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Electric Vehicles Convention in Berlin - November 2nd and 3rd.
Giving Modec Overview on 3rd

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Electric Vehicles Berlin Sva

  1. 1. “Excellent overview with detailed information from international presenters.“ Kurt Radtke, Director Business Development, ZMD AG 2nd International Congress Don’t miss Daimler’s Electric case study on Li-Ion battery technology! Vehicles © PhotoStocker - Fotolia.com Innovative electric powertrain technology – Approved battery solutions – Charging infrastructure for sustainable electric mobility TWO DAY CONGRESS 2nd – 3rd November 2009 | INTERACTIVE WORKSHOP DAY 4th November 2009 | Meliá Berlin, Germany Hear 20 case studies from Evaluate the electric powertrain of tomorrow: leading international companies:  Gain insight into the development progress of Lithium-ion batteries to evaluate possible series applications  Daimler AG / Deutsche ACCUmotive GmbH, Germany  Understand the performance potential of both pure electric (BEV) and plug-in hybrid (PHEV) technologies to meet the customer’s demand  Tata Motors Corp, UK  Discover intelligent Battery Management Systems to overcome reliability  Lotus Cars Corp, UK and safety issues  Vattenfall Europe AG, Germany  Evaluate current plans to implement a charging infrastructure to asses the  Siemens AG, Germany future market potential of electric vehicles  Learn how to benefit from upcoming new battery technologies to  MES-DEA S.A., Switzerland successfully overcome range limitations  AVL List GmbH, Austria  RWE AG, Germany HIGHLIGHTS:  Lithium Balance A/S, Denmark Dr. Arnold Lamm, CEO Development, Deutsche ACCUmotive GmbH & Co. KG / Daimler AG, Germany  FEV Motorentechnik GmbH, Germany Berry Shrier, CEO, Electric Liberty Cars Ltd, UK  German Federal Ministry for the Environment, Germany Christopher Neal, Product Development Director, Think, Norway  E-Tracer AG, Switzerland  Eco Power Technology s.r.l., Italy Interactive Workshops  Axeon Ltd, UK A The basis for a breakthrough of EV: An advanced charging infrastructure  Leclanché SA, Switzerland B Is EV climate control a challenge?  Li-Tec Battery GmbH, Germany C Lithium iron phosphate batteries for electric vehicles  Liberty Electric Cars Ltd, UK D Compact EV: Powertrain & performance  Continental Automotive Evening special: Innovative panel on sustainable mobility GmbH, Germany 09 by Media Partner Supported by Researched and developed by VE 20 ok  Modec Ltd, UK ! st bo gu ou AUTOMOBIL SA Th!nk, Norway Au if y  ELEKTRONIK th ,- 28 0 e 29 th o € t up To Register | T +49 (0)30 20 91 32 22 | F +49 (0)30 20 91 32 10 | E enquire@iqpc.de | Visit www.electric-vehicles-congress.com
  2. 2. 2nd International Congress Electric Vehicles Innovative electric powertrain technology – Approved battery solutions – Charging infrastructure for sustainable electric mobility Dear Colleague, Who will you meet? The world’s interest in electric vehicles is overwhelming. Reduction of CO2 for climate reasons Heads and Directors, (Project) Manager, produces the need of a brand new mobility principle and the electric drivetrain is a promising way Engineers of the following industries: to realise this goal. National governments are starting economic development schemes, car  International Automotive OEMs makers are changing their portfolios and energy suppliers are preparing a charging infrastructure.  Supplier of powertrain systems The willpower is there – it’s the basis to solve several serious challenges. Still the battery seems to  Battery manufacturers be the biggest barrier – range and size limitations have to be overcome before electric vehicles will  Power suppliers be approved by future customers. Furthermore engineers all over the world are working full speed on advanced E/E architecture for and the following departments: high voltage application, thermal managements systems for enhanced battery cooling, and pack-  Powertrain / Propulsion Systems aging solutions for the increasing number of powertrain components.  