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This is the PowerPoint from the Pet Blogging session led by Rachel Phelps from at the 2011 Show Me the Blog Conference in St. Louis

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  • If someone told me two years ago that I would blog in the voice of my pet I would think they were crazy.I also would have thought they were crazy if they told me how much of a celebrity he would be and that he would makes “appearances” with people excited to see him and wanting to take pictures!
  • The dog was our “test” have two dogs, and fosters and no kidsGot a very cute dog named Preston Peabody Phelps –quickly got the nick name Double P on online forums.. Born 12/25/08 got him on Valentines Day 2009Got home he got the cute shirt –It’s a boy clue what to do went to the web for helpDogster..found westies united and made a doggie diarySent the link to family and friends. They thought it was funny and forwarded it on
  • Husband being in IT said we need to make him a website…people are really starting to like reading his diaryDebated for two months what to call the site…every idea we had the domain name had already been taken. One night Preston would not shut up and was whining because he was in his crate and not getting his way and it came to us and was bornSpent the next month deciding how the site should look, colors, logo, etc. Went live in June 2010But then it was like “now what??”
  • In the middle of this decided to foster with Westie Rescue Southeast out of Nashville and the local humane societyIt gave us great content for the blog but was not the reason why we decided to fosterFostered 10 so far
  • Made it to the 3rd before we failed fostering – Elvis A puppy mill survivorHas been quite the adventure to say the least
  • Preston is now getting close to 3 years old - Christmas babyWe cover topics such as current pet issues, hot topics, product reviews, giveaways, pet rescue, and the adventures of Preston and his brother ElvisIt is entirely written from Preston’s point of viewIt lets me have fun with it since Preston thinks he is a big deal. Seems a talking dog breaks down the barriers people have and you get more open and honest conversations
  • We are a niche blog – pets so we can’t expect the size following as some of the mommy blogs so our influence and community become much more important.I remembered the first time a person said to me ..I read your review and bought the dog food Preston recommended. I was floored like you actually listen to me So don’t recommend just anything..people are watching and listeningGiveaways help tooYou are a Thought Leader You are a thought leader in your industry. Your followers rely on you, not only to share the relevant news, but to give your opinion on the issues. People look to you to help them understand the day's developments. You understand what's important and your audience values that.
  • -Brands and readers don’t want the same-o, same-o you need to do things on your blog that make you stand out. It can be your humor, your expertise, your photography, your videos, etc. Pet peeve : -don’t cut and paste press releases..make them into your own with your own spin
  • Once you blog for awhile which I am sure is true with other types of blogs there is only so much product you can use…my dogs can’t eat all the treats, food, play with all the toys, etc. So we do giveaways, raffles, silent auction baskets, drawings at our events and donate a lot to our local humane society.
  • -Community of like minded people get together online in twitter parties to communicate about their pets. -They last 24 hours straight once a month and international -Pawparty – each one has a theme, make your avatar match them them ( they have DJ, barktenders, organizers, security, quizmaters (prizes), One going on today – superpaws – super theme helping a group in the united Kingdom.
  • BlogpawsAn online community site for pet bloggers and brands. It is a resource for bloggers and brands to partner on projects and campaigns, to be educated on social media, and to arrange face-to-face meetingsLast conference was in DC – keynote speaker was Rescue Ink – but the real highlight was Hurricane Irene!Next Conference is Salt Lake City UtahBarkworldWord’s first and largest social medial conference and expo held for pets, pet lovers, and pet businessesAlways held in Atlanta GAKeynotes was Victoria Stilwell from Its Me or the Dog and Ted from and
  • These awards are given out every year by It is a public vote and nomination. Some categories are best overall dog, best dog blog, best cat blog, best post, best use of social media, funniest blog
  • Be the Change for Pets is a movement created by blogpaws that brings bloggers together for a common cause to raise money, awareness, donations, etc. for issues close to the animal bloggers heart. Some past events – is blog for changeRaising funds for Japan after the earthquake-Santa paws for shelter-online “yard sale” -Petfinder less adoptable pet week
  • The Adventures of Precious the Dog – a children's book seriesBarkonomics: tips for Frugal Fido – the authors of dog and cat tippers. They set out to find ways dog lovers could reduce costs while at the same time providing their dogs with healthy, happy lifestylesThe Tiniest Tiger by Joanne McGonagle is about a confused little house cat who meets up with some really wild cats – lions, tigers, cheetahs and more in an attempt to find other of her own kind.
