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Social media predictions

  1. 1. Social Media Predictions for 2014
  2. 2. Top Social Networks in Romania, in 2013
  3. 3. 6.6 mil. users 4 mil. active users 27.501 pages 16.638 active pages 1.766.859 posts/month
  4. 4. 74.140 users 14199 active users 1.011.325 tweets/month
  5. 5. 704.617 users 74.553 active users 104.570 videos
  6. 6. 64.510 users 45.441 active users 412.990 photos
  7. 7. 1.992 active users 1.174 groups 7.102 posts
  8. 8. Top 10 Social Media Predictions for 2014 Based on 2013 moments
  9. 9. Coca-Cola used hashtags in TV commercials. Moment Brands started to use real time content. Oreo Tweet - during the Super Bowl. Lidl used the “Social Grill” app to broadcast live on Facebook.
  10. 10. Coca-Cola used hashtags in TV commercials. Prediction Similar to how brands pay for product placement, they will start using extremely timely, live and relevant content, more and more. Oreo Tweet - during the Super Bowl. Lidl used the “Social Grill” app to broadcast live on Facebook
  11. 11. Moment More image-based content.
  12. 12. Prediction Facebook advertisers will learn from television commercials. The most popular ads will be humorous or contain a narrative that serves as entertainment.
  13. 13. Moment Instagram introduced Ads and the brands started to experiment.
  14. 14. Prediction Instagram will improve the ads system. By doing that, more brands will value this opportunity.
  15. 15. Moment In 2013, Facebook attempted to acquire the app Snapchat.
  16. 16. Prediction Snapchat and Pinterest will continue to be courted (and possibly purchased) by bigger networks like Google+, Facebook, LinkedIn.
  17. 17. Moment Vine premiered - last January the video network premiered and it already has over 40 million registered users.
  18. 18. Prediction The 6-seconds videos will take off…
  19. 19. Moment Facebook Launched Hashtags. Hashtags have become a simple way to draw more eyes to the content.
  20. 20. Prediction Brands will use hashtags more - in print, television, and radio.
  21. 21. Moment Twitter Went Public
  22. 22. Prediction Twitter will have to develop a comprehensive analytics model in order Twitter will have to develop a comprehensive analytics model in order to make shareholders happy. to make shareholders happy. Also, Also, other networks will to find better ways to monetize their other networks will try try to find better ways to monetize success.
  23. 23. Moment LinkedIn Today Became LinkedIn Pulse
  24. 24. Prediction LinkedIn will need to follow Facebook’s example of creating a feed that favors quality content.
  25. 25. Moment Twitter Cards Were Revealed Twitter Cards are the first step in Twitter’s shift to a more visual and interactive news feed.
  26. 26. Prediction Posting a picture, video, or sign-up form to Twitter will become much more accessible and common among the average user.
  27. 27. Moment Pinterest launched several important updates: places, analytics, rich pins.
  28. 28. Prediction Data will prove that Pinterest has stronger ROI than most networks of its size. You’ll see a lot more brands establishing and expanding their Pinterest presence in 2014.
  29. 29. These are some of the trends to watch and take in consideration, when deciding on your Social Media Marketing “recipe” for 2014.
  30. 30. THANK YOU.