Alternative Powertrain Development Several hybrid and electric vehicles are in serial production, many promising ones are on track.  Electric Powertrain  Hybrid Engine Development That is why you cannot afford to miss IQPC’s 2nd International Congress on  Aggregate Electric Vehicles  E/E-Systems  Energy Management  Batteries / Energy Storage Innovative electric powertrain technology – Approved battery solutions –  Ultracapacitors Charging infrastructure for sustainable electric mobility  Charging Infrastructure  Real life cost of ownership: Acquisition, operation expenses, battery costs  Safety considerations: Enhancing battery’s crashworthiness  Range extender: Fuel cell and battery solutions  Electric mobility: Sustainable concepts for charging infrastructure Sponsorship  Converting conventional cars: Commercial benefits and technology choices We have a variety of packages available to suit your requirements. For all High-level speakers from companies such as Daimler, Tata Motors, Lotus Cars, Modec ZEV, Sponsorship and Exhibition opportunities Continental, Vattenfall, Think, and many more will report about first-hand experiences and latest call Daniel Wolter: +49 (0) 30 20 91 33 71 developments. or Email daniel.wolter@iqpc.de Save your place and book now! We are looking forward to meeting you from 2nd – 4th November 2009 in Berlin! Kind regards, Don't Forget to Check our Your Automotive IQ Team Team discounts Groups of 3 or more bookings at the Media Partner same time from the same company: Add another 5% per person on any Early Bird, AUTOMOBIL 10% per prson on standard price. ELEKTRONIK AUTOMOBIL - ELEKTRONIK is directed at managers and engineers in the field of automotive electronics design engineering and manufacturing along the entire value chain, from components to tiers and OEMs. AUTOMOBIL - Look for us on the web ELEKTRONIK covers passenger and commercial vehicle electronics. In conjunction with its sister journal, AUTOMOBIL - PRODUKTION, and the leading automotive electronics congress, AUTOMOBIL - ELEKTRONIK offers a combination unique in the market, thereby providing superior expertise from a technical and a business perspective. www.all-electronics.de Visit us on the web and see what other IQPC provides business executives around the world with tailored practical congresses, large scale events, topical exciting and information-packed seminars and in-house training programs, keeping them up-to-date with industry trends, technological developments and the regulatory landscape. IQPC’s large scale congresses are market leading “must attend” events for their respective congresses are being offered by IQPC! industries. IQPC produces more than 1,500 events annually around the world, and continues to grow. Founded in 1973, To find out more about upcoming events, IQPC now has offices in major cities across six continents including: Berlin, Dubai, Johannesburg, London, Madrid, New E-Mail us at: info@iqpc.de York, Sao Paulo, Singapore, Stockholm and Sydney – with additional openings scheduled for 2007 IQPC leverages a . or visit us at: www.iqpc.de global research base of best practices to produce an unrivalled portfolio of congresses. www.iqpc.de To Register | T +49 (0)30 20 91 32 22 | F +49 (0)30 20 91 32 10 | E enquire@iqpc.de | Visit www.electric-vehicles-congress.com
