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Car parking composite catalog


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Car parking composite catalog

  1. 1. STACKER PARKINGThis is l)ependent Parking s,vstem for to cars. The syslem is equipped rvith asingle platform, alloring long-term parking on the upper level and shori-tennparking on the ground. l,oruse of the upper platfbnn remove fievehicle tiom thelo$er parking space. This system is suitable for mediu and large buildings and itcar alsobe installed into exjstrrgbuildings.A lengih or breadlh snsngemcnlnray be sclcctcd according n) thc condiliolr ol rhe ELETfu CAL REALLU[IENTS ri-l*I Choroc+eristics llatform : lhe platfonn are nade usilg 2 mm thick Gahadzcd stccl ro prerent delccli(if. rhc] are ttuylded *nh bnl)ers rnd ih dli skid design gives addnional strengrh Over-travcl l.ihiiS*ir.h: These are fittcdtoprerenttheorerf.!elof$epallels Energency Stop : This s*itch ; instdlled n$ide lhe operadng panel. Ifthe sFrtch ,s actilatcd if cmergcncy, lhe po$er is cut o1} to tle nrail nol{r rnd .ll op€ratioN arc Safet)Locks Mcchanicalt.ocksto!roidticctall vcry loF Ilncre] Constrmlition. Due to nLgged d€sigI. lhe lile oflheequiDnentconenatively expecledlo be aI leasttbfSpecficarons may vary ad€rd nq lo the rcqu rement
  2. 2. PIT PARKING Puzzle typeThs sysrenr frorrdcs ftro or thEc laver pdrki,rg lots $,hich utilize lhe abovc andufde.ground sp.ce So it is a system tr ith higtr space uriljzario! ralio. l his sysrcm is b.sedon Hydfuulic cylindcr 11 has lhe ldvur.ges ol shon ivairi.g period tbr enleiing o. gctring xcarsith low energy consumltior rsI)o$crisnsedonl! i. lif.ine tre platfonn IDthissy(enone levelis in rhcpit.Thepldtlinms or the lop lay{ed bolldm laycf do movcmcnt,rvh ilc thc pl.lfonns on thc middle 1a),er do liotzonlal nrorcnEDrs.This sysrem is sLitlblc lbr mediunr and lege{cale burldirys a s.ell as public parking LLts( r xr {i RTQLTRTNLN s E I00 ! rrm __ rl!!! LcellcnrsltiNs guar.rreedbec sc ir is equitfed$rdr multiplesafel, dertccs l|cro r1.q111.".11,"rll,,h o e..,,r.rt .r! Very loN LncryCronsunpLirnr. Ret.clal !cl0secondto90s.cords. . Ducroruggeddesisi. thc liicofrhe equipnrcntcxpectedLo berttcastibf:0 years Emerger. Slop w,tch rs ilsulled inidc rhc operalinsplnel.Ifrhe ssirch is acttvat encrecrcv rhe po$er i cui otito the hin mo(r and all operarions arc stopped. n Sllcry Locks gec ldiratcd when phln)nn rcached the position and srof tree f.lhlg. OveFr.arcl Lnnn Srvnch are fificd ro pre!enl lhe ovcr lravel oflhe platfonnsSp€cifrcations nay v:ry accord ng to the requnement.
