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SharePoint hr system overview


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SharePoint HR application overview:

Simple, clean user interface makes the system easy to use and administer
Web based means it’s accessible on-the-go
Modular system means you only pay for what you need
It’s Sharepoint based so it can easily grow and flex to suit your needs in the future
Powerful, customisable reports to aid HR and business strategy development
Dynamic organisational charting provides visibility across all levels and highlights ‘empty chairs’ within an organisation
Integrated eRecruitment, Onboarding and LMS options support strategic talent management and workforce planning
Self-service portals helps to automate time consuming manual processes

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SharePoint hr system overview

  1. 1. A brief overview of our SharePoint HR System
  2. 2. Self-Service Portal – quick links to all processes that are invoked as part of the installation and all relevant to the employee logged in
  3. 3. Ability for employees to be given permissions to update specific fields and sections within their employee record Line Managers and / or HR Managers get extended privileges to set-up and update extended employee data.
  4. 4. Ability to view your own (and your team, dept. etc. depending on privileges) holiday calendar Ability to request a holiday
  5. 5. Ability to request a holiday Shows current entitlement status and allow booking holiday for future years Approval process invoked on submission Shift (Working Time), Bank & Company holidays included in calculation Automated notifications of approval by email and / or text message
  6. 6. Ability to log Leave and invoke process Self Certification and Doctors Note expiry date recording – highlights out- of-date on management dashboard Categorisation of Leave for analysis purposes Return to Work Process
  7. 7. Absenteeism Analysis with options for comparisons month on month / year on year and comparing employees to organisational averages
  8. 8. • Employee starts appraisal process by completing specified sections. • All data captured in the form is promoted out to the SharePoint databases so that analysis and views can be commissioned – i.e. ratings • Upon submission line manager notified to undertake review
  9. 9. • Line Manager view exposes all sections to complete. • Key Objectives split out as its own section so individual objectives can be assigned and allocated target dates – this facilitates an employee Appraisal Objectives option from their self-service portal
  10. 10. • Dynamically build from employee record with options to filter within the structure: • Organisation / Company / Region / Department / Line Manager • Indicates head count • Accounts for an employee reporting to more than 1 manager (roles list) • Relates to an organisation structure template - to account for unfilled job posts and maybe planned numbers vs. actual?