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Presentazione dell'iniziativa Giovani alla Frontiera

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Giovani alla frontiera_ENG

  1. 1. Gorizia, European Province. Youth of the borderline
  2. 2. in collaboration with
  3. 3. Giovani alla Frontiera is a project that makes possible to youth and especially to those with minor opportunity the access to planning actions. The main goal of the project is to apply inclusived and aimed paths, studied for the youth who come from cultural, social-economical and geographical underprivileged entourage, and for the disable youth.
  4. 4. Mission Giovani alla frontiera is a project working as a container of concrete and possible utopia which aim is to call young people and give them space to express their universalistic creativity beyond any frontier . That process will be possible through their involvement and the capacity of the actors to create a “system” in this trans-border area whose ambition is to become an “Euroregion” ; that is a place where Latin, German, and Slave culture meet and melt each other.
  5. 5. The idea has risen from the awareness that the historical frontiers between Italy and Slovenia, which has always lain between the Western and the Eastern civilization, wouldn’t lasted for ever. This will be an opportunity to create a permanent multicultural laboratory to make an advanced development pattern. Mission
  6. 6. Mission It’s an opportunity that the Province of Gorizia in collaboration with the Region and the Italian Government wants to offer to our young people as a way towards the Third Millennium; in order to promote an approach to the multicultural tradition of this Italian borderland in the middle of Europe. The knowledge of tradition can certainly lead to the development of a mutual solidarity and peace culture which will favour the unity of civilizations, going over the idea of frontiers seen as anachronistic barriers.
  7. 7. Vision Giovani alla frontiera wants to be like an “Agorà” for the youth, a free space where converge ways from our personal history and would be our possible future. It’s a collection of all the young’s artistic, literary, theatrical, music and audio-visual expressions, followed by additional events like internships, cultural meetings, film shows and all the necessary things to learn to youth our historical roots of our culture, by means of effectiveness and incisiveness communication means able to combine the emotional and meaningful aspect of the events. It’s a multithematic programme which intends to be an advanced laboratory, used by Public Administration to experiment new ways of communication and methods to get in touch with people especially with young people. This will be possible through the promotion of coherent methodogical approach and innovation processes and also thank to some very original trans-border initiatives. It wants to be a Centre for the production of shared events and promoted on the whole Province area.
  8. 8. Vision <ul><li>The project Giovani alla Frontiera is a part of a larger process , </li></ul><ul><li>logically based on network and aimed to determine coherent frame, </li></ul><ul><li>characterised by multiple view which can be summarized as follows: </li></ul><ul><li>  </li></ul><ul><li>Process strategy </li></ul><ul><li>Bottom-up approach / partecipative approach </li></ul><ul><li>Integrated marketing communication </li></ul><ul><li>Gender approach </li></ul><ul><li>Long-life education </li></ul>
  9. 9. Location Giovani alla Frontiera is a series of events that arise from the idea of frontier. That idea is being slowly eliminated by Europe’s will to promote borderland culture, art, social life history and resources. Euroregions are nowadays one of the most discussed topic, interesting not only for the European Commission but also for many States and Institutions such as Friuli Venezia Giulia Region. The GECT Known as European Group of Trans-border Cooperation , with legal status are a concrete way to build or to rebuild economical, socio-cultural and educational links between communities and people who were previously divided. The Province of Gorizia anticipates these positive political trends trying to build, through bilateral and sectorial treaty agreements, concrete means for transborder relations. Isontina’s Bioregion is made up of all the municipalities belonging to the Isonzo’s river basin: 25 municipalities of the Province of Gorizia and 13 municipalities of the Republic of Slovenia . The Isontina’s Bioregion
  10. 10. Projects Guidelines Actions <ul><li>Work and training course </li></ul><ul><li>Art and culture </li></ul><ul><li>Environment and peace </li></ul><ul><li>History, memory and identity </li></ul><ul><li>Transborder Sport </li></ul>Go-rienta: vocational guidance exposition Work experience Micro-credit Agorà – open space Student theatre Transborder competition Music without Border Route of peace Sostengo: educational projects of environmental sustainability Journeys through the History Books and freedom – Raining books Bruxelles, Europe EuroGoSport
  11. 11. Projects Go-rienta: vocational guidance exposition Youth of borderland in the learning process “ Orientation means setting individuals in the grade of being aware of themselves and advancing the adaptation in their own study, in their profession to the changing requirements of life, with the double aim of helping the progress of society and reach the full progress of individual” UNESCO 1970. The Province of Gorizia through the project Go-rienta wants to promote vocational guidance activities in order to help students to know themselves and the changing environment in which they are living.
