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eTech Magazine - Issue 1

  1. 1. LOgy nO Ing ch 8 nS TE06 2 SE DE O E VI cAPAcITIV ME DA VIncI™ rEAL-TI 04 iSAy InTrO ‘never waste a good crisis’ is a phrase I’ve heard a lot of late. I confess I don’t know who said it first but it very much captures what we’ve been up to at rS components over the last few months. We’ve renewed our focus on making sure that our range of electronic components and test equipment is as up to date as we can make it, adding over 5,000 new products per month. At the same time, we’ve undertaken a thorough and detailed review of our pricing, reducing 165,000 prices since March. Finally, (as I hope you’ve noticed) we’ve completely revised our quarterly magazine, giving it a new look and a new name to InSIDE eTech reflect a completely new style and content. 04 iSAy RS has been the electronic engineer’s comparison website since the web existed. 05 rS nEWSLInES Our supplier agnostic approach means that worldwide, engineers like to use our website as you’ve always used our catalogue: a sourcebook for the technologies, 06 DAVIncI™ rEAL-TIME VIDEO SUrVEILLAncE TEchnOLOgy components, industries and tools on the market today. 10 LIghTIng TEchnOLOgIES That’s an awesome responsibility for our Product Management team – which we 13 ThErMAL MAnAgEMEnT have greatly strengthened with the appointment of a group of specialists with strong semiconductor industry expertise. Working 16 PrODUcT nEWS together with the established team, they 18 cUTTIng POWEr bAck are ensuring that our range remains fully comprehensive, extending from the latest high 20 MOTOr cOnTrOL - ITALIAn STyLE Terms and conditions: Terms and conditions of sale set out in the current RS Catalogue. This issue is valid from performance Texas Instruments DaVinci™ 23 DESIgn TIPS processors to staple 8-bit micros, connectors, November 2009 to March 2010. 26 grEEn POWEr passives, test & measurement and tools. Published by: RS Components 28 cAPAcITIVE SEnSIng IS Limited. Registered office: On ThE bUTTOn Birchington Road, Weldon, Corby, These and other changes are reflected in Northamptonshire NN17 9RS. Registered No. 1002091. RS our new customer magazine, which we’ve 31 LEgISLATIOn UPDATE Components Ltd 2009. renamed eTech. It not only aims to cover the 32 WEEE ArTIcLE RS are trademarks of RS most significant Technologies, products and 36 Components Limited. An Electrocomponents Company. information, but also gives you the opportunity USb 3.0 to share your thoughts and comments through 40 LUnch brEAk our ‘iSay’, ‘Design Tips’ and ‘Lunch Break’ pages. Forward your suggestions and ideas 42 InDUSTry nEWS to Glenn Jarrett Head of Electronics Marketing GLO_0088_1109 eTech - ISSUE 1 03
  2. 2. iSAy rSMIKE LLOYD, MANAGINGDIRECTOR OF ML nEWSLInESELECTRONICS, SAYS: Improved control and visibility of new order options“ online procurement from rS now online Stop hiding Website order options to help you plan RS Purchasing has expanded capabilities Over 5,000 customers requirements. Manager™ is RS’s own including: already use RS eProcurement tool Purchasing Manager™ developed for buyers. • Improved site control to reduce their rS have introduced two new online options your The system facilitates spend management procurement process to help plan order requirements. forward ” online purchasing in a • New approval options costs. Go to orders enables online customers to specify engineers controlled and visible • Full audit trail from which date you want to receive a complete way and reduces demand to order and find out more. order on, and Scheduled Orders allows you purchase to pay process placement to set up a schedule of drops for products costs for medium to • Customised field from a single order. Prices are fixed at the large organisations. terminology time of placing the order, so you can take Using RS Purchasing • Support for advantage of lower prices available at Manager™ helps buyers customer higher quantities, then programme delivery to streamline the ordering cost centres, dates that meet your needs. process throughout manual orderWe’re an engineering-based industry, and I’ve never understood why creation, approval and number The new ordering options make itit is that so many companies hide the people who do the design from invoicing, PM helps generation and easier for engineers and buyers totheir customers. When you buy legal services, you talk to the lawyers. companies to manage blanket orders plan production schedules and stockWhen you buy accountancy services, you talk to the accountants. purchasing costs more • Consistent requirements, saving costs, with the effectively. budget allocation confidence that rS have their productsWhen you buy engineering services, you talk to sales and marketing and control in stock. forward and Scheduled Orderspeople who may or may not have been engineers once. The new upgraded RS • Enhanced are available when placing your order at Purchasing Manager™ reporting options rswww.comI’m not saying that the engineers should be doing the sales people’sjob. By and large, engineers enjoy designing, Fostering direct interaction enriches the working environment of the engineers too. When I ask our team what they enjoy about If you’ve got a strong opinion and would like the opportunity to get on your soapbox, write it up in around 100 new energy- rS achieves carbonand sales people enjoy selling, and the twohave different skillsets. But even companies meeting customers I get reactions like “it gives us a chance to show off”. Quite right. 