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QRME Griffith University Rural Health Program


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Longlook Program for 2019

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QRME Griffith University Rural Health Program

  2. 2. Griffith Rural Stream  Various locations  Longitudinal models Longlook Rural Research Options Shortlook  Rural GP placement  Rural selective/electives
  3. 3. How do I go Rural?  Longlook  Preference DD hospitals or Beaudesert  Rural GP term  Request a DD practice (from any of the metro zones) or Palm Island Community Clinic in 4th year  Rural GP is also in Longlook  Rural Specialist and Indigenous Health Selectives  Contact QRME with your Selective block preferences  International Selective/Elective  PNG in 2019
  4. 4. Longlook 4th Year – What is it?  Everyone does Elective in Block 7 wherever you want - we’ll see you in late February on the Downs for ALL orientation.  Then either  Two 14 week Amalgams: GP+Selective & EM+Crit Care, OR  A Blended year of 28 weeks of these four disciplines integrated,  In a rural hospital and practice, with lots of patients and small student numbers, working alongside interns, becoming part of the team – like an intern, with  Local and central teaching, at  Griffith campuses with dedicated Medical Educators, at hospitals with accommodation, and  Hub Workshops in Toowoomba at the Darling Downs Clinical Training Centre, with  Exam preparation sessions year-round at Hub workshops, and  Attachments to tertiary public & private hospitals in Toowoomba
  5. 5. Griffith postgraduate MD program Year 4 Block 7 8 9 10 11 Metro term- based rotations General Practice Elective Emergency Medicine Critical care/Ortho Selective Exams Longlook Block 7 8 9 10 11 Blended Longlook Elective – all Longlook students General Practice Emergency Medicine Anaesthetics/ICU/Retrieval/Ortho (including tertiary attachments) Advanced Rural Selective Exams Block 7 8 9 10 11 Amalgam Longlook Elective Emergency Medicine Anaesthetics/ICU/Retrieval/ Ortho General Practice Your Selective Exams
  6. 6. Why go to the Darling Downs?  Longlook students live in large rural towns & have no academic disadvantage.  They get more clinical opportunities particularly procedural work.  There are smaller student numbers and more patients/student.  Local SMO, Registrars, Medical Educators, but small numbers of interns/JHO  Subsidised accommodation provided in town at the hospital campus in Griffith facilities. Longlook accommodation is generally $50/week including internet, car parking and utilities (Beaudesert is pro- rata share rent).
  7. 7. Why go to the Darling Downs?  Flexible rosters prepared by the Longlook students.  Additional teaching workshops at DDCTC with structured OSCE preps  All 3rd year Longlook students do a multisite research project resulting in a tech report, conference presentation &/or publication  Summer scholarships and research scholarships available for P/T work.  Looks good on your CV  LONGLOOK STUDENTS ARE SOUGHT AFTER ON THE DOWNS
  8. 8. Rural Longlook Yr. 3 Generalist hospitals Warwick Hospital Kingaroy Hospital Dalby Hospital Stanthorpe Hospital Beaudesert Hospital
  9. 9. Rural Medical Longlook 2019 Clifton Cherbourg Rural Centre
  10. 10. Warwick Hospital  Warwick hospital in the Southern Downs is the largest rural hospital hosting Longlook.  s/darlingdowns/ddowns-warwick-hs  It is a full Rural Generalist hospital – that means procedural obstetrics, surgery, emergency, medical imaging, in-patients AND visiting specialists OPD and operative sessions.  Interns and JHO rotate here from Toowoomba & a FACEM on-staff.  There’s a large Griffith teaching and accommodation campus on site.  A large teaching practice in town takes students as do nearby rural practices if you prefer.  Warwick also hosts Longlook dental students in their final year.
