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From dice to predictive analytics


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An article about predictive analytics written by Andrew Pearson for ComputerWorldHK.

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From dice to predictive analytics

  1. 1. BACKPAGE andrew pearsonFrom dice to predictive analyticsG ambling—the wagering of something valuable on hood of his or her response to an offer based upon spending an event of an uncertain outcome with the prima- history. For example, if a customer has a history of dining ry intent of winning additional money or material at the casino’s finer restaurants, he or she may not respondgoods—has been with us since ancient times. Greek mythol- to—or even be offended by—an offer for a buffet.ogy tells the story of Poseidon, Zeus and Hades dividing the One key thing that must be factored into these models isworld between themselves in a dice game; Poseidon won the to look beyond the redemption rate, but into the additionalsea, Zeus the heavens and Hades the underworld. The land, I revenue generated from these offers. If the patron receivedpresume, was left to the rest of us. an offer, redeemed it and hit the tables to gamble extensively, This intriguing beginning has rise to the opulent gambling he or she is obviously being valued over other customers thattemples of today: Las Vegas’s Bellagio, Palazzo and Wynn, take the free food and don’t gamble. Models that include fac-Atlantic City’s Taj Mahal, Tropicana and Caesars, and Ma- tors of overall spending can help casinos to target their mostcau’s Venetian, Grand Lisboa, and, ironically we come full profitable customers, instead of gambling their promotionalcircle, to the clumsily named casino ‘Greek Mythology’ in offers—and valuable hotel rooms—on customers that gener-Taipa. ate less revenue. Just like executives in every other industry, today’s casinoexecutives are faced with an inherent question—how do I Campaign optimizationdifferentiate myself from my competitors when the tools I Models such as these aren’t unique to the gaming indus-have are basically the same industry-wide? The answer lies in try. The financial services, telecommunications, retail, insur-business intelligence, customer intelligence, data modeling ance and healthcare industries can all benefit from using such data modeling and analytics techniques. Through matching marketing offers with the customer profile, a company can project the anticipated redemptions and potential revenue to ROI trumps all and nothing be generated from a campaign. This gives the marketing de- else matters partment enormous leverage, as they can review an antici- pated campaign and make adjustments to achieve the desiredand predictive analytics. Companies now have to be smarter results, before it even started.than their competitors in understanding and attracting their Casinos all have a daunting weekly task: to fill thousands ofcustomers. Although marketing is best when it’s subtle and hotel rooms and hundreds of gaming tables. But the lessonstaps into a customer’s desires and needs, the goal of market- learned here are not unique to the gaming industry. Customering is anything but subtle. Its sole objective is to generate relationship management is important to almost every indus-revenue. ROI trumps all and nothing else matters. try and the lessons learned in the gaming industry should be There is an old adage in marketing circles that says it’s far heeded by all. 3more cost effective to keep a customer than to acquire a new Note that the views expressed by BackPage contributors doone. Technologies like business intelligence, customer intel- not necessarily reflect the views of Computerworld Hongligence, data modeling and predictive analytics help to retain Kong or its editorial staff.customers, as they are not just about analyzing data. They areabout creating a predictable relationship with the customer.These tools help predict future customers’ behaviors by ana- Andrew Pearson is a consultant at Qualex Consulting Service. His expertlyzing their basic demographics and the psychological traits includes business analytics in theof their desires and needs, thereby bringing them offers that gaming industry and mobile marketing.are more enticing and irresistible. Contact him at In the casino industry today, analytics are used to identifythe optimum offer for specific customer by projecting likeli-42 Computerworld Hong Kong October 2011