300 words and email it to efficient power Trust standardlike ours that sell design services can be coyabout letting their engineers out in front of What kind of message does it send to the people whose skills drive our industry, if we supplies added to carbon footprint reduced by 2.5%a real customer. What are they afraid of?Confidentiality? These issues can be dealt with tell them, ever so nicely, that they’re really not smart enough to get face-face with the people the rS brand range over three years. RS UK has been requirements, and This has saved overthrough appropriate management and training. who ultimately pay their salary? awarded the Carbon even less have 345.5 tonnes of CO2 The latest introductions into Trust standard (CTS) achieved level two over 3 years, andOr is it people skills? There is this pervasive the RS Brand power at the highest level. certification. RS is reduced carbon “myth about engineers lacking these skills, supplies range gives The standard, issued the first electronics reduction cost What arewhich is simply wrong. I confess that the electronic design by the Carbon Trust, distributor to reach the allowances by £4,146salesman in me cringes when an engineer engineers a high is an objective level two standard. for lighting alone. quality, lower- benchmark that they afraid of?describes at length some snag we’ve run intoon a project, but the fault there is with me. I cost power assesses and accredits A significant part of ”was an engineer once, but I’ve been selling supply solution an organisations the RS strategy to confidentiality?for long enough to fall into the trap of trying to for most commitment to reduce its carbonwrap customers in cotton wool and pretend scenarios they are tackling climate emissions was in thethat these things don’t happen. I’ve never likely to face. The new range is change. To-date, less replacement ofknown a customer to be actually put off by targeted at applications requiring increased efficiency, than 100 companies 1,382 light-bulbsanything our engineers have said – and in fact low energy consumption requirements, with feature in the UK have met with energytheir frank input and enthusiasm often injects Mike Lloyd is Managing Director of ML products including new encapsulated, high efficiency, the Carbon Trust’s efficient lighting.a note of reality into the dialogue that can be Electronics, specialists in innovative low energy PCB mounted PSUs, and external energy-extremely beneficial to the relationship. electronics designs. efficient, switch mode desktop PSUs. With over 30,000 products in the RS Brand range, engineers and buyers have access to quality To find out more about how RS energy efficient components at the lowest prices available. To products can reduce costs in your business, learn more about how RS Brand products can help go to reduce your costs, go to eTech - ISSUE 1 eTech - ISSUE 1 05
  3. 3. DaVinci ™ real-time video surveillance technology ccTV systems are everywhere – enhancing public safety and security, which can be very important in our daily time. Sometimes the information is monitored by a security guard in a control room – more often it is simply stored for subsequent analysis if an event occurs. Useful though the footage is to catch perpetrators and bring them to justice, the cost of real-time monitoring means that the opportunity to nip problems in the bud when they happen is often missed. The availability of low cost, high performance DSP cores, such as Texas Instruments DaVinciTM Video object classification A key area in automating CCTV monitoring is classifying objects on family, can be used to analyse video video footage in real-time. Yu-An Shih, footage automatically and in real-time working under the leadership in order to alert a human operator of Dr. Dahnoun, has looked at the when an event is happening. The most appropriate algorithms to use proliferation of IP networks and the when implementing a real-time video convergence of many technologies object classification system on on to them means that it is likely that a DaVinciTM platform. such a network will be available at most sites and provide the perfect Shih identified that an automated backbone for transmitting video data. video surveillance system would This potentially allows the intelligence generally go through the sequence to be distributed around the network, of steps shown