  3. 3. 2nd International Congress Electric Vehicles CONGRESS DAY ONE | Monday, 2nd November 2009 9:30 Registration with coffee break & networking 14:40 Zero emission commercial vehicles  Commercial electric vehicle overview Focus 9:50 Chairman’s welcome & opening address Commercial  Why did Modec chose to produce a commercial vehicle/ Vehicles Dr. Arnold Lamm, CEO Development, what other options were considered Deutsche ACCUmotive GmbH & Co. KG / Daimler AG,  Performance of zero emission commercial vehicles: Germany Battery technology Range – related to speed and payload Gain insight into future strategies of ambitious OEMs Life time Safety issues  Experience of the commercial EV market (UK & 10:00 How can Lithium-ion battery technology secure H IG sustainable mobility in the future? International) – comparing market demand & government H OEM LI Case Study  Daimler roadmap for sustainable mobility support across Europe G H  Lithium-ion battery as target-oriented, future battery  Challenges in the industry and how to overcome them T technology Roger Atkins, Sales Director,  Achieved and attainable potentials of the Lithium-ion battery Modec ZEV, UK technology  Representation of the battery within the S 400 HYBRID Batteries – The most crucial part for a reliable electric drive  Lithium-ion battery technology for electric vehicles Dr. Arnold Lamm, CEO Development, 15:20 Lithium-ion batteries -– The energy store for hybrid and elec- Deutsche ACCUmotive GmbH & Co. KG / Daimler AG, Technology tric vehicles Updaty  Power, range, and lifetime Germany  Intelligent packaging for modern mobility concepts  "To cool or not to cool" 10:40 Real life cost of ownership and user feedback from Europe's  Safety first Costs largest modern battery BEV fleet  Industrialization for mass markets Analysis Christopher Neal, Product Development Director, Dr. Claudia Brasse, Head of Marketing & Sales, Think, Norway Li-Tec Battery GmbH, Germany 11:20 Refreshment break & networking 16:00 Large format Lithium-ion batteries for electric vehicles  Development trends targeting: 11:50 An insight into electric vehicle power and energy Focus Large Format Increased energy density, and increased operating OEM management Batteries temperature range Case Study  Overview of electric vehicle power and energy Reduced cost and longer life management Higher safety, and reduced size  Managing multiple energy storage devices – Batteries  Battery management and ultracapacitors  Implementation example  The concept of a modular power-energy framework Björn Richter, Business Development Manager,  Power processing overhead in electric vehicles Leclanché SA, Switzerland  Power electronic requirements Leon Rosario, Principal Engineer, Hybrid and Electric Vehicle 16:40 Refreshment Break & Networking Technologies, Lotus Cars Ltd, UK 17:10 The zebra sodium technology battery as a solution for EV Case Study and HEV application – A real experience on hybrid bus cycle 12:30 Advanced electric powertrain: Recent progress of the Tata Sodium  Zebra as highest energy density battery OEM Indica EV  Latest innovation on zebra technology Case Study  The Tata Indica EV overview: Performance, battery  Laboratory test on specific real cycle technology, packaging solutions  Experience on field application  Discussion of relevance of the tests carried out by battery  Results of acquired know how match the requirements of manufacturers to the requirements of EVs: Need for change EV and HEV market  Perceptions of critical success factors for EVs and areas Federico Resmini, Sales Executive, needing collaborative actions MES-DEA S.A., Switzerland  Target setting for EV’s – How should it be different to that for conventional vehicles H 17:50 BEV safety considerations: Combining vehicle and IG Dr. John Richmond, Group Chief Engineer – Advanced electrical safety requirements H LI Update Battery G Engineering, Safety Christopher Neal, Product Development Director, H T Tata Motors Ltd, UK Think, Norway 13:10 Networking Luncheon 18:30 End of congress day one The MELIÃ BERLIN invites you to an evening reception. This is an excellent opportunity for you to meet the other attendees and make new business contacts. 19:00 – 20:30 Evening Special: Debate the basics for sustainable electric mobility: A powerful battery  Innovative panel on sustainable mobility and a reliable infrastructure: Are both close to reality or just a dream? Panelists: Discuss with the congress speakers in a pleasant atmosphere the most Dr. Claudia Brasse, Head of Marketing & Sales, important issues of future electric mobility. Li-Tec Battery GmbH, Germany  Who is responsible to build up the infrastructure? OEMs, George Paterson, Engineering Sales Manager, Axeon Ltd., UK energy suppliers, municipalities – or all of them together?  Promising business models Dr. Marcus Groll, Manager OEM-Cooperations E-mobility,  Pros and cons of different lithium batteries RWE AG, Germany  Safety standardization Clemens Fischer, Innovation Management, Vattenfall Europe AG, Germany Roger Riedener, CEO, E-Tracer AG, Switzerland
