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Quantum computer ppt

  1. 1. JSS, K.H.KABBUR INSTITUTE OF ENGINEERING Topic : Quantum computer By Nisarg Y BhagavantanavarBrief Flow of the Presentation.1. Introduction2. History3. Why quantum computer4. What special about quantum computer5. Applications of quantum computer6. Problems7. Conclusion
  2. 2. Quantum computersQuantum computersuse atoms toperform calculationHere computationdepends onprinciple ofquantum theoryQubit
  3. 3. HISTORY1982 - Feynman proposed the idea ofcreating machines based on the laws of quantummechanics instead of the laws of classical physics.1985 - David Deutsch developed the quantumTuring machine, showing that quantum circuits areuniversal. 1994 - Peter Shor came up with a quantumalgorithm to factor very large numbers in polynomial time.1997 - Lov Grover develops a quantum searchalgorithm with O(√N) complexity
  4. 4. Why quantum computerMoore’ law slowing downin 2020 it is flattenedout.Transistor cannot bemade smaller due to the lawsof Quantum mechanicsstarts to take overPost silicon era
  5. 5. What special about Quantum computer
  6. 6. APPLICATIONS•Cryptography•Artificialintelligence•Teleportation•Quantumcommunication
  7. 7. Problems•Decoherence•Error correction•Output observance•Cost
  8. 8. Conclusion If we built this computer then it would revolutionized our human society ReferenceQuantum Computers. Retrieved on December 1st, 2002 from:http://www.ewh.ieee.org/r10/bombay/news4/Quantum_Computers.htm•.•Wikipedia
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