in Figure 1. The first into the cameras for example, so that stage is to identify the moving objects only relevant footage is transmitted in the image sequences, and eliminate over the network. image regions that belong to the background environment, probably A team at Bristol University, under using a background model acquired in the leadership of Dr. Naim Dahnoun, teach mode. The next step is to track is investigating techniques for and identify the moving object. Is it a automating the monitoring process car, a person, or etc.? Finally, further using Texas Instruments DaVinciTM analysis can yield more information, DSP platforms. One important aspect for example about the nature of the of video surveillance is video object activity or the identity of a human. classification. It is discussed in the following section. Continued page 08 >06 eTech - ISSUE 1 eTech - ISSUE 1 07
  4. 4. bAckgrOUnD < Continued from page 06 reason, methods such as MLE, SUbTrAcTIOn Decision Tree, and k-means are Although this sounds straightforward, there often used. are hidden complexities. Background objects aren’t necessarily completely Performance ObjEcT stationary. Repetitive motion, like tree MoG algorithm, TrAckIng leaves or camera vibrating needs to be shadow detection, allowed for. For instance, on a windy and classical day there can be a lot of random connected ObjEcT movement in the background. components cLASSIfIcATIOn Moreover, some detailed steps analysis were are not shown on Figure 1. implemented Shadow detection and removal in a previous fUrThEr can also improve the result. Also, project based AnALySES background subtraction yields a great on TI DM642 number of foreground pixels, which DSP platform, and need to be grouped into different regions a performance of 15figure 1: The stages of through connected component labeling. frames per second wasvideo surveillance achieved. Further optimisation Algorithm selection could be done to achieve a higher frame rate. As for Shih noted that the selection of algorithm in one stage classification part, Shih’s goal for the current project is is not entirely independent of the others. For example, an accuracy rate of 75% with at least ten frames per background subtraction could be improved by a classifier second. A slower or less accurate system would not be that can detect false foreground regions. On the other useful in the field, in his view. hand, if the background subtraction algorithm is very accurate, the later stages can be simplified. getting started Many of the Texas Instruments DaVinciTM DSP On the hardware side, embedded systems have limited processors are dual-core, consisting of an ARM9 core memory, especially internal fast memory. Hence it is for graphical user interfaces and a DSP core for intense usually required to manage the memory usage manually. signal processing. A video processing subsystem Another issue is the arithmetic format. The Bristol team (VPSS) is usually included to facilitate video capture and is targeting a fixed-point DSP so is avoiding algorithms display and to reduce processor load. Thus it is a high Omron’s A6S-H Surface Mount DIP Switch from RS that required floating-point operations, therefore reducing performance, low power and low cost platform, ideal for the cost and power consumption. many video applications. Simplicity is also an important issue RS offers a range of Texas Instruments Digital Video when choosing an algorithm. A highly Evaluation Module (DVEVM), enabling developers to Designed for improved solder heat resistance, the A6S-H has a peak solder temperature of 260oC. This range features 1-10 poles, complicated algorithm is usually start immediate evaluation of DaVinci™ processors gold-plated twin contacts and slide-type self cleaning mechanism, which ensures high reliability. Supplied on sticks for automatic slower, more error prone and more and begin building digital video applications such as placement, slide switches are available in washable form with a seal tape. difficult to improve than other simpler IP security cameras as well as digital photo frames, algorithms. Therefore, a complex digital signage, video doorbells, and portable digital algorithm will not be selected video products that have yet to be invented. The Specifications unless it can greatly outperform the TMS320DM365 procesor, for example offers developers Switching Capacity 25mA at 24VDC others. For background subtraction, access to H.264 and other video formats in a variety of 10µA(minimum current) at 3.5VDC Running Gaussian Average (RGA) resolutions including 1080p HD. and Mixture of Gaussian (MoG) are Ambient Operating Temperature -20 to +70oC at 60% max. (with no icing or condensation) commonly used algorithms. MoG The Digital Video Evaluation Module (DVEVM) allows Ambient Operating Humidity 35 to 90% (at 5 to 35oC) is more accurate, but its memory developers to write production-ready application code usage is many times that of RGA. for the