recruiters from "Talent Acquisition Managers" into the more evolved "Talent Advisor" role, Chris shared a few things that keep him up at night with a challenge to #TNL participants to be mindful of throughout the one day event.

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PepsiCo's Hoyt Talks Recruiting at TalentNetLive 2011

  1. Talent Net Live – 2011 Dallaschrishoyt, global talent engagement & marketing leader<br />August 26th 2011<br />
  2. Who… and Why?<br />Talent Advisor<br />Ambassador<br />Brand<br />Manager<br />Recruiter<br />
  3. To all of our investors…<br />…it’s a promise to strive to deliver superior sustainable financial performance.<br />
  4. To the people of the world…<br />…it’s a promise to encourage people to live healthier by offering a portfolio of both enjoyable and healthier foods and beverages.<br />
  5. To the planet we all share…<br />…it’s a promise to be a good citizen of the world, protecting the Earth’s natural resources through innovation and more efficient use of land, energy, water and packaging in our operations.<br />
  6. To the associates of PepsiCo…<br />…it’s a promise to invest in our associates to help them succeed and develop the skills needed to drive the company’s growth, while creating employment opportunities in the communities we serve.<br />
  7. Communicating the ‘Big Picture’<br />
  8. Nurture Demand / Selling Supply<br />Tweeting Jobs is NOT social!<br />Standard responses are not ‘engagement’<br />Fans vs. Followers<br />
  9. Engage, don’t Enrage<br />Transparency is everything!<br />Put on your job seeker shoes.<br />
  10. Support through Reports<br />What do you measure?<br />What CAN you measure?<br />
  11. Today’s Adventure<br />Be Social!<br />Ask everyone tough questions!<br />Look for something different!<br />
  12. Go Learn!<br />Talent Net Live<br />chrishoyt, global talent engagement & marketing leader<br />