  3. 3. EASY PARKING On-ground Puzzle lypeThis system isvet flerible dnd n can bcburlr accofdine ro custoberrequirem€nr jrefr: t)4 Lryes lt can stlcl upto ,1 ces irhere ) ou curenrly plr k I car Thc lldlbrn oD th. to!laycr do venic.l movenenrs slile thc orcs o! rhe ground liyer perLm horizonlalThe niddlc oncs can lrovc bolh !eaic.ll) and ho,izonully tlrcueh conrinnous space shiliso crn bc casily cdricd onr This sysren ls bdsed on hydturli. parking or rerrie!.1 . fvehic Len€chanrinqrn) I lercl.lior I or rnotr lelel. il isbrsedo. sr.e ropc mcchanrsm. Chorocteristics ond Merits Thecontro isverys mple, so itcan be used easily byeveryone. The iwo evel type is more iavo.ab e when a large,s zed underground pa rking ot isdesigned Sirnple demand of earthwork Very flexible, can be affanged accord ng to Less power consu mp1 on, energyconservation and environrnenlal protection. Very shorl pafking/ €lrieval cycle.specfcarons m3y vary.ccofding lo the requ r€ment
  4. 4. Multi-Floor type This h rlso crllcd cdt lype sytcm h dli ysrcm. rbe lchidc u lroled by the litwhich the lchicle ir irs approprille slot This slslenr ca! accohmodarcas linle ds 20 rchrclcs to se erdl thous&nl urlls itithcrcloresuilablcibrl.rgescatcpro.tects trcannrov.Dorclhrn : vchrc les aL rhr anrc rime for nra imum eificiefcy. This syrenr ir irable lb, m iddtc ard l. k-...b..|J ..., 1.. Lae,ern-i {bt.t,.r ,!!d,8. Itp. rtrd ()pqr.ion rcdmddrpu halrdon(nonprld.po tsldrIL.l]!e{dm{r!,tltlrtilti" , ., t lttiltii:ititlttw/l ll:1il11ll)l::i:r1,d* .,I I Chorocteristics ond Merits The aubnrobilcs carbe pur iir and takcnoul rery qnicklv beca!. thcy are moved bl thc clns of ea.h st{rry and sep.rate opcralior of rhe Ii fts Nlultiplc safeq e{tuitmcnt guararlee.xcillcnl snfel), l i" in rrrrcJ. .i rd.,81.n,, .u (, o, .u,. .rd.on,r"l <f tdr.f dndrt.. e...,,,.lacr., .. ..(n. rhe,.ru,. r1-, .. !. Lotr noisc ild vibrarnD as clcvarors nelerrouch guide rails wh rransGriis platibrn fion elevltorto carts and lheito p.rkinjtsl(n (omplereh equippcd with multidc snMs rnd salc6 deices , sclf malfuncrnnl dJ.nn.n.o I^ .tc.)ou$ i,d c..e.enr..t".,jcn,r,|.,, r. lhesr.sordctcctjnethelo.alionof.utohobitcsattheehla 1e!cl. Thcre is . srstem lof pNvenling ow run ofthe lilis and cans Fnrerscnq slots$nch Specn.dons may vary acdordrns to lhe requ Gmenl
  5. 5. SPEEDY PARKINGP.rkng lo$er is an clcrator rype priknrg sFrcm {hich is drsigncd ibr a cage ({, )noevehicles &F,k thcn automaricallr s{) tha hc lehicles .a,r nrocup & down in lhe parki,rgphcesarangcdin dlruhi srory€n ()naploiot:llsquere Vctrcs (5161.), park upto 50 Cars Tlrcrc is no reed ntr d.ivc{.ays. acccs NIOIOR lllu ]okr ()TilR I ils IIIJRIZONIAL IOvING IOLI]SCRIEN G RI,QI]IRID IIE(;HT l: a -r 22 1J 25720 :7llnI Chorocteristics ond Merits. The.mlicxrnnr ofhigh-spced reclor conLrolled clclating sysren makes npossible ri) tuLin !nd tlkcoutdrronrobile!rlllidl) Er. h 5loq hr ! hciehr of I 6l merer for high c}Ic icrcr ofusirg sp.ce. Ercellenl sarely i guarartccd bccarNe ir is e{tuirl]ed Niih nr ul ple saieq equifljlenr. Bcc.use lhe brill in lum tlhlcs arc adoprcd I.r lhe!trrirnobilcs ro bcpa*ed wilhdreir heads |(rs ad.n is !c,l,conlenien otulin aidtakcourautomobiles lnlegr.Led.ontrol hy comf urcrs, thus ol]er.lion js rcry casY Lownoise. lotr itissunable foranybuilding.Sp€cfcalions nay vary acmrd ns lo the requkement
