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3rd Semester (December; January-2014 and 2015) Civil Engineering Question Papers


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Civil Engineering Question Papers

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3rd Semester (December; January-2014 and 2015) Civil Engineering Question Papers

  1. 1. s i" {,- (a 06cs/IS84lUSN Eighth Semester B.E. Degree Ad-hoc D€..2014/Jan.2015 i? i. :: a= ?! PART-A a txflaiD wirhnelr diagrah, rhe issucs involved in ADHOC *ircless iDtenetworkins. (05^l!rk, b. Dncussonthc major NsuesolAD HOC snebssncnxrks (l2lllrk, c Derine energy inanaaement? Bieily cla$ify energy nanageneft i$o diftrc mtegories. (0r rhrl, r De scribe design goals of a MACprclocollorAD HOC triElesnet$ork. (0s rtlrl(j) b. Describe wnh rclcla.i diagram, MACAW and IVACA - BY lnlnadon pntocols. 02 rrhrk, c Bricnychssily coniention - based t.otocols Nnh reservari.n me.hanisms. (03 rn s) a. Des..iberhe{o dsprilciplesoIMACprotocolusinsdnectionalantennas.Brieflyepldin one Droiocololdicategory 02lr,rr, b. lxphnr dnrfibuted wtclc$ ordcrinC MAClrorocol. (0a rlrrro c disrrburcd pnoritr scheduLing MAC Drolocol. (04Nbrkl Not . An:wer FIVE ltll 4 uestiohs, setecting utleue Tl|O qrcnions lron ea.h pa . Dcfinc on nemand routlngt6locol) List otrtdltrerenton dcmaDd nntriD8protocols (04 Mrrl{, wlrar aE thc characreristics .i routing protocol lir AD HoC netwoiks? (l0 lvlrl, Give dre cla$iticlrion ol rouxrs Dotocols lor AD HOC wnek$ Det$orks. (06 ltrl*) PART B a Describe i.leta,lporer aNarc routina protocols. b. Explain core exDctionbased distibuted AD HOC ruutins pDtocol a. Discu$ mlor issue and design goah of traDspon laycr prorocol lor AD b. With reat diagram,.lasil, Ialr r so lut io ns c. trplaii brielt hy TCI not suitable in AD HOC sneLess Detworks. !. Discu$ is$res a.d chrllenges in security provGio. ing in AD Hoc nenr.ik. b Wntcr shot notcon kcyindMgcmcm inAD HOC wnci.$ncnrorks. c. {ith neit diagran, cxphin the clasificatron of sccu ty attacks rn AD A Expldin fe0tures oatlckct-bxscd QoSioutug prorocol. b Exphnrindcuil, i$ucs a.d challcne.s in provrding QoS nr AD HOC Lrrele$ c. lxplain ch[tcr TDM,A proio..l tbr MAC l,yer Q.S
  2. 2. l0158t Eishth Semester B.E. Degre Sofiware .2014/I ^n.2015 l,recyclernodcl. O0Nl{rkt (0lIhrk, (06Mrk, FIYE ful questio t sale.tiha TtrO qrcstiohs Jroh .ath ptt. z z! 9. i= 5t =: .:; .a :, 1 a whar n lnndio.rlnylCive exmples. b. Explanr lLe !uahy attibutes sceDarios. c Erplain howdr faulhare dcrected and prelented E&hnr thc list oi .dnponeois ol a pipe and filters ard Discus tlre seps involled nr the imnlcnrcnrarion ofpipes and Dra$ a neat direrdmaDd explairi the evolurionart delivei.g Wbat oE rlrc $eFs in ADDI Wrirc ihc us.s ofSA d..nmpnixri.i ' what aie the hctoN xhidr ane.t rhe lnflue.ce on $ftwaE archrrccrurcl Explanr ABC (03 illark, Explain Hybertsso. rhree vie{s lir soltwar. architecturc. (0? vrik, Expldln bricny rhe ptuledres or! eood softMre rchirecntre design. (0s M,rk, Delircxrchneclural$yleMenrionaDytburcomnonlyusedsryles. 10.Nt k, lxpl.i|tu advaDtlges and dhadvxnrages ol pipe and lilters nr architectural syle. (03 M k, Eaplainthe basic rcqtrnenrents for a nobilc robofs lrchitecturc (07Ntrikt (0{Nrrk, (09Itrrkt (07[Lrk, {dre rbe problens based on (03NIrlo filtcsdchire ure ('irh*t Whal isr]t ieedofproxies and bridec conponents h a broker systeni? txplain n. 106 rhrk, Whtl is broker archnccture? iire dolvn the neps iNllved in inplemenriDe dhriburcd brcke.architecrurcpancms. (roLrk, Wha! are the liinltarioos ofPAC pritentr? (o,rlrlrkt a. List out and ert hin drc componenh of, mi$okcmel panm (t0rr{rk, b trpl,in rhe adlanraecs and da.nnntases ofa refle ire xrchncctural pafietu (06lrrrk, c. Menti.nthc liabiliriesoarcl ecl io r dchirecture parcns. (01Mrrk, a ExplaintlE nvc steps implenientation ofmasre.slave paitenr 00luerb b. whar a.e the bcnenh and liabililics otpory design panems ) Dofiie ercxy desici(f;tijl,
  3. 3. Eighth Scmeslcr B.E. Desr.c Examination. Dec.201;l/Jao.20r5 Wireless Communication :e ia!t! 2E ,"2 -"4 7i ! lotet A,SNU FIVE fn qu.stians, *Lcling al l.asl TtrO questioas fo,t ea.h Da . E4eI=3 CohpaE lG,2G,lC,4G siElc55 cellular networks. Also erplain NithspeeialrclircnceL.ellsize,druraremdnobiletred. b with a neat circundiagmm. explain n wirclcs releemphic lmnsmnler. a Explain wilh nec.$ary diagFfrs ihe lomds olNlSlSDN nmber, S/Sl number nnd IMEI nunrber. (o3Ntrrk.) b with a neat diaeran, explaindE mnmo eUulo!e$1o.rk compmob dUennrrc6) a lxplain how thscapaciry olacellul systen oa! be incrcascd by cellseclorins. (07^ b Explatu lhc tequen.y rcuse concept uled in ccllular co,rmunicahon Explain wiln nathenatical .xDEssioDs l|e possibte clu*er sizc a.d hdc oilin selecdon of tne clusler c Explain NCHO.MCHO anl MASO a ErFiain 'nh necesaD,diag"ms irious TDMA lrarncs. b Explainthe vaious contol .hrnncls uscd ir CSM. c Lisrrh. vrn.u Gsl'l !eru].. b Explah the dinironl $res olsoft and had handolrs suDported O"aon o.rt,.,,,;n, ",..r.,c. conpareAMls,GsM andCD'lA airinrerfaces i06M".[,) a Expl.inrvnhmathenoricalequalionsmoiayparhloshodel (07M!rI, o r.p,itr o -.1 .F'h.. rg |. F' 'q'. [xpkiD lDw cellular synctu pcfoftancc can be inlp{v.s using spa.c nnd polariz ion dnedt] schenes ard rnan anreua slsten. 107Msrks) a [xp]anr withneatdiagrams CSM Inrer MSC blodoler dd Ini6 BSC haldorer olNlrrr, b What is Location Area (LA) in a celldlar syslem? Whal is locdion updaring? lxplan lc basi. sepsinlolved in lo*tionupdali.s(ldleMolel. (03 Nhr$ 'vhti.'h(o.edn.-,oi(' ,r'ro r'.e.r.,DVA ., ,. .p|'.'rl. aou. '.' o rcgisrmiion suDponed br CD4A syslens a lrpla r sill rc.csary diagrafrs Blu.roorh Picdncr a.d S.artemer &hitectues. (0sMrrkt b. Erphnra4x.lrnl.nnasecloringschetu.lscd,ns,nelesstrlAN. (06rtrrk, ! LhtlhefcaiurcsollEEE3o2llxlechnololies (06 rhrk,
  4. 4. tJS_ t0cs82 Eighth Semester B.E. Degree Examin System Modeling and 1:l/Jar.2015 S 9 2 ? '!2 It 4a Z' ,lai ai : rote', l. Ans||q Ft vE full quenions, selcctits at leatt fVO qtations fron aa.h parl. 2. Use ofiatistual tabl$ is pemined. '.rr J r. flo obg..0.eoL,nrhe Jet...1J.r.nul on. ir Table lb(l) lnreronilrlrimedntnbution T,blc lb(2) Sc^ice rimc dist bution or qble Trble lbLl) Senice rime dnr b[ n, of Bakc. Rrndonr disits aor nrteFarival times are: 26. 98, 90, 26. ,12. 74, 80, 68, 22, 48, 34, 45, 2,1, 1,1 Randonrdigilslorscnicetimcsare:95.21,51,92.39,13,13,61,50,49,19,51,33,01,31 Sinnrlare rhis syscm ibr I 0 .usiofrc(, by tindine (i) Avdaee i$d divll ritu 0i) A saee seNice tnnc ofAbl€ (iii) Average seNi.e t,tue orBdker (ir) Averge waiting hme orall rhecusroncs (v)AeriseairingtiDeolrhoseFhowait i. Expl0ir the follo{ing term used i'r dncrete event (iii)Delay (i!) mulJti n (i) L { (i) E.ent nurirc A cotupurer technical support ccnter rs sraitcd by rNo people. Ablc and Baker. $ho u[e calk aDd try ro aDsser questi..s and sohe compurer poblems The tnne betrccn calls ranges liom I ro 4 ninures $irh rhe disfiburion $ showi i. Table lb(l). Able is morc dxfericnced and can provide seNise faster rhm Baker, *[ich means dDt. when borh aE dle Ahle trkes tlre call Ttrdisiiihnrloo rh.Nn lnTlhle lhrlrlin.l b Explanr Event scheduli.gTnnc Advancc algorithn by genemtig systenr clock=I rndclock=t:. sixdunrprrucks aE used lo haul coal nom a nine torailroad, Eachtruck is loadcd by on. ol dvo loade6. After loadine, drc rruck imnrdiarely no.s io scale lor*eishing Roth loaders and scale havc Fir$ 1r In$ Out queuediscipline Afterbcing rvcieh.d. rae t cl ravcls ro the mil road (besins tarl tiN), unloads and later rerurns ro rhe loader queue. Ihc disfibulion of loadirg llnc. iv.iehing rine a.d hrl time lre given ,n Tlble 2c(l), T,ble 2c(2) aDd Table 2.(l) iespccli!.1y. Ir is assuned tllal5 rrucks de !r rhe loaders and o.c is 0t rhes.nle attimet=0. TJbk 2(2) /oli. . :,r, . r:li /!/i ec',20 atio
  5. 5. t0csa2 The a.livily rimes are !iven nr prDcess n stonpcd by the samplins schemc. Aho nnd thc meana.dkri0ncc Sinlulat.dlesysrem ibr 25 ninntcs to e(imarethe load$and s.alc nrlllzalion. (l0rtirkt Deine ra.don variablc. wnat are dre dltlrent r)Oes oltundonr rarlables? Explar wnh ar least one example in.ach case. (05M,.k, A production procc$ rnaiuractues .onpulcr chips onc the alerxgc at l% mnconloflnins Eleiydat a randob sxmple olslze 50 n laken ftom dr process llft saoplecontri.s mare thin 3 chips, the proce$ will bc sroppsd Computc thc ptubabilny $ar the b Explainthe steadyslatcp,ramficsof M/Grl queuc. a vhat are psendo redom numbcsl whal are rhe problems rhal .c.ur shile seneraling pseudo random nunbcrs ) (t6nl'rln b consder thd dque.ce or.andom nufiiss 0 12, 0 01, 0.21. 0 28. 0 89. 0.31. 0 0,1. 0.28. 0.8:,015.03:r.035,0,9r,0,4r.,075,,049,005.041 095 05'i 0tg 0t6 069 0,i? Te$ whether l'd. s", ll'r and so on nnnrbes io the above sequence are auto coneLred. At sienilicancclcvel(=0.05.nomaltable"lueissive.asl.96 (0ttllrtt c lxplain invese tmnsfomt*hnique for exponential and unifoiln disribui, (06:r!rr, a List the steps nrrohed iDdevelopnrent ofa useil model ofinpur dara (0allrrrs) b. R.cords Fenainine to tne monrhly number orj.b ftlated injuries at an undersround coal mine wcrc hci.g studled by a lcdoal aCcncy The |alues lbr rhe pasr 100 mo.rhs weie as Apply the chi'squaretesro these dahb testdre htpodesh rhar rhe underlyirrs d[rnbution isPoisson Take a:0 05 103 iusrk, l-.r xr epresent the alerage lead tibe (in nDnth, ro delivcra.d xr rhe mnurl denrlnd. for industrial nbors. The follo{ine data are available on dcmand ed lead time lor thc lan ren Finl tlreJeperden.y beNeen ead rime and demdnd. c. Find the mln and vaiancc ofexponential distibution Strpposeth.t the life ofan iDdr$ial latuF, in rh.uands olhous. is cxponenrially dlstribtrted sith failuE mte i = lrl (one lor elery 1000 houis, on thc average) Find rhe probabiliry rhar nE lamp silllar lon-qerthan ns mean lnn. (07trr,rb a. Explxinthe cnamcterisics ofqueuins sy$en Ako eplaiD theqreuing notutnrn in generrl. (l0ILrk, r[( medepeDdency behveen Le 103 u*kt a Erplain thc rcplicalion ncihod lor srcadyjiarc sinllarions. lr0rrrl, b. Differe.tiire benreen poinl estimarionand inten"l cstimation. (05 itlark, c Diffdemiate benveen rernlinating rnd steady state simulations by er,rnple e ch (05 Nlark, a with a neatlosdiagram, explain the concepr ofmodclbuilding. veriticahdn,nd alidahor o I rnuladon nrode h (roirrrkg b. Descrihethe three step amo,ch .l Naylo r and Finger in the validation proccss. O0Nrarkt 2.f2