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English picture dictionary book in PDF free for beginners children and adults


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A basic picture dictionary for beginners children or adults to help with learning English vocabulary. Picture dictionary free in PDF

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English picture dictionary book in PDF free for beginners children and adults

  1. 1. A Axe Add Ankle Album Attic Alps Ant Apple Anchor Astronaut Alligator Ad Ashes
  2. 2. Ā Acorn Aim Ate Ache Ape Apron Angel Ace Aviator Alien April
  3. 3. B Book Ball Boat Boy Bird Bear Bus Box Bat Bug Barrel Bubble Bed
  4. 4. _b cab Bib Web Tub Tab Cob Tube Lab Robe Cube Dab Rib Rub
  5. 5. C Cap Cup Candy Cot Cow Car Cat Cut Carrot Cuff Cage Cone Castle
  6. 6. D Duck Dad Dime Dig Doll Down Dog Dollar Deer Door Dish Dinosaur Dump 0
  7. 7. _d lid Add Bed Lid Pod Sad Rod Nod Dad Mud Head Odd Food
  8. 8. E Elf Exit End Edge Empty Error Egg Elephant Elevator Eggplant Eskimo Escalator Envelope
  9. 9. ē emu egret eagle ear eave eel eat equal e-mail
  10. 10. F Fish Fudge Fox Fire Food Finger Fan Father Feet Find Farm Fork Fight
  11. 11. Leaf Roof Loaf Safe Off _f Cuff Reef Hoof Cuff Puff Scarf Knife
  12. 12. G Garage Guess Girl Goose Goat Go Gum Ghost Gold Gate Garbage Goal Gas
  13. 13. _g bug Leg Tag Wig Bug Dog Egg Jog Pig Jug Keg Dig Log
  14. 14. H Hose Hay Horn House Head Hammer Hat Hair Hanger Here Horse Hawk Hook
  15. 15. I Igloo Inch Ill Itch Indian Ink In Instruments Inchworm Invitation Insect Infant Iguana
  16. 16. I Ivy Ice Ivory Icing Icicle Island I Iron Ibis Iris Ice cream 0
  17. 17. J Jack-in-the- box Jeans Jeep Jail Jacket Jar Jet Journal Jam Jump Jug Jaw Jog
  18. 18. K Kite Kangaroo Kitten Kilt Kiss Kid Kick Key Kettle Keg Kelp Kit King
  19. 19. _k duck Duck Sock Neck Hawk Cake Talk Yak Yolk Kick Lock Lake Hook
  20. 20. L Leg ladle left lamb little light leaf lawn lake lost ladder loft laugh
  21. 21. Ill Mule Sail Quail Seal Goal _l bell Ball Wall Tail Nail Pool Doll
  22. 22. M Mouse Moon Mom Measure Milk Mask Mop Me Mow Mule Moth Mud Man
  23. 23. _m jam tam dime cam gum dam hum ham rim ram swim yam zoom
  24. 24. n nut net night nest needle nose nurse nickel next nap nod neck nail
  25. 25. _n ten man run moon queen lawn rain on pine sign son van town
  26. 26. O On Off Odd Otter Opt Omelette Ox Ostrich Octagon Octopus Olive Opposite Office 0
  27. 27. Ō Over Door Overalls Old Oar Oak Ocean Opal Oboe Ogre Okra Oval Open
  28. 28. P Pickle Pizza Pie Push Paper Pocket Pig Puzzle Pine Paint Purse Pool Pillow
  29. 29. _p cap Jeep Soap Rope Soup Type Ship Mop Cup Map Up Zip Hop
  30. 30. Qu Quarrel Quack Quarter Question Quiet Quartet Quilt Queen Quail Quart Quill Quiz Quiver
  31. 31. R Rabbit Ring River Rope Raise Rhino Run Rain Rose Rocket Rattle Right Ram
  32. 32. Hair Fire Tire Oar Pour Ear _r deer Star Jar Bear Door Car Her
  33. 33. S Safe Saw Soup Son Sail Sad Sun Salt Sign Sock Sour Sing Seal
  34. 34. _s gas Goose Kiss Guess Horse Mess Toss House Mouse Bus Purse Nurse Bass
  35. 35. T Talk Type Torn Town Tent Tub Tag Tulip Tail Tall Tea Tusk Ten
  36. 36. _t bat Cat Boat Cut Gate Fight Night Kit Cot Feet Kite Goat Nut 0
  37. 37. U Umbrella Umpire Under Uncle Ugly Us Up Upstairs Udder Upside down Upset Upon Upend
  38. 38. ū uniform ukulele universe unicorn university unite uranium mumak utensils United Uranus States unison unique
  39. 39. V Vine Vase Vulture Violin Voyage Veil Van Volcano Valentine Valley Vest Vacuum Volleyball
  40. 40. _vet Love Glove Dove Give Stove Five Olive Sleeve Cave Wave Dive Curve Move
  41. 41. W Wind Waffle Wink Wasp Wave Wagon Web Wisp We Wig Worm Wall Wallet
  42. 42. _x box Fox Pox Ox Six Fix Mix Ax e Wax Fax Sax Flex Tux
  43. 43. Y Yolk Yawn Yap Year Yacht Yes Yo-yo Yarn Yard Yak Yell Yam You
  44. 44. Z Zoo Zebra Zero Zap Zither Zucchini Zip Zigzag Zinnia Zipper Zebu Zone Zoom
  45. 45. _z fez Snooze Gauze Freeze Prize Fizz Haze Maze Buzz Jazz Fez Maize Fuzz