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Generator, Radar Music Videos, YouTube strategy


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Here are the slides from the Tipping Point presentation at The Roundhouse on Friday 21st Feb 2014.
Note we're publishing a full length feature about YouTube content strategy soon. If you register for an account on Radar, you'll get it by email when it comes out. Registration is completely free -

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Generator, Radar Music Videos, YouTube strategy

  1. 1. New era: YouTube = your own TV channel ! ! Think of content as programming ! ! Not programming for an album/EP cycle, but a 12-month content cycle
  2. 2. Content objectives: • discovery • revenue • cross-promotion • up-selling / creating a D2C sales hub • artist creativity • fan relationships ! Cost and complexity: • what you can ask your fans to do for you, • what you can do for yourself, • where you can spend money effectively on creating content.
  3. 3. ! Content genres • documentary: self-shooting, artist POV mobile footage, interviews / pieces to camera • live: gigs / rehearsal footage • promo: lyric videos and full blown promos
  4. 4. Checklist of content types • Official music videos / release videos • Audio uploads of music with a static visual (aka ‘art videos’) • Live performances • Lyric videos • Behind the scenes (which could be anything from a ‘day in the life of’ to a tour video diary or the making of your latest music video) • Covers • Breaking news announcements (e.g. a new album/single/tour, or a big milestone) • Tutorials • Interviews including fan led • Video press kits promoting your latest album/single/tour • Playlists • Fan-generated videos • Competitions • Google+ Hangouts on Air • Live-streaming (archivable streaming may be necessary across different timezones) • Episodic events
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