  4. 4. 2nd International Congress Electric Vehicles CONGRESS DAY TWO | Tuesday, 3rd November 2009 8:30 Registration, coffee & networking Electric mobility: Market players, governmental action plans and successful case studies 9:00 Chairman’s welcome Karl-Josef Kuhn, Principal Engineer, eCar, 14:30 A national electromobility development plan: Best practice Corporate Technology, Strategy Germany Siemens AG, Germany Development  Action for grid stability and extended use of renewable energy  Innovations along the new value chain for electromobility Lessons learnt from hybrid powertrain  Road transport concepts based on less fossil fuels  Public awareness and acceptance of change 9:10 Electric vehicle powertrain development – The impact on  Goals and milestones: Technology processes, methodologies and testing technology One million plugin hybrid and pure electric vehicles on Update  Market demands Germany’s roads by 2020  Challenges through the development process Reduction of both CO2 emissions and dependency on  Frontloading approach with a seamless integrated fossile fuels simulation tool chain Safeguard market leadership of the German automotive and  Verification and validation of battery packs supply industries  Functional development and durability testing of electric Prof. Dr. Uwe Lahl, Director-General, motors Federal Ministry for the Environment Dr. Kurt Gschweitl, Global Business Segment Manager, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety, Germany Hybrid & Battery Testing Technology, AVL List GmbH, Austria 15:10 Refreshment break & Networking 9:50 Battery hybrid technology using a fuel cell as a range extender 16:40 Foundation for a reliable and sustainable charging Case Study infrastructure Range  Practical limitations of the full electric vehicle today Technology Extender Update  Energy demand scenarios  Questions and concerns regarding parallel hybrid vehicles  Car usage profiles, geographical extension  Range extender strategies, pros and cons of the various  Interfaces between eCar and infrastructure solutions  Communication – vehicle architecture  Fuel cell integration challenges including – sizing of battery  Energy supply – drive system configuration, charging spots pack and fuel cell  Real world experiences  Smart grids  How to implement Adetunji Adebusuyi, Marketing Manager, Lithium Balance A/S, Denmark Karl-Josef Kuhn, Principal Engineer, eCar, Corporate Technology, 10:30 Refreshment break & Networking Siemens AG, Germany Evaluate the latest achievments on converting conventional cars 17:20 Mini E Berlin – Powered by Vattenfall: First experiences of a into electric vehcles Case Study infrastructure fieldtest Infrastructure  Public loading stations 11:00 The challenges and advantages of converting  Wall box with controlled charging H IG conventional cars into high performance  Application of wind energy H LI Focus SUV zero - emission electric vehicles  Billing system G H  Converting conventional cars – the commercial benefits T  Usability experience: The customer’s view  Technology choices  Appraisal of first results Energy storage Clemens Fischer, Innovation Management, Drive train options Vattenfall Europe AG, Germany  Challenges in conventional car conversion Legal issues: Warranty, brand, homologation 18:30 Closing remarks of the chairman and end of congress day two Engineering issues CAN integration  Conclusions – The benefits of converting conventional cars into high performance zero-emission electric cars Berry Shrier, CEO, Electric Liberty Cars Ltd, UK 11:40 Electric and hybrid buses for public transport Focus  Overview over the production of electric and hybrid buses “Good mix between vision and Commercial  The electric solution: Elfo the pure electric bus Vehicles  The inductive fast charge system  The Torino Project: Example of a real application of electric practical; technology challenges.“ buses for public transport Dr. W. Gohl, VP Operations, Vectrix  Project kiteBus: New challenge for the future of city transport Stefano Osellame, Project Manager, Eco Power Technology s.r.l., Italy 12:20 Networking Luncheon 13:50 Converting a compact vehicle – An "e-tractive" City Car Very Good conference, lots of Focus Compact  Specification and layout  Battery and vehicle simulation discussion amongst specialist. Cars  Component design Underfloor battery John Richmond, Group Chief Engineer, Range extender Tata Motors  Battery management system  Battery testing: Methods and testing results  Vehicle integration and calibration Thomas Hülshorst, Department Manager Electric Powertrain, FEV Motorentechnik GmbH, Germany To Register | T +49 (0)30 20 91 32 22 | F +49 (0)30 20 91 32 10 | E enquire@iqpc.de | Visit www.electric-vehicles-congress.com
  5. 5. 2nd International Congress Electric Vehicles INTERACTIVE WORKSHOP DAY | Wednesday, 4th November 2009 Workshop A The basis for a breakthrough of EV: An advanced charging infrastructure 9:00 – 12:00 Dr. Marcus Groll, A powerful and intelligent charging infrastructure for EVs will be a prerequisite for the broad penetration of EVs. Manager This charging infrastructure should allow customers to extend their driving range by offering a quick and comfortable OEM-Cooperations recharging of the battery at convenient places like parking lots of shopping malls, in city centres, and also at home. E-mobility, Such offers will significantly reduce the barrier to buy and drive an electric vehicle. To meet these requirements several RWE AG, Germany technical basics have to be assured: To meet these requirements, several technical basics have to be assured: Higher power, intelligent power control, convenience and safety.  Concepts for EV infrastructure  Customer expectations and required offering  Technical requirements and solutions  Future possibilities for improvement of charging infrastructure Workshop B Is EV climate control a challenge? 9:00 – 12:00 Thomas Roehrl, Opposite to a combustion engine, an electric motor is working in an excellent range of efficiency. This basically Manager Vehicle positive aspect has the disadvantage that only little heat, generated by motor power dissipation, is available to warm E/E Architecture, the interior cabin. A simple approach to overcome this problem is to assemble an electric heater (PTC) into the vehicle. Continental But this again consumes very valuable energy from the energy storage system on board. As a result, we can see from Automotive GmbH, the first feedback from electric vehicle test fleets that drivers complain about significantly reduced driving range in Germany winter. The target of the workshop is, to discuss this problem and to find new entries in corresponding vehicle structures.  Passive (mechanical) measures to reduce needed heating power  Electrified side aggregates (e.g. coolant water pump)  Which voltage rail to use best for high power side aggregates (12V, 400V)?  Solution range extender and solar panel?  Reflection of several power needs  Can different heat sources (e-motor, battery) be summed-up? Workshop C Lithium iron phosphate batteries for electric vehicles 13:00 – 16:00 George Paterson, Not all customers know exactly what they want a battery to do other than propel a vehicle 100kms. This part of the Engineering Sales workshop will discuss why it is important to specify a battery correctly to ensure you get the performance you Manager, require. Furthermore we will focus on the supplier business: There are many cell suppliers out there, but how do Axeon Ltd., UK you choose the right one? What are the important features of the cells and the suppliers you need to know about? Having now specified your battery and chosen the cells what are the key battery construction features to ensure its performance, safety and reliability over its life. The outcome will be to have checklist tools for each of the above topics that can be used by the participants.  How to specify batteries for EV's  Cell selection  Cell supplier selection  Battery construction features  Checklist tools Workshop D Compact EV: Powertrain & performance 13:00 – 16:00 Roger Riedener The full Composite Monocoque Cabin Motorcycle Peraves MonoTracer - already well known in Winterthur, Switzerland - CEO, is the most effective high performance vehicle worldwide. In this workshop we will discuss the performance and E-Tracer AG, technology of the even more powerful electric version, the E-Tracer, an official X-Prize contender (www.piaxp.com). Switzerland  Overview E-Tracer philosophy and technology  The HPEV, its role and its future  Scalability of electric drive trains and vehicles To Register | T +49 (0)30 20 91 32 22 | F +49 (0)30 20 91 32 10 | E enquire@iqpc.de | Visit www.electric-vehicles-congress.com
  6. 6. 2nd International Congress 4 Ways to Register Electric Vehicles Fax: Post: +49 (0) 30 20 91 32 10 IQPC Gesellschaft für Management Konferenzen mbH TWO DAY COnGRESS 2nd – 3rd November 2009 InTERACTIVE WORKSHOP DAY 4th November 2009 | Meliá Berlin, Germany Friedrichstraße 94 D-10117 Berlin, Germany Online: www.electric-vehicles-congress.com If undeliverable, please return to: IQPC GmbH | Friedrichstraße 94 | D-10117 Berlin, Germany Email: enquire@iqpc.de For further information Phone: +49 (0) 30 20 91 32 22 BOOKInG CODE Stela Valkova #GTS/SVA Venue and Accommodation Meliá Berlin Friedrichstraße 103 10117 Berlin, Germany your DetaILs: PLEASE COnTACT OUR DATABASE MAnAGER (VERTEILER@IQPC.DE) AnD InFORM THEM OF AnY InCORRECT DETAILS WHICH WILL BE AMEnDED ACCORDInGLY Phone: +49 (0)30 206079 00 Fax: +49 (0)30 206079 0444 Congress Packages Early Bird (book and pay by 28.08.2009) Standard Price Email: melia.berlin@solmelia.com www.meliaberlin.com Titanum Package Save € 290,- € 2.609,- +VAT € 2.899,- +VAT Welcome to the MELIÃ BERLIn. Perfectly positioned at the 2 day Congress plus Workshop Day plus Evening Special corner of Friedrichstraße and „Am Weidendamm“, the MELIÃ Platinum Package I 2 day Congress plus Workshop Day Save € 270,- € 2.429,- +VAT € 2.699,- +VAT BERLIn is within walking distance of many famous sights. Spanish passion and attention to detail are evident in each of Platinum Package II Save € 270,- 2 day Congress plus 1/2 Workshop Day plus Evening Special € 2.429,- +VAT € 2.699,- +VAT our 364 guest rooms and suites. Welcoming colours combine Gold Package I with a spacious work desk and Wi-Fi Internet access to fulfill 2 day Congress plus 1/2 Workshop Day Save € 240,- € 2.159,- +VAT € 2.399,- +VAT the all needs. For the most discerning executives, we offer Gold Package II “THE LEVEL” rooms featuring upgraded amentities and access 2 day Congress plus Evening Special Save € 240,- € 2.159,- +VAT € 2.399,- +VAT to our Executive Club “THE LEVEL” on the 7th floor. Gaze out to Bronze Package the Friedrichstraße as you share cocktails and light appetizers 2 day Congress € 1.999,- +VAT at the Tapas bar. Savour a unique fusion of Spanish and German Workshop Day € 1.199,- +VAT cuisine at the restaurant “Café Madrid”. The MELIÃ BERLIn offers 1.200 square meters of sophisticated function space. Please indicate choice of workshop on Wednesday, 4th November 2009 Monday, 2nd November 2009 Accommodation: A limited number of reduced rate rooms are Workshop a | Workshop b | Workshop C | Workshop D Evening Special: Innovative available at