ARM and provides access to the HMJCP Insulation Resistance 100MΩ min. (at 250VDC) However, the selection will depend coprocessor core using DaVinciTM APIs to begin Contact Resistance 200mΩ max (initial) value on the application. The result of MoG immediate application development for DaVinciTM digital algorithm on a video from PETS media processors. The DVEVM is a complete out of box Dielectric Strength 500VAC for 1 min between terminals of the same polarity, and Metrics can be seen in Figure 2. experience. The developer can turn on the board and between terminals of different polarity hook up the included LCD screen. The board will boot Vibration Resistance Malfunction: 10 to 55Hz, 1.5mm double amplitude As for shadow detection and removal, MontaVista Linux and run a GUI that can be controlled methods usually exploit the fact by the included IR remote. The GUI includes access to Shock Resistance Malfunction: 300 m/s min that illumination has larger effect on three demos and the ability to run five different codec brightness than chromaticity. While it combinations. Life Expectancy Mechanical: 1,000 operations min. would require more computation, it Electrical: 1,000 operations min is worth doing because it can result Operating Force Flat/raised typ 0.29 N min (30gf) in more correct representations of the objects. When considering object Weight 0.25g(2 poles), 0.41g (4 poles), 0.58g (6 poles) classifiers, those that are a little less 0.73g (8 poles), 0.87g (10 poles)figure 2: Original image and the result accurate but faster should be favored See the full range of TI devices from rS,of Mixture of gaussian algorithm over much slower ones. For this including DaVinci™ processors at Omron designs operability, user-friendliness and customer benefits into all of its switches. Visit to view the range08 eTech - ISSUE 1
  5. 5. Image courtesy of Osram Opto Semiconductor. “ The advent of LEDs in our business has made the development and production of new lighting equipment easier and faster. benefits include energy savings, reduced maintenance and better long term reliability... ” giuseppe froio, head of product engineering at grIVEn. LEDS The controllability and energy efficiency Quanta Light getting started of LEDs is leading to ever widening Mekatronica, England, for example, made Cypress HB LED demonstration boards applications. For example, GRIVEN, of Mantua, innovative use of OSTAR to create a 15-25m are an excellent place to start to evaluate Italy, one of the world leaders in entertainment long illuminated flexi-rope using just two LED the flexibility and capability of LED bUrnIng and architectural lighting, is using LED devices. Mekatronika’s Quanta Light made lighting technology in the context of technology for an increasing number of lighting its debut at the 100% Design exhibition, and current and future projects. fixtures. “The advent of LEDs in our business made full use of the efficiency and flexibility of has made the development and production OSTAR to deliver outstanding light quality in a RS also offers the ACULED® Gold brIghT of new lighting equipment easier and faster. dazzling variety of colours. and Silver Designer Kits, offering a Benefits include energy savings, reduced wide range of different LED colours maintenance and better long term reliability. According to Niko Nikolic, Mekatronika’s and combinations. Each kit includes a We are seeing performance improve rapidly Technical Director. ‘LEDs are the means to selection of mounted ACULED modules, in terms of luminosity and efficiency, and lower energy consumption. With Quanta Light, lenses and different heat sinks as well EffIcIEnTLy costs coming down, which will help drive the we have developed a state-of-the-art system as the required power supply. Of course technology into more new market segments”, that conserves more energy and dramatically we are able to support you across explains Giuseppe Froio, head of product reduces heat loss.The OSRAM OSTAR light the full breadth of a full LED design, engineering at GRIVEN. engines offered by RS are much smaller than including power supply, drivers, thermal those that are already on the market, can be management and optical considerations. OSTAr applications arranged in close-packed 2D matrix, which Go to The OSRAM OSTAR range of SMT LED results in efficient optical coupling to our to see more. Efficient light where you want it, when you want devices is an excellent example of the rapid flexi-rope fibres, and their cooling system innovation that this technology is seeing. means that their lifespan is far longer (50,000 + it – that’s the promise of new high power, high Designed for lighting and ultra-miniature pico- hours) and most important of all, they consume efficiency lighting technologies like the Ostar projection applications, OSTAR is becoming far less energy.’ range from Osram Opto Semiconductor. The increasingly popular in a whole range of industrial applications like microscope lighting, OSrAM portfolio new range is part of a comprehensive expansion flash lamps, traffic lights and projection as well RS now offer a full range of OSRAM LED of the rS LED lighting range, which now covers as the more usual room and effect illumination. products. These devices are highly compact, 95% of OSrAM high brightness LED products, last 50 to 80,000 hours and produce very little Exceptionally compact, the OSRAM OSTAR heat. They can deliver any desired colour from a range of complementary LED devices from SMT LED is the light source for any application cool or warm white to full RGB. The range other manufactures, as well as LED controllers, requiring bright light in a compact space. The includes red, green, blue and ultrawhite chips devices are offered in a range of colours, as well as a controllable RGB device that offers drivers and system solutions. and the SMD chips are easily combined with flexible colour changing on the fly. All parts are secondary optics. Highly efficient OSTAR fully compatible with dimming technology. devices deliver the maximum light for the minimum energy input. As a result, they also create the minimum of waste heat – reducing thermal management issues and the need for secondary cooling through fans and heatsinks. find out more at eTech - ISSUE 1 eTech - ISSUE 1 11
  6. 6. “Somebody should make a low-cost function generator as capable as an Agilent.” ThErMAL MAnAgEMEnT You mean somebody like Agilent? As advances in processor power continue and The most reliable function/arbitrary waveform generators in the world have always components become ever smaller and more tightly been Agilent. Now, for the first time, you can have that Agilent reliability at a low packed into equipment, thermal management cost; the new Agilent 33210A function/arbitrary waveform generator. With all the continues to be a critical issue for design engineers. modern LXI compliant I/O, productivity features, and ease-of-use of its older not only do they need to dissipate heat, but they brothers, the 33210A expands your choice of function generators, each scaled perfectly to your needs. want to do it as quietly and efficiently as possible. fortunately, a stiff breeze of innovation from 33210A 33220A 33250A fan manufacturers is helping to do just that. RS stock no. 667-2591 667-2597 667-2594 for example, the S-force series fans from Speed 10 MHz 20 MHz 80 MHz ebm-papst embodies revolutionary Arb Length Optional 14-bit, 50 MSa/s, 8 K-point 14-bit, 50 MSa/s, 64 K-point 12-bit, 200 MSa/s, 64 K-point improvements all key areas of concern. Waveforms Sine, square, pulse, ramp, Sine, square, pulse, ramp, Sine, square, pulse, ramp, triangle, noise, DC triangle, noise, DC noise, DC, triangle Continued page 14 > I/O GPIB, USB, LAN GPIB, USB, LAN GBIB, RS-232© 2009 Agilent Technologies, TITLE nOVEMbEr 2009 eTech - ISSUE 1 13
  7. 7. “ Many modern systemswill have a much higherheat load in a much smallerfootprint, resulting in the needfor a significant increase inairflow against higher systemresistance. ”< Continued from page 13 The benefit is that you get twice the performance from the same size aperture is much more efficient when using a specially profiled inlet ring fan. This gives the potential to reduce the size of current applications to smoothly guide the air into the impeller. Simply relying on a hole cutfan basics or allow for future increases in performance. Since they share the in a flat surface will reduce the amount of airflow and increase the noiseThe easiest way to reduce fan noise is to use a large diameter fan to standard dimensions and features of previous fans, converting, as turbulent vortices emanate from the sharp lip. Any gap betweenmove a large volume of air at low velocity. Fine if size is no object: but upgrading or retrofitting is easy and they are designed to have exactly the aperture and the impeller also affects performance and is equallythe more compact the application, the smaller the fan has to be, and the the same service life. relevant when using the correctly sized inlet ring, which should sit justhigher the air velocity and consequently the higher the noise levels. As inside the impeller.with most engineering solutions, a compromise is needed. So, what are cabinet coolingthe options? At the other end of the scale, rather than direct cooling of the electronic Mounting is also critical. Without the integral case of a compact axial circuits, sometimes the requirement is to cool a larger cabinet. In this fan, a frame is required to support the motor from the rear. If this isMany modern systems will have a much higher heat load in a case the approach is very different. Rather than the very directional positioned too close to the rotating impeller further noise issues canmuch smaller footprint, resulting in the need for a significant increase airflow from an axial fan, this type of application is better suited to a arise from what are known as blade passing