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Social campaigns 2014


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Some bits of 2014's cool social campaigns

Published in: Social Media, Technology, Sports
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Social campaigns 2014

  1. 1. ’s outstanding social campaigns
  2. 2. #Hibernot by Land Rover Central element: an online hub for winter trails, walks and activities in UK. Hibernot users created a personal set of activities, which were curated by Land Rover, in the form of images of their own outdoor adventures using the hashtag #Hibernot.
  3. 3. Communication media: social media – core traditional media – TV & cinema ads Results: 102,000 Facebook fans 77,000 Twitter followers
  4. 4. I am porter by Net-A-Porter The newly launched Net-A- Porter magazine created an iOS app called ‘I Am Porter’ which served as main digital promotion tool. Users were encