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Mini Executive Summary - rGreen Consortium


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A hybrid business model called the rGreen Consortium. Everything about what we do is unique. The Consortium uses a foundation that joins “Tied Industries” for profound growth & expansion.

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Mini Executive Summary - rGreen Consortium

  1. 1. 1 Mini Executive Summary Introducing a hybrid business model called the rGreen Consortium. Everything about what we do is unique. The Consortium uses a foundation that joins “Tied Industries” for profound growth & expansion. rGreen Consortium consists of 5 highly profitable, modeled companies tied together with a single steering committee. The businesses collectively share resources, and thus empower each other socially and financially for the greater good. The mission statement of all businesses within the rGreen Consortium is: “To protect a parent’s most valuable investment, their children, and the community’s most valuable investment, their future.”
  2. 2. 2 Every business member within the Consortium begins with the mission of bringing people and ideas together in pursuit of real solutions.  Every business within the rGreen Consortium is part of the conversation.  We pull leadership together for collaboration and to share common goals.  We design results-oriented plans to guide the transformation from ideas into reality.  Processes and actions emphasize security and integrity.  Strong foundational data is crowdsourced data re-used across all our tied industries.  Business growth is expected to be rapid, with profits to match!  rGreen Consortiumis a presence in every community it serves,and itchanges lives by providingeveryday tools that support and empower each person and business within a community. We have unique and exciting plans! You can read more about each member of the consortium in their Mini business plans, including some high level financial data within the accompanying documentation. Each member business is designed to bring profound growth by providingbrand new, cutting edge, and unique products and services .Our consortiumof businesses will forge a new path for our communities, a path toward a more secure, happier and healthier life.
  3. 3. 3 rGreen Consortium and Internet of Things (IoT) Technology Internet of Things technology is the mechanism in which rGreen Consortium becomes the bridge that connects the public, business, industry, and government in every community. Products and services that the Consortium members provide is centered around our unique Child Pro Crowdfundingfor Education mobile application and wearable GPS-based technologies. The Child Pro crowdfunding mobile app offers products and services that change everything. Using Internet of Things (IoT) and Social Internet of Things (SIoT) technology with social networking, we 1) _________ children __________ than previously possible, and 2) leverage social contacts to crowdfund for a specific child’s education. The app saves lives by protecting children and also provides not only comfort, but empowerment for friends and family.  According to Business Insider1, "Nearly 6 trillion will be spent on the IoT solutions over the next 5 years.”  Businesses will be the top adopter of IoT solutions, using this technology to: o Lower operating costs o Increase productivity o Expand to new markets or develop new product offerings while utilizing crowdsourcing GPS technology  Governments will be the second-largest adopters, focusing on increasing productivity, decreasing costs, and improving their citizens’ quality of life via the IoT ecosystem  Consumers will lag behind businesses and governments in IoT adoption. Still, they will purchase a massive number of devices and invest a significant amount of money in the IoT ecosystems IoT Technologies of the rGreen Consortium  (CP) _____, Beacons, RFID sensors  ALBS Landfill Technology  Child Pro Crowdfunding MobileApplication  Crowdsourcing& Crowdfunding  Advertisingand Marketing Solutions  Big Data Gathering and Distribution  Advanced Marketplace Technologies  And More!! Really Cool Stuff that can make a difference in our lives, plus more benefits: Did we tell you that All Mobile applications features developedare also available for licensing? They are!
  4. 4. 4 Meet the initial Members! Each Consortiummember plays a rolein achievingour mission.Hereis an outlineof each business and what the Consortium Business Member provides. is a leadmember of rGreen Consortium, designateda“B Corp” taking over an unknown $75 billondollar industry!rGreen Landfill simply provides quick and sturdy capital that will be usedto complete funding and launch the rest of the businesseswithinthe consortium. rGreen Landfill is a start-up engineeringand solid wasteconsultingcompany.Alongsideits constituents,it holds multiplepatents on a new environmental technology that changes the rules regarding landfills: it allows all thespacein existing landfillsto be re-used, freeing up future land and financial assets.Instead of buildingnewlandfillsoncethey fill up and areclosed,we avoid the Post ClosureCost of monitoringthe Landfill for 30 years +, as well as the Landfill Cappingexpenseof approximately $300,000 per acre. Quickly savingeach landfill $10s and $100s of millionsof dollarsin operational costs.Wetreat the waste that is in placeover a 3-5 year period usingthe rGreen technology, and then pull out the remainingbulk of inert materials such as glass,metals,and plastics, which are either recycled, reused, or sent to a less expensive construction and debris (C&D) landfill.With the cell now empty and reconditioned, the landfill is then refilled with new waste and the rGreen technology reapplied,followed by subsequent mining events. This is repeated for multipledecades. The rGreen technology not only reduces all the environmental hazards atthe landfill,butof greatest significance,reduces landfill methane, a Greenhouse gas that is 23 times more harmful than CO2 in the atmosphere. Such reductions can be monetized into millionsof dollars’worth of carbon credits,depending on the amount of methane “avoided.” In other words, the rGreen Landfill
  5. 5. 5 Bioreactor doubles and then quintuples landfill revenues, which equates to billions of dollarsin un-tapped revenues for today’s average operating Landfill. The rGreen technology can be applied atany Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) landfill in the world, something that is of the most importance where acreage is ata premium, where landfill costs arehigh,or where sustainable wastemanagement is desired.This technology is not only recognized by the US EPA and five states,but is registered and approved by the United Nations as a Clean Development Mechanism(CDM). Our emissions reduction methodology generates Certified Emission Reduction units (CERs) which may be traded in emissions trading schemes.Our CDM, is qualified as sustainabledevelopment which contributes to the ultimate objective of the United Nations Framework Convention on ClimateChange (UNFCCC), which is to prevent dangerous climatechange; we help in achievingcompliancewith their quantified emission limitation and reduction commitments of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. rGreen Consortiumhas a 2 Phaseapproach to fundingthe consortium.rGreen Landfill isthelead member in Phase1 to fund the remainingcomponents of rGreen Consortium. In Phase1, we will begin by targeting landfillsin Canada,whererelationshipsexist today, with our SustainableLandfill solution to raisethestartup capital needed for Phase2, the completion of the “rGreen Consortium”. Once the consortiumis launched we will also focus on Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) Landfills within the U.S.A. (CFE)is the heart of the rGreen Consortium. Designated as a “B Corp,” we use this business within the Consortiumto voiceourselves socially and politically,and to resonate a welcome presence within our communities to affect real change. rCommunities for Education is rGreen Consortium’s “Boots on the Ground” warriors for social good.We are the bridge that connects all aspects of the community. Recruitingtop community influencers to be ambassadors,webecome a presence, attending community meetings and events to protect children and families whilebuilding resources thatcan be used and shared between business,industry,and government. rCommunities for Education (rCFE)will roll outprofitabletools and technology supplied and supported by the rGreen Consortium. In addition, rCommunities for Education serves as a sales and marketing vehicle to all thebusinesses in the community, includingthosewithin the rGreen Consortium. We host events in the community in partnership with local organizations. Furthermore, we partner with businesses of all sizes to implement Internet of Things (IoT) technologies in order to empower local businessrevenues,usingthe local bigdata (data thatcannot otherwise be attained without human input), and packagethe data useful to local businesses for interactingwith their customers. This may includeofferingincentives,rewards, discounts,giftcards etc., to drivetheir business growth by strengthening and expandingtheir customer base. The benefits the rCommunities for Education entity has to the rGreen Consortiumas a whole is fascinating,onceyou realizehow many companies wish to actively embrace the concept of social good and will wantto be involved within the (IoT) revolution and the Social Internet of Things (SIoT). Businesses simply need help or guidanceto be involved.Many companies will turn to rCommunities for Education for enhanced growth, larger profits,social good,and to AVOID being left behind! With our (IoT) Internet of Things technologies, small businesses gain tools thatareinvaluableto the community, bringingpeopletogether and helping everyone succeed, creatinga Crowd(Funded) Economy!
  6. 6. 6 Company is a captiveinsurancecompany within the rGreen Consortiumthat offers new and unique insurancecoveragefor ______________ through the Consortium’s crowdfunding mobileapplication, Child Pro ((CP) ). rMost ValuableInsuranceCompany’s uniqueproduct enhances the services provided through the (CP) mobileapplication,givingparents peaceof mind from kowing that if their child ____________, they have ___________________________________ of their child.The Captive Insurancestructureallows rMostValuableInsuranceCompany to offer this new type of coverage at a very low cost, and even for free with the help of crowdfunding monies raised each month, ultimately providingthousands of dollarsfor ______________________, the kind of _______ motivation that puts the _______________________________________! rMost Valuable Insurance Company is providing coverage that cannot be found with any other insurer, and in order to launch the product, we feel that the captive insurance structure is the most beneficial to our business model and growth plans. Because rMost Valuable Insurance Company has ownership and control of the company, it benefits from its profitability. To put it simply, we are willingto risk our own capital in anticipation of the financial rewards associated with better control over our insurance pr ogram. In summary:  We are a profitable entity seeking substantial annual adjustable tax deductions.  Businesses with multiple entities like ours can create multiple operating subsidiaries or affiliates.  Our businesses will have $500,000 or more in sustainable operating profits.  Our businesses have requisite risks currently not insured, or that could easily be underinsured.  As businesses owner(s), and in the best interest of the health of the consortium, we are interested in savings, personal wealth accumulation supporting the Consortium, and family wealth transfer strategies.  As businesses owner(s) we are looking for asset protection.  Fronting Insurance Company Partner: Examples - AIG, The Hartford, (AARP), Met Life.  Proprietary software built into the Child Pro ((CP) ) Crowdfunding mobile app.  There are currently over 73 million children under the age of 18 in the US.  We are targeting at least 1 in 7 of these children as our projected market share.  First Month 40k Participants. Over 1 Million Member’s the 1st year.  $240 Million 1st year Insurance Premium Revenue.  Macro Pricing, $1 per $1K of Insurance  Premiums paid via crowdfunding participants.  Projected annual return on investment between 100% to 150%  Premier independent captive insurance management firm.  Regulatory compliance throughout the US  Licensed insurance agents. is unique.A Financial Technology (Fintech) company designated a “B Corp,” we are a modern “bank” for social good.The products and services that rGreen Bank provideenhance the Child Pro (CP) crowdfundingmobile app by addingfinancial products and services.The (CP) mobileapp is “World Class,”with incentivized features and benefits found nowhere else on Earth, all of which protect a specific child in themost fascinating ways.In addition,the (CP) mobileapp provides an exclusive insuranceproduct,as well as a crowdsourcingand crowdfundingtool,to raisefundingfor higher education costs.
  7. 7. 7 Together, the (CP) mobileapp and rGreen Bank providethe ability for families and friends to savetoward their children’s education through either crowdfundingcampaigns with their social network in the (CP) app, or rewards earned from usingtheir rGreen Bank card(s) to make everyday purchases. To make change happen and get us out to the market, we are partneringwith a non-profit organization with a national presencein schools.And because we believe it’s the bankingindustry needs to change, we are creating rGreen Bank – now is the time for all children to have the ability to raisefundingfor their education regardless of their socio-economic status.Let’s empower our children and families,whilesimultaneously buildingstronger,more successful communities! rGreen Bank is:  The family bankingtool designed for young people  Branchless bankingatthe power of 4   Low risk,compliant,and secure  Offers various revenue streams, creatinga sound,sturdy business  40K Accounts 1st Month & Over 5 Million Users the1st year!!!  In our financial model, we have even lowered the industry average deposit greatly for each user to only $100/amonth, and the model still leads to deposits in the billions…. Bang!  A new pace setter, takingover a 4.7 trillion-dollar industry , Inc. is a uniquely structured technology and business solutions company within the rGreen Consortium that provides technology, licensing, mobile support, and creative marketing services to the Consortium partners. A one-stop shop, rFramers, Inc. is comprised of the technology and project teams, client relationship managers, creative UX designers and graphic designers, and the brains and hands (and hand-holders) that bringvisions to life and provides the tools to help our business clients provide their greatest products and services. rFramers, Inc. is committed to providing industry specific technology solutions for each business within the rGreen Consortium as well as to businesses that wish to license our technology. Our team of professionals have strong working relationships with some of the best solution providers in theworld. Their partnership provides us with expertise that spans across the entire technology services and business management spectrum. Our expansive network of knowledge, and our commitment to best practices,allows us to deliver results. rFramers, Inc. provides reliable, agile, and flexible options that help our clients and partners run their business operations more efficiently by giving them the ability to let us handle the hard stuff so they can focus o n growing their business and their profit. We strengthen our clients’ core processes and help them deliver their products and services to their target audience. Benefits of a Mobile First Approach rGreen Consortiumuses a “Tied Industries alongsidea MobileFirstApproach.” A mobile firstapproach means that we designed a connected world experience for mobiledevices, and from here you obtain an omni-channel experience for your desktop device—or any other device format.
