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Cloud Computing vs. Traditional Computing


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Basic knowledge regarding why should we use cloud computing.

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Cloud Computing vs. Traditional Computing

  1. 1. Presented by- Priyanka P. Pattnaik Roll no.-19 Sic-IT145501 Cloud Computing Vs. Traditional Computing
  2. 2. Contents…. .cloud .cloud computing .history .traditional computing .cloud components .cloud service models .difference .risk .failure
  3. 3. CLOUD?
  4. 4. CLOUD Public Cloud Private Cloud Hybrid Cloud
  5. 5. Cloud Computing ?
  6. 6. History…. • Concept evolved in 1950(IBM) called RJE (Remote Job Entry Process). • In 2006 Amazon provided First public cloud AWS(Amazon Web Service).
  7. 7. Traditional Computing? Traditional Computing Shared hosting Dedicated Hosting
  8. 8. Cloud Components.... It has three components 1) Client computers 2) Distributed Servers 3) Datacenters
  9. 9. Clients ? Clients are the device that the end user interact with cloud. Three types of clients: 1) Mobile 2) Thick 3) Thin (Most Popular)
  10. 10. Datacenter ? • It is collection of servers where application is placed and is accessed via internet.
  11. 11. Distributed Server ? • Often servers are in geographically different places, but server acts as if they are working next to each other
  12. 12. Service Models… Cloud Clients IaaS (infra structure as a service) PaaS (Platform as a service) SaaS (Software as a service)
  13. 13. Major difference…. • Cloud Computing is sold on demand • The service is managed by the provider • User can determine the amount of service they take • Users can log on to the network from any computer in the world
  14. 14. Risks in Cloud Computing • Take a long time to resolve. • Terms and condition issue • You are dependent on cloud computing provider. • Data migration issues when changing cloud provider • What happens if your cloud provider goes out of business?
  15. 15. • Amazon's failures: (April 22, 2011),, and unable to access. • Microsoft online services hit by major failure: (September 9, 2011) Hotmail, Office 365 and Skydrive Failures of cloud
  16. 16. Conclusion..
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