  6. 6. OPTIMA PARKING Multi-Circulotion typeThi! system rs insllllcd undcfgr.und wh*e rs ir has thc rlppcfcnr.nce design. In oplnndrype ra.kirC vchrclcs !rov. lenicrlh wirh elevllors at cach end. Tlis sysLen is 6 rnnesmofc clllcicnt rhen conlention.l systcm Ir consisG ofselerxl lelels !,r whichpladbm move horizonhut andrel1lcally rnthe lift Ilis sunable tur $nal1, lnd md slzcdbuildings .nd do!n lown nurket whcrc conrcrlional parking is tn)hibiteLl r.rpe OPTlllt]PlRKlN(; :lnoIened.t.) <0 r d l lb0u(HLg r) SPEED SP[ID Chorocterislics qnd Merits This lype ofparklng hrs 6 lines nue cficicnt usc ofspace rhan the non mech.nic.l parkng t)pc. rcl!livcly small undcrgrourd space can be used to the Daimum. Thc ncwesi rcduolo-qy rill make ir loisible to .onstnLct uD to 6 lc!cls. The speed ollilting ha been dranaiically incrcased Fith rhe.doption oirhe hishspeed lliing melhodso lharthc time reqnested forlhe aut{rnobilestobe put iD andtakcn oui has been etrenely shonered. This syslen is equipped rvilh r tdm uble nrside, making drnc in and out comlbnablc $$ p.rkirg is nore.onYehient. Thc op.ration is easier ryilh the adoprion ofbuch-scrcen Trouble self diagnosing Funclion. F.ll and ovemn prelention systen.Sp6. rLaions ma! vary a..ordnq ro rhe requ rempnt
  7. 7. FAMILY PARKING Mini Rotory type I h,s uuque srstcm l {lcsiened ro Dennirpartij,c uplo n mirnum of 1:.a.s, on lhe sudnce rop..k I Cds. Jn this ystc[ D autonDbitc s pur in rhecigc& rhe cagcrct.res up & dou, as $cll$Righl & Len. thusrhe rchjcle is d ojndticath Frkcd b! trrc s)-slenr Tle pnrkcd .ar is c.sil] .dnered Dr pnstrin: l|e builoj for the!.it ptatlbnn. caj is pxrkedon. l hl lcaler an cmply parking pace.!dildte rl ground tc..I. to.ttr..eL cdr lo 2goo,l)D i Chorocleristics ond Merits 8 12c!,scobeparkcdinlhe!re.tor2ces.(equiratentto.l0sq Mts.) ,s 1r rndrcs 1n both dock$isc a.d anticlockNrsc djredion. lhe time requncd for i[ .urunobllero h.Furinandtakenoul js shorL oalte.dantrequi.ed l,asiiy lnrsrmclednr a small€quiring asinple concere bar & 3 phasc elecfic UDlikc concrere tructure. ir can be di$naDrled & reloclred if requircd Specfcatons may vary accordrnQ rr he requ remenr
  8. 8. FLOOR TO FLOOR LIFTThis system is designcd to carrytug a load upto I ions. A car can be raised iiomZero lcvelto +l- 10m. The selfsuppofting slruclurat design ensurcsrhe equipnenlcan bc installed on any concrete floorwithin 24 hours. il can be tailor made as perIhefe is no need fof drive,! aysj access ranps & stairays. This syslen is suirablefor Automobilc shorvrooms, middle and largc scale buildings. Lensrh (nm) 5500 1000 Maxinum Height (ftet) l2-12 (l.ifiing height 3 Hp 3 Phasc Chorocteristics qnd Merih LoF llaint€nanc€ : Thc d.sign reducas mai emnce cosi. On cusloner requcsr _{MCl Anti Skid Platford : lt hclps rvhile dnving on and olTrhe plarlbm Continuous Locking : Fnsure Safety. St! rdl Sructure : Four colum design ensuring sturdy sysrem. zero Civil Construcrion: Thcfourcolunn nructuraldesign hetps inetiminalinscivil constructon ar sr re. Tnus rcducing cost and rime. Low Poser Consumption : During downwdd movement .o powcr suppty is requncd.Sp€cnetons nay vary ac@d ng to the requirement