Sending Email Basics PHP


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Learn how to send emails with multiple different headers in ProdigyView.

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Sending Email Basics PHP

  1. 1. Sending Email
  2. 2. OverviewObjectiveLearn how to send email and various email headers inProdigyView.Requirements Installed mailer on your serverEstimated Time10 Minutes
  3. 3. Follow Along With Code Example1. Download a copy of the example code at Install the system in an environment you feel comfortable testing in.3. Proceed to examples/util/Mail.php
  4. 4. Sending Emails in PHP makes me feel like thisThe Bad News: This kid is scarred for life.The Good News: Sending emails with multiple headers in PHPwill no longer be a scarring event
  5. 5. SMTP and PHP MailProdigyView supports sending email over SMTP and the regularPHP mailer.This tutorial is about the basics attributes of sending emailthrough either method. We will cover mail functions such as Carbon Copies Blinded Copies Message ID Errors To Reply To Html vs Text Emails File Attachments
  6. 6. Required FieldsThe three required fields when sending an email are Receiver: The email address will be receiving the message Subject: The subject line of the email Message: The message going in the email.Those three fields can be set like below.
  7. 7. SenderThis is not a required, but this field should be included.The sender is the email address that email is comingfrom. Sender’s email address
  8. 8. Carbon and Blind Copy Sending an email carbon copies and blind copies is a common function. Emails listed in the carbon copy field will be seen by all receipts. Emails listed in the blind copy will receive the email and who it was sent too, but others will not know it was sent to them.Carbon CopyBlind Copy
  9. 9. Reply To The Reply To is the default email address that the receiver will reply to when an email is received.Reply To Email
  10. 10. Errors To Errors To is an option that if there is an error when sending an email, such as the host not available, an error message will be sent to a designated recipient.Errors To Email
  11. 11. Message ID The message ID is an id on the email sent. It can be a tool used later to track emails.Message ID
  12. 12. Html Email vs Text Email Normally, when you send an email in ProdigyView, there are two versions automatically created for you, text and html. Text Version is created. Html Tags are stripped. Email is sentPVMail::sendMail() HTML version is left as is.
  13. 13. HTML/Text EmailsHTML emails are for web clients that can receive htmltemplates in the email. If the client cannot, the text version ofthe mail will be displayed. We can also manually define th htmlmessage and the text message. HTML message Text message
  14. 14. Attachment Sending attached with PHP mail can be easily accomplished by setting the file location of the file when sending an email.Attached file location
  15. 15. Multiple AttachmentsMultiple attachments can be sent by putting the files in anarray. Array of files
  16. 16. API ReferenceFor a better understanding of the email, visit the api byclicking on the link below.PVMail More TutorialsFor more tutorials, please visit: