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Ferrari challenge


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Ferrari challenge

  1. 1. A day with Ferrari Oh, boy, what a story to tell!
  2. 2. Young and beautiful, all red and white, waiting for a ride to dreamland…
  3. 3. Full stop. Wrong story. Ferrari ladies do not wait for a drive, but offer themselves a ride. so…
  4. 4. The first touch of the car – unforgettable. The most splendid red I have ever seen. “god, this car must be completely in love with itself…”
  5. 5. The second touch of the car – irresistible. The most comforting 2 seat „comet‟ i have eve encountered. “what a smell, what a feel…”
  6. 6. The third touch of the car – maddening. it‟s like God has just given me a pair of wings to raise above the road. “i‟m feeling like an effervescen t pill thrown in a glass of water!”
  7. 7. The forth touch of the car – the road: heavenly. The most beautiful ups and lows of my life…
  8. 8. …and then i told to myself…
  9. 9. Take me to a place I never been before…
  10. 10. but ferrari wouldn‟t offer me a simple ride. ferrari it‟s about sensations that you couldn‟t name. because you didn‟t knew you could have
  11. 11. it‟s about exclusive experienc es
  12. 12. It is about the path of a Winner into the deepest sensations of the world
  13. 13. …it‟s about the stories that will make you tremble. If Ferrari
  14. 14. THE place:
  15. 15. THE dish:
  16. 16. THE book:
  17. 17. THE character:
  18. 18. THE piece of art:
  19. 19. THE movie:
  20. 20. THE beautiful woman:
  21. 21. … It would be the best of everything…
  22. 22. It would be: FERRARI!