  12. 12. Projects Work experience An internship is an opportunity offered to unemployed young people under 35 years, an entrance into the labour market . It’s a challenge for them, a space where to confront and measure their own ability and capacity. As far as companies are concerned trainees are resources that meets the needs of the Company. The internship could lead to a real full time o part time contract .
  13. 13. Projects Micro-credit Micro-credit for the reinforcement of self-employment and the sustainability of entrepreneurship of the youth. The Province of Gorizia wants to make possible for young people an access to a micro-credit system that objective is to encourage self employment for people under 35 years . The project will support the start up stage of the entrepreneur with financial funds for tools and machinery, counselling for the legal aspects.
  14. 14. Projects Agorà – open and free space The project is aimed to involve the local culture in all of its expressions, on the way of the community towards Europe. Three days of conferences and reflections in which the local artistic and cultural universes confront themselves dynamically upon a shared project called province system.
  15. 15. Projects Students theater transborder competition S.T.T.C. is a unique italian experience which gathers transborder dimension and territorial decentralization. The decentralized structure of the initiative in the Provinces’ centers that have available theatre halls, is not only to experience the peculiar potential of the aimed socialisation, and the same artistic experience aims to encourage the youth to learn about the cultural offer in the mail Isontine theaters. To integrate the project, a rich variety of laboratory proposals are offered to youth. <ul><li>school theaters laboratories </li></ul><ul><li>basic theater laboratory </li></ul><ul><li>monothematic and transborder laboratory . </li></ul>
  16. 16. Projects Music without borders These events were created with the intention to give the young local musicians the possibility to express their artistic proposal matured in the Isontina’s Bioregion, the space in which has been created and in which is developing. The contaminated transborder music created with passion, with the extraordinary capacity to communicate, to combine languages and cultures, to trespass continuously different planets of art : an informatic music, a visualised music, a music that dances, a music that explores, a music that provokes, a music that prays,…
  17. 17. Projects Routes of peace The Province has always privileged the initiatives, able to emphasise the logic of ‘‘globalisation of nations’ and peoples’ rights’’ , in synergy with associations and international agencies active also in Isontina territory. The main goal of this action consists in providing youth with useful coordinated means in order to support an integrated comprehension of the cultures of the whole Mediterranean basin and Central Europe with the consciousness that the determination of coherent and efficient strategies related to information and communication is an essential instrument to promote the development culture of peace and cooperation among nations .
  18. 18. Projects SostenGo - Educational projects of environmental sustainability The project ‘SostenGo - let’s support the sustainable’ is created to launched the realization of the projects of environmental education in order to increase the consciousness and the sense of responsibility for the necessity to use in the proper, moderate way the limited natural resources available on Earth . The objective is to promote among young people the mentality of conscious development of the territory beginning with their lives and their relations; from the classrooms and the school environment, to the city and the whole world, following the famous principle: ‘ Act locally, think globally’
  19. 19. Projects Journeys through the history It’s a publication that promotes the borderland and its identity culture in the Italian schools: a Province where different nations and cultures meet and melt and where remarkable signs have remained, especially marks of the dramatic event of the First World War. The Isontina territory is a bridge between Middle Europe and the Mediterranean , but is ought to be interpreted in forms of major and universal picture: this is the message that have to reach the Italian and European youth.
  20. 20. Projects Books and freedom Raining books The project’s aim is to encourage reading, to strengthen civil awareness, to promote the knowledge and the pleasure of reading. The main objective is to make books available to everyone by placing them in strategic and the most frequented positions of the territory. The project is related to the book crossing philosophy that is very simple: those who like books usually advise others to read.
  21. 21. Projects Bruxelles, Europe The enlargement of the European Union towards East represents the complete process of unification, not only based on economy, but mainly on culture. Gorizia, a privileged observatory of relations between East and West , every day more european, and not only because of its transborder and multiectnical vocation, that is its main peculiarity, but today Gorizia is the ‘locomotive’ of the Friuli Venezia Giulia Region, as far as Foreign Affairs with European Union is concerned, particularly with Bruxelles. Through this project, following that direction, Province of Gorizia aims to pursue the valorisation and promotion of the European Institution activities, due to coordinated plan of study visits to Bruxelles and Strasbourg , centres of junction of European Union activities.
  22. 22. Projects EuroGo Sport The main goal of this project is to promote the transborder events through the realisation of all the sport activities which take place on the border territory connected with the neighbour Slovenia, on agonistic or amateur level, in different disciplines, trying to stimulate creation of complement events dedicated to youth . This initiative will allow to co-project the routes that will make possible a joined management of sport activities between Gorizia and Slovenia.
  23. 23. Thank you for your attention. Sara Vito Spokeswoman of Province of Gorizia Coordination CCM – Multimedia communications center [email_address]