frequencies. Pressurein airflow against higher system resistance. Until recently, these backward curved centrifugal fan which can move a body of air through waves from the impeller can impinge on any adjacent structures andconflicting characteristics would have been impossible to resolve the plenum of the cabinet. Typically, air is drawn into the eye of the create a low frequency tonal noise which relates directly to the numberwithout a larger fan, but the award winning S-Force range from impeller through an aperture and accelerated outward at 90 degrees to of blades and rotational speed of the impeller. If you’re really unlucky,ebm-papst was designed specifically for this scenario. These the inlet flow. The whole cabinet is in effect pressurised as air passes this can then set off resonant frequencies throughout the application.ultra-high performance DC compact fans can generate up to through and out of the unit, taking the heat with it.950m3/h and overcome pressures of up to 1200 Pascals. Havingthe same compact dimensions as their standard counterparts, this Although the backward curved fan will do this more effectively andcan only be achieved by rotating the fan at incredible speeds of up to quietly than an axial fan, it does require a little bit more attention14,000 rpm. At full load, the tips of the blades are travelling at when designing its installation. To avoid potential noise issues and get See more of the rS range in thermal management devicesover 140mph! optimum performance, there are a few factors to consider. The inlet at eTech - ISSUE 1 eTech - ISSUE 1 15
  8. 8. PrODUcT PrODUcTnEWS nEWS PhIhOng ShELf MOUnT EbM-PAPST Ec TEchnOLOgy POE 8-POrT InjEcTOr bAckWArD cUrVED cASSETTE fAnS 125W midspan injector for Power over Ethernet. A more efficient drop in replacement for standard axial fans. n An 8 Port Gigabit Power over Ethernet midspan for 10/100/1000 Base-T networks, with IEEE 802.3af detection, disconnect and overload protection. n A backward curved centrifugal fan has the Giving Full Power of 125W (15.4W per Port, with no Power management advantage of developing higher pressure than an required) and full protection this is the ideal low cost PoE solution. axial fan. The disadvantage has been the greater LEcrOy rS Online search term: phihong power over ethernet complexity of installation, where certain factors WAVESUrfEr® can have a significant impact on both noise and MXS-A SErIES performance; These issues are now a thing of the Engineered for efficient past because ebm-papst has launched a “plug debug, validation and and play” product which is guaranteed to ensure documentation from TrAcOPOWEr TEP SErIES optimum performance. The Ec cassette fan range 200Mhz to 1ghz. is available in 175mm and 190mm diameter Of Dc/Dc cOnVErTErS sizes for 24VDc, 48VDc or 230V Ac operation. n The new Wavesufer Xs Ideal solutions where Pcb mounting MIcrOchIP is not an option. comprising a high efficiency ebm-papst Ec and MXs-A oscilloscopes are nAnOWATT XLP™ McUs centrifugal fan, inlet nozzle, mounting frame, designed with speed and finger guard and connecting cable, each of the responsiveness in mind. This Extreme low power PIc microcontollers with the n The TEP series from TRACOPOWER provides worlds lowest Sleep current. component parts has been shows up in improved trigger multiple options for industrial applications. The new perfectly matched to ensure rates for every situation – from TEP-100 series features a metal enclosure which optimum performance. MArL PrOfESSIOnAL capturing waveforms and making n Microchips new nanaWatt XLP™ families of PIc can be fitted to a chassis or heatsink, and an optional All you have to do InDIcATOrS measurements, to using FFTs microcontrollers offer a new industry benchmark for chassis mount adaptor greatly simplifies installation. is fix it to your A stylish new range of metal and decoding serial data. With the lowest sleep current consumption, providing a application. bodied panel indicator LEDs. higher samples rates, 10Mpts/CH rich and compatible low-power migration path that With the TEP-75 series also available, input voltages includes on-chip peripherals for USb and mTouch™. rS Online memory and LabNotebook™, no across the TEP range from 9~75VDC, with output search term: n The new Marl panel indicator other product I this class offers ranges between 5~48VDC on TEP-100 series EbM Papst Ec LEDs will operate from any With sleep currents down to 20nA, real-time clock such a powerful combination of products, and a reduced output power of 75W cassette fan voltage in the range currents down to 500nA, and watchdog timer features and banner specs. through the TEP-75 series products. The wide 12-28V with minimal variation currents down to 400na, the XLP™ PIc McUs are rS Online search term: input range, combined with reverse input rotection in brightness making them ideal for any battery-powered or power-constrained Lecroy wavesurfer mxs make these converters excellent solutions