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Why india must stay the course in afghanistan


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India needs to sustain support to Afghanistan despite a sense of distancing of relations by the Ghani Government in the country due to reasons indicated in the slide and also underlined by Dr Abdullah Abdullah in the link

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Why india must stay the course in afghanistan

  1. 1. Despite Some Signs of Weakening Engagement in past six months
  2. 2. A Strong Appeal by Dr Abdullah Abdullah CEO of Afghanistan  In a strong appeal ato India Dr Abdullah Abdullah sought New Delhi to stay the course in a talk on 14 March 2015 at VIF, New Delhi Transcript at trends-south-asia/afghanistan/dr.-abdullah-abdullah- %E2%80%93india-must-stay-the-course-in- afghanistan-4470.html
  3. 3. Indian Perspective  Afghanistan requires sustained support of the international and regional community more so by the latter where India has a major role to play.  Responsibility as a key regional and global stakeholder in security, stability and counter terrorism.  Afghan India relations are not transitional or transactional but based on cultural, development, economic, security and people to people engagement sustained over the centuries.  Sustain the remarkable goodwill in the country with thousands of youth educated in India having fond memories of their stay and association.  Future prospects of connectivity with Central Asia and Eurasia.  “Realists,” talk of counter balancing Pak and China