  • Sparkles visits schools and has his own website teaching kids about fire safetyRicochet is a world class dog athlete and has raised over $100,000 for humane/animal causes so far
  • A flat pet is a cut out of your pet, mounted on foam core with a little easel on the back so your flat pet can stand upright and see everything going on around him/her. Flat pets are perfect traveling companions because they are easy to transport, don’t cost anything extra to fly and allowed everywhere. Flat pets adventures and photos make great blogs posts
  • 2011 – 2 calendars – Mr. May and August2012 – 5 calendars with two having him in two monthsLove the e-mails I got a westie calendar at the mall and I swear August looks just like Preston. I was thinking there is no way but I had to ask…..
  • Niche blog similar to any other blogger niche. Not as big as the mommy bloggers but we are growing and have very similar demographics There are cats, dogs, ferrets, hamsters, and even pigeons who blogWe work with brands and do product reviewsHave sponsorships and ambassadorshipsIams – behind the paw tripHave the same concerns as any other blogger – monetizing, metrics, finding our voice, finding readers, engagements, guest posts, etc.
  • Is a national pets/art awareness site that is inspiring pet lovers to adopt, rescue, and volunteer for pets in need
  • What I got out of pet blogging
  • Show me the_blog - Pet Blogging

    1. 1. Pet Blogging All Bark and Byte Rachel Facebook: Preston Phelps Twitter: Preston_Speaks
    2. 2. Preston has over 1800Twitter and Facebook Fans I have 360
    3. 3. How I Got Started in Pet Blogging I got married and got a puppy I didn’t have a clue what I was doing so I joined
    4. 4. The Blog Was CreatedWhat do we call it??It went live June 2010
    5. 5. Got Involved with FosteringI have had a lot of fosters (but I always hadsomething to talk about on the blog!)
    6. 6. I Failed Fostering
    7. 7.“Educational, Informative, and Fun!”3,000 monthly page viewsGoogle Pagerank of 2925 Facebook Friends812 Twitter Follows150 fan page followersSpeak at Conferences
    8. 8. We Engage our ReadersKlout Score of 73 and we are classified as a Thought leader
    9. 9. Creative Content◦ We have fun with our content! Videos Creative Photos Interviews
    10. 10. We are Involved in our Local Community
    11. 11. The Online Pet World - Anipals Anipals • Exists on Twitter mostly • Cats, dogs, ducks, lizards, and even a pigeon • Weekly twitter chats: #nipclub (cats) , #dogchat (dogs) and #petchat (all animals) • Monthly #pawparty. So far they have raised $53,000 for pet causes. Anipal Times
    12. 12. The Online Pet World - Conferences Blogpaws – Online community site for pet bloggers and brands – Holds an annual conference Barkworld – Largest social media conference and expo – Held in Atlanta, GA
    13. 13. The Online Pet World - Conferences
    14. 14. The Online Pet World - Awards
    15. 15. The Online Pet World - Movements • Be the Change for Pets
    16. 16. The Online Pet World – YouTube Stars Jasmine Paige
    17. 17. The Online Pet World – Authors
    18. 18. The Online Pet World – Celebrities Sparkles the Fire Safety Dog Ricochet the Surf Dog
    19. 19. The Online Pet World – Flat Pets
    20. 20. The Online Pet World – Flat Pets
    21. 21. The Online Pet World – Modeling
    22. 22. Pet BloggingWe are a Niche BlogSome use the voice of their animal,others use 1st or 3rd personHave brands both pet and non-pet whowork with usSponsorshipsAmbassadorshipsSame Concerns asother bloggers
    23. 23. Pet Blogs to WatchMy Brown Newfies – Life of show dogs
    24. 24. Pet Blogs to WatchCompetition Blogs -- To Dog With Love (Cosmo)
    25. 25. Pet Blogs to WatchVictoria Stilwell’s Positivity Blog - Training
    26. 26. Pet Blogs to WatchAmazing Photography!
    27. 27. Pet Blogs to WatchCattipper and Dogtipper – general cat/dog blogs &
    28. 28. Pet Blogs to WatchTiniest Tiger – Conservation/Cat blog
    29. 29. Pet Blogs to WatchPet Artist – Dogs For The Paws
    30. 30. Pet Blogs to WatchPet Blog Directory – Pet Blogs United
    31. 31. Pet Blogs to WatchYouTube Pet Rock Star – My Favorite Pup
    32. 32. The Three P’s of Pet Blogging Professional – Speaking at conferences – Sponsorships/trips/conferences – Networking/meeting new people Philanthropy – Rescues/Adoptions – Fundraising Profit – Free Products – Sponsorships
    33. 33. Any Questions?