  11. 11. Stathorpe Hospital  Stanthorpe is a very popular Rural Generalist hospital with many past Longlook students on staff and in the community.  vices/darlingdowns/ddowns- stanthorpe-hs  There are 6 condo style apartments for Longlook students and a small Clinical Training Centre on the hospital grounds and a local practice nearby that integrates with private and public work.  Many of the RG doctors are farmers, so bring boots.  Stanthorpe can get cold… but there are wineries near.
  12. 12. Kingaroy/Cherbourg  In the South Burnett.  This is the largest Griffith campus supporting Cherbourg indigenous community also.  Kingaroy is a large Rural Generalist hospital integrating Longlook students into the hospital staff.  s/darlingdowns/ddowns-kingaroy-hs  s/darlingdowns/ddowns-cherbourg-hs  There is a private specialist hospital in town also.  The hospital also takes interns and JHO.  It runs a virtual ICU having daily rounds with TGH ICU
  13. 13. Dalby Hospital  Dalby is the Western Downs centre and the hub of Longlook  It is the newest hospital in Longlook  The Clinical Training Centre is onsite, but the accommodation is a large house on the southern fence (with a dedicated student gate to the hospital)  It is the hub for local General Practices, AMS & rural hospitals and practices at Chinchilla and Jandowae nearby  These are Rural Generalist hospitals with visiting specialists  ngdowns/ddowns-dalby-hs  ngdowns/ddowns-chinchilla-hs  ngdowns/ddowns-jandowae-hs
  14. 14. Jandowae and the Gatehouse Practice  Jandowae is a rural town near Dalby with placements supported from the Dalby hub where the EM/Crit Care amalgam is placed.  Jandowae practice (The Gatehouse) and hospital are integrated under Dr. Luke Dwyer, an RG with Emergency advanced training.  This placement suits a rural GP Selective but can work with a Dalby-based Selective also.  Accommodation is available locally or back in Dalby.  ns/ddowns-jandowae-hs
  15. 15. Beaudesert Hospital & Community  This is a popular RG hospital & there is a great practice in town.  It isn’t really commutable from the Gold Coast regularly! We provide supported rental accommodation in town to stay a few nights a week.  While a small centre there is a dedicated Medical Educator, they have rotating Interns/JHO from Logan and it is a teaching community for Rural Generalists. 
  16. 16. Millmerran Hospital  Millmerran hospital and Medical Centre placements hub out of Toowoomba for Anaesthetics, ICU etc.  It is a busy rural centre with many emergency presentations and road retrievals which students can become involved with.  The practice is well integrated with the hospital work suiting a Blended placement.  Accommodation is in a private house in town.  vices/darlingdowns/ddowns- millmerran-hs
  17. 17. Oakey Hospital & Town  Oakey hospital is the first to have a past Longlook student as Medical Superintendent – Dr. Ben Wakefield.  Accommodation is on-site in the old Med Super house (Ben and Eriko don’t live there now).  Oakey placements include at Downs Rural Medical, so be prepared for plenty of skin cancer surgery.  All Oakey placements hub out of St. Vincent’s Toowoomba for Anaesthetics, ICU, EM es/darlingdowns/ddowns-oakey-hs
  18. 18. Longlook HUB Workshops  Every month, everyone  At Toowoomba Hub  Sims, Specialist lectures  Accommodation prov.  Students often stay on,  eg. Food and Wine
  19. 19. Farm HUB Day
  20. 20. Farm HUB Day
  21. 21. Longlook Experience
  22. 22. Rural Selectives (and Electives)  Indigenous Health (Palm Is., Goolburri, Goondir, Cherbourg  Rural and Remote Medicine  Specialties in Regional Centres  Eg. Radiology, Radiotherapy, ENT or Plastic Surgery, Public Health, Medical Research, Medical Education, Mental Health, Paediatrics, Emergency Medicine, Obstetrics, Anaesthetics,  General Practice  International Health (PNG Health Project)
  23. 23. QRME   @QRMEau  Instagram  Facebook  twitter Website Social Media Contact Us  07 4638 7999 