the congress hotel. Accommodation can be booked panel on sustainable mobility by calling the central reservation number. Please always quote a: The basis for a breakthrough of EV: An advanced charging infrastructure The two major basics for sustainable elec- the booking reference IQPC-Berlin. Hotel accommodation and b: Is EV climate control a challenge? tric mobility: A powerful battery and a reli- travel costs are not included in the registration fee. C: Lithium iron phosphate batteries for electric vehicles able infrastructure: Are both close to reality D: Compact EV: Powertrain & performance or just a dream? Only one discount applicable per person. The VAT of 19% is not included in the prices above. Team Discounts CaN't MaKe It to the CoNgress? PurChase the 2-Day CoNgress DoCuMeNtatIoN oN CD-roM Groups of 3 or more bookings at the same time from the same  CD-ROM € 595,- +VAT company: add another 5% per person on any Early Bird, 10% per person on standard price. (Only for titanum/platinum/gold packages) Delegate Details Please fill out in Capitals! DeLegate Mr Mrs Ms Dr Family name First name Payment Terms Position Email Payment is required by return. Telephone Fax Cancellations and Substitutions Organisation CaNCeLLatIoNs aND substItutIoNs DELEGATES MAY BE SUBSTITUTED AT AnY TIME. IQPC GESELLSCHAFT FüR Address MAnAGEMEnT KOnFEREnZEn MBH DOES nOT PROVIDE REFUnDS FOR CAn- CELLATIOnS. HOWEVER, SAVE WHERE WRITTEn nOTICE OF CAnCELLATIOn IS RECEIVED MORE THAn SEVEn (7) DAYS PRIOR TO THE COnGRESS, A CREDIT TO THE VALUE PAID AT THAT DATE WILL BE ISSUED, WHICH MAY BE USED Postcode/Town AGAInST AnOTHER IQPC GMBH COnGRESS FOR UP TO OnE YEAR FROM ITS DATE OF ISSUE. FOR CAnCELLATIOnS RECEIVED SEVEn (7) DAYS OR LESS Signature PRIOR TO An EVEnT (InCLUDInG DAY SEVEn), nO CREDIT WILL BE ISSUED. In THE EVEnT THAT IQPC GMBH CAnCELS An EVEnT, PAYMEnTS RECEIVED I agree to IQPC Gesellschaft für Management Konferenzen mbH payment terms. AT THE CAnCELLATIOn DATE WILL BE CREDITED TOWARDS ATTEnDAnCE AT A FUTURE IQPC GMBH COnGRESS OR, In THE EVEnT OF A POSTPOnEMEnT Yes, I would like to receive information about products and services via Email. BY IQPC GMBH, A RESCHEDULED DATE. IF THE DELEGATE IS UnABLE TO ATTEnD THE RESCHEDULED EVEnT, THE DELEGATE WILL RECEIVE A CREDIT Payment Methods In LIEU OF PAYMEnTS MADE TOWARDS A FUTURE IQPC GMBH EVEnT, VALID FOR OnE YEAR FROM THE DATE OF ISSUE. IQPC GMBH IS nOT RESPOnSIBLE Pay by baNK traNsfer quotINg refereNCe De 16722.002: FOR AnY LOSS OR DAMAGE AS A RESULT OF A SUBSTITUTIOn, ALTERATIOn, IQPC Gesellschaft für Management Konferenzen mbH, POSTPOnEMEnT OR CAnCELLATIOn OF An EVEnT DUE TO CAUSES BEYOnD ITS COnTROL InCLUDInG, WITHOUT LIMITATIOn, nATURAL DISASTERS, HSBC Trinkaus & Burkhardt AG, BLZ 300 308 80, Konto-nr. 430076019 SABOTAGE, ACCIDEnT, TRADE OR InDUSTRIAL DISPUTES OR HOSTILITIES. IBAn: DE32 30030880 0430076019, SWIFT-BIC: TUBDDEDD your DetaILs PLEASE COnTACT OUR CUSTOMER SERVICE MAnAGER (TEL: +49 (0)30 20913330 by CreDIt CarD: Please debit my credit card OR VERTEILER@IQPC.DE) AnD InFORM THEM OF AnY InCORRECT DETAILS WHICH WILL BE AMEnDED ACCORDInGLY OR IF YOU PREFER nOT TO GET InFORMATIOn PER FAx E-MAIL OR PHOnE AnYMORE. Card No sPeaKer ChaNges / OCCASIOnALLY IT IS nECESSARY FOR REASOnS BEYOnD OUR COnTROL TO Congress code DE16722.002 expiry date CVV Code ALTER THE COnTEnTS AnD TIMInG OF THE PROGRAMME OR THE IDEnTITY OF THE SPEAKERS. Cardholder’s name Data ProteCtIoN PERSOnAL DATA IS GATHERED In ACCORDAnCE WITH THE DATA PROTECTIOn Signature ACT 1998. YOUR DETAILS MAY BE PASSED TO OTHER COMPAnIES WHO WISH TO COMMUnICATE WITH YOU OFFERS RELATED TO YOUR BUSInESS ACTIVI- TIES. IF YOU DO nOT WISH TO RECEIVE THESE OFFERS, PLEASE TICK THE BOx BELOW. Card billing address (if different from Company address) PLEASE DO nOT PASS MY InFORMATIOn TO AnY THIRD PARTY. by Cheque: Made payable to IQPC Gesellschaft für Management Konferenzen mbH © IQPC Gesellschaft für Management Konferenzen mbH