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Energy Saving Commercial Checklist


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With more information available about the relationship between energy consumption and the environment, many organizations are making changes to become more “green” and sustainable. Discover what changes you can make in your commercial building to save energy, save money and become more sustainable.

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Energy Saving Commercial Checklist

  1. 1. PLUMBING/WATER CONSERVATION ⃞⃞ Make sure water heaters are insulated ⃞⃞ Use low-flow toilets and other fixtures ⃞⃞ Look for and repair leaks HEATING/COOLING ⃞⃞ Insulate all HVAC ductwork ⃞⃞ Open blinds on south-facing windows in winter to allow more heat from sunlight ⃞⃞ Use programmable thermostats ⃞⃞ Ensure HVAC system receives regular maintenance for best efficiency ⃞⃞ Use weather stripping along windows and doors OFFICE EQUIPMENT ⃞⃞ Unplug or shut down equipment when not in use ⃞⃞ Use power-saving modes on equipment ⃞⃞ Replace desktop computers with laptops ⃞⃞ Replace CRT monitors with LED or LCD monitors ⃞⃞ Look for ENERGY STAR-rated equipment ⃞⃞ Use digital documents rather than printing them ⃞⃞ Always photocopy on both sides of the paper LIGHTING ⃞⃞ Turn off lights at the end of the day ⃞⃞ Use natural lighting whenever possible ⃞⃞ Use motion sensors or dimmers on lights ⃞⃞ Replace incandescent bulbs with LEDs or CFL lights ⃞⃞ Use task lighting instead of lighting the entire room COMPANY VEHICLES ⃞⃞ Switch to hybrid or alternative-fuel fleets ⃞⃞ Encourage carpooling ⃞⃞ Turn off engines when parked even for short periods to reduce idling ⃞⃞ Conserve fuel by driving less aggressively EMPLOYEE EDUCATION ⃞⃞ Use teleconferencing to reduce business travel ⃞⃞ Allow employees to work from home on occasion ⃞⃞ Use coffee mugs instead of disposable cups ⃞⃞ Encourage using mass transit or carpooling for commuting ⃞⃞ Institute competitions that recognize or reward employees who save the most energy Energy Saving Checklist For Commercial Buildings