ideal for battery powered application. Microchip have integrated all three for battery operated systems. systems and other applications features into their 8-bit and 16-bit XLP™ series, rS Online search term: Traco TEP where input voltage is subject providing more freedom to wide variations. Unlike most for designers who need LEDs they are insensitive to the products to operate polarity of the incoming power supply, and will work longer while using less equally well wired either way around. The new LEDs are also battery power. highly energy efficient, drawing just 8mA from a 12V supply rS Online search term: around 25% less than existing versions. Microchip low power Available in two sizes, for 8.1mm and 12.7mm panel apertures all hAMEg MO3522/3524 versions offer a wide 120 degree viewing angle, and are a plug-in 350Mhz 2 AnD 4 replacement for existing Marl and other LED indicator panels. chAnnEL DIgITAL rS Online search term: marl led indicator panels OSrAM OSTAr SMT OScILLOScOPES LED power in a tiny The latest DSO (Digital package. Storage Oscilloscopes) rIchcO Pcb from hameg. SUPPOrTS n Designed for AnD SPAcErS lighting and n These instruments provide ultra-miniature Over 80 new lines added to 350 MHz bandwidth, 4 GSa/s pico projection range; all available for next sampling rate and a storage depth day delivery. applications, of 2 MByte per channel. Featuring SWITchcrAfT Eh SErIES the OSTAr cOnnEcTOrS VGA resolution on the 6.5 inch SMT LED from Osram n New ranges include Self retaining TFT display. Using VirtualScreen, A complete line of audio, video, and Opto Semiconductors unites PCB spacers, Edge holding PCB the typical display for analogue data connectors built into standard outstanding power efficiency and supports and Mini dual-locking posts signals can be extended outside panel-mount XLr housings. rgb colour mixing capabilities in a compact which snap into place on both the the displayed area. A DVI output is surface mountable package. chassis and the board and requires provided for a projector or standard n Once mounted, connecting your equipment no fixing screws. TFT monitor. Menu driven and to the back of an EH Series connector is fast Thinfilm and Thingan chip architecture helps the OSTAr SMT rS Online search term: multilingual. and easy. Most connectors are feed through, provide provides extremely high luminance and luminous flux, richco pcb processing rS Online search term: which means standard cabling is simply plugged while glass window protection and anti-reflection coating (Arc) hMO series oscilloscopes into the back of your equipment, then plugged into the back of the EH Series on the output window keeps performance high. Available in a connector. For those EH Series connectors that are not feed through, solder variety of colours, the OSTAr SMT LED is ideal for applications lugs are clearly marked for simple, secure solder connections. All EH Series requiring the highest possible power density. connectors are available individually bagged with mounting screws. rS Online search term: Osram OSTAr rS Online search term: switchcraft eh xlr16 eTech - ISSUE 1 See more online - Over 5,000 new products are added at every month eTech - ISSUE 1 17
  9. 9. The success of embedded electronics is opening markets for new products demanding battery new Deep-Sleep Mode In Deep Sleep the microcontroller’s CPU, integrated Flash and SRAM, and most failure if the battery voltage falls or if the battery is changed. An Ultra-Low-Power Wake-Up, external interrupt (INT0) or MCLR QDS = (TINIT x IDD) + (TPOR x IPOR) + (TPD) x IPDDS) Where: standby times measured in decades rather peripherals are not powered. In devices signal can also wake the MCU from Deep TINIT = Initialisation time to resume full- than years or months, including sealed- featuring an on-chip regulator, this, too, is Sleep mode. power operation for-life security and fire-safety equipment powered down. This achieves the lowest IDD = Initialisation current such as smoke alarms offering increased possible current draw without completely Maximising Deep Sleep Savings TPOR = Time required for power-on reset convenience and reliability. There are also removing power from the device. Typical Deep Sleep delivers the greatest IPOR = POR current many opportunities for environmental Deep Sleep current for nanoWatt XLP advantages in applications that use no IPDDS = Static current in Deep Sleep monitoring and control devices that rely on MCUs range from 13nA to 50nA. The peripherals while asleep, demand accurate energy harvested from ambient sources. PIC24F16KA102 has demonstrated Deep timekeeping with minimal current draw, The value of TPD when both expressions Sleep operating current as low as 20nA. or must operate in extreme temperatures. are equal gives the minimum viable Deep New microcontroller families, conceived to Since power is removed from the core, Sleep duration, referred to as the breakeven cUTTIng operate within unprecedented minuscule