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Pricing strategies by Tushar Bhatia from Saigun


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Pricing strategies shared by Tushar Bhatia from Saigun technologies at the first #PNMeetup organised by ProductNation in Kunzum

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Pricing strategies by Tushar Bhatia from Saigun

  1. 1. Pricing forEnterpriseSalesAn initiative of Product Nation15 Dec 2012
  2. 2. Why do we need pricing? Evaluation by our potential customers Business Planning Scalability Consistency and Standardization Setting a value to our offering
  3. 3. How is the enterprise sale different? Much longer decision cycles (6 months, 1 year, 2 years....) Evaluation on various parameters - Functional: comparison on parameters - Value: May mean different things to different decision makers - TCO - Long term support - Brand / Organization Complex decision matrix
  4. 4. Parameters for pricing strategy Will I acquire and service customer at any cost? For how long, and who will fund this? What geography will I target and what challenges I may face there? Are they factored in my pricing? Am I a new entrant in an established market or is my product a new concept with no competition? Will I be ready to educate the market? What are the must-haves and good-to-haves and can I discount on the must-haves to gain customers If I remove my R&D, can I have a +ve YoY EBIDTA
  5. 5. Take home thought If you sell a $10 bill for $8 and are trying to make it work through volumes you know where your business is headed ...............Warren Buffet