  8. 8. 8  Oct 2015,68% of American adults have a smartphone. Studies show each adulthas an average of 671 Social Ties within their mobiledevice. Direct ties 15 - Close Friends & Family, Indirect Ties 35 - Ex-School Mate, Co-Workers, Social ties – 621 Email, FB, Twitter, SMS, Phone #’s, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, Social Networks (SNS) …  There is a 40% overlap in Social Ties.  The average adultbelongs to 5.5 Social Networking Services (SNS) activein 2.8 SNS.  Each child will receive$1,775.13 in initial deposits,and $184.40 monthly recurringdeposits.  80% of children 11-18 years of age have smartphones that contain a multitude of Social Ties (many times more than the parent).  Tens of millions of dollars in industry research havebeen used to support our numbers and documentation. rGreen Consortium’s Competition&Our Hybrid Business Model We deliver superior services and products that help prioritize and solve complex problems related to people, processes, procedures, and technology. By using tied industries alongside a mobile first approach and promoting The Internet of Things (IoT), the rGreen Consortiumis to be a world class player in “the next Industrial Revolution.” (rCFE) will help change the way all businesses, governments, and consumers interact with the physical world.  Our hybrid business model consists of 5 business entities,three of which are B Corporations and were established as such for specific reasons.  Consortiummember rCommunities for Education solicits business for each member of the Consortium.  With respect to competition in the insuranceand landfill portions of our business,we expect there will be competition at some pointin the future. So, a first-to-market approach is oneway we intend to stay above the fray of competition with regard to our entities rMost ValuableInsuranceCompany and rGreen Landfill.  With respect to rGreen Bank, no other branchless mobilebank app exists where the onboardingis a byproduct of crowdfundingfor education – we are in a league of our own, and our growth will setrecords for years to come. We expect to experience fastgrowth, most likely similar to that of Pinterest, an entity known for havingthe fastestgrowth of any social websiteon the planet.  The partner relationships thatthe rGreen Consortium has will also supply a way to stay ahead of typical competition.Our future competition in these areas will notfind iteasy to offer so many tools wrapped together to complete in the circlefor social good.  With respect to competition in the unknown $75 billion landfill Industry thatwe are disrupting,there is no one else with our patented and approved technology. Our Aerobic Landfill Bioreactor System (ALBS) quintuples landfill revenues by reusingthe same airspacewhileeliminating Greenhousegases,such as methane. Added together, airspacerecovery and carbon footprint reductions equate to billions of dollars in untapped revenues.  As partof this consortium,the checklistwe have designed for the boots-on-the-ground warriors of rCommunities for Education will lead to the ability to have countless handpicked projects workingin communities all across North America at the same time. The data being collected does not exist but needs to be in our socially consciouscommunities.  All of this comes by way of the POWER OF CROWDFUNDING and CUTTING EDGE IoT TECHNOLOGIES!
  9. 9. 9 Keys to Success: A team with several hundred years of combined experience.  On-Going Management: A laser-focused, experienced, and action-oriented team that pays attention to detail while seeing the big picture, all with a smile.  Partnering with financially strong service providers for delivery of the smartest and most valuable products and services.  Compliant and secure services, our team understands eliminating risk.  Adequate capital to support the underwritten risk. Mountains of Revenue are derived from various streams fromall the companies within the rGreen Consortium.Revenue is also derived from companies outside the rGreen Consortium.Aside from subscription services,licensingagreements, and revenue share income that is earned for most of the features listed herein,we also earn revenue in a several more ways: 1.) Product sales (wearables,beacons,RFID sensors, (CP) merchandise,safety tools/resources,etc.) 2.) Advertisingand marketing for businesses both nationally and locally. 3.) We sell BigData and services with businesses. 4.) Organizingan advanced marketplace,rKid’s Market, by which every (CP) and rGreen Bank member can easily generate revenues for a selected child’s education. 5.) Our own virtual currency,a want-it app, 100s of tools and toys worth over a million dollars (actual purchasetotal) - too many technological features,apps and justsimply cool stuff to includein this document. We believe in a crawl-walk-run approach and will deliver disruption alongsidemountains of revenue in a connected world as we move forward. With the rGreen Consortium, the possibilities are endless. We create a path for success.We change lives, supportthe community as a whole, and bringfocus to personal safety,education, bullying,suicide, and drugs.We further provide personal financemanagement tools and enable goal setting/achievement. In addition to all these,we specializein supportinglocal businesses,becominga community-wide loud voice, a force, that promotes the well-beingof our society. Our actions and accomplishments presentlessons the whole world can embrace to accomplish puresocial good. We strongly believe thatwe can make a difference byofferinga robust product and service that empowerseveryperson and every entitywithin a community. We make life better! We are looking for the right relationships for our consortium Startups! For more information, please contact:
  10. 10. 10 RJ Randall Co-Founder, ManagingDirector Phone: 1+ 407.325.6568