To avoid interrupting the application, waking from Deep Sleep causes a device time (TBE). power limits, will enable embedded I/O pin states are retained and the 32kHz reset rather than resuming from the next developers to satisfy such demands. Since crystal clock continues to operate. instruction, as in the conventional Sleep getting Started the majority of embedded products spend Dedicated Deep-Sleep registers provide mode. Hence, there are extra overheads Recently-introduced nanoWatt XLP™ 90%-99% of the time powered down, storage for up to four bytes of critical to re-initialise the device after wake up. MCUs including the PIC18F46J50 ,POWEr bAck innovative sleep modes are a key feature of application data. As a result, Deep Sleep mode is typically PIC18F46J11 and PIC24F16KA102 such devices. best used with sleep times of one second families all feature Deep Sleep Mode. The nanoWatt XLP architecture includes or more. Available development tools include a Adding to Proven Techniques unique peripherals that operate while the number of development boards and kits TO ThE bOnE The latest generation ultra-low-power MCU is in Deep Sleep mode. These provide To calculate whether Deep Sleep or Sleep supporting the new device types. MCU technology from Microchip, called valuable extra flexibility to manage the mode will deliver the greatest power nanoWatt XLP™, adds a new Deep Sleep application. The Deep Sleep Real-Time savings when the application is inactive, mode alongside the multiple low-power Clock and Calendar (RTCC), for example, the total charge consumed in Sleep mode modes already implemented in Microchip’s allows developers to set a wake-up is compared with the total charge in Deep nanoWatt™ MCUs. In addition, continued period from one second to many years. Sleep mode. The Sleep-mode charge is support for nanoWatt techniques to reduce A dedicated Deep Sleep Watchdog Timer given by IPDSLP x TPD, where IPDSLP new ultra-ultra-low-power embedded dynamic power, such as two-speed startup (DSWDT), which consumes less power than is the static current in Sleep mode and and clock-switching capability, minimises the regular WDT, allows device wake-up TPD is the time for which the device is to McUs allow embedded systems to last a power consumption throughout the entire from a time-out alarm. In addition, Deep be powered down. The total Deep Sleep for more information visit lifetime on one battery. duty cycle. Sleep Brown-out Reset (DSBOR) prevents charge is expressed as: eTech - ISSUE 1 eTech - ISSUE 1 19
  10. 10. MOTOr cOnTrOL - Italian style Italy has long been the home of world leading manufacturers of machine tools, production equipment and consumer electrical appliances, and has thus become something of a centre of excellence for electric motor control electronics. We spoke to a number of rS customers in Italy, who proved to have strong views on the new control solutions being offered by the semiconductor industry, and coping with the requirements set by new rules on energy using products. higher integration He continued, “The biggest the near future we are planning For Studioemme of Bologna, challenges that we had to face to complete this family of specialists in the design and were miniaturisation of the integrated control systems by manufacture integrated servo- system and heat dissipation. adding higher power models”. drives for brushless motors, To achieve miniaturisation, we higher integration is a top priority modified the power supplies fighting harmonics in its target market of machine and changed some of the Among the recent rules impacting tools. Francesco Borghesi, components. For example, low motor control systems, are IEC Studioemme R&D designer noise current sensors – which are standards which set limits for says, “In our latest product line, great but bulky – were replaced the harmonics content in the we encompassed both power by smaller sensors, and optical current absorbed from the mains. and control circuitry in the same encoders were replaced by Selpro (Brescia), suppliers of system, installed right on the absolute magnetic encoders. Our speed controls based on voltage motor. This allows a significant Field Oriented Control algorithm steps or phase partialisation is simplification of the cable routing - which we developed in strongly focussed on this issue. between the machine and its collaboration with the University Their products are used in large control board, as it becomes of Bologna for a previous product HVAC equipment and in industrial possible to connect all the motors family - has not changed, even refrigeration systems. Fausto by a single CANopen cable. though in order to take advantage Rizzi, a design engineer at Selpro, Higher integration also reduces of its full potential, high resolution explains, “We managed electromagnetic compatibility encoders and low noise current problems.” sensors would be needed. For Continued page 22 >20 eTech - ISSUE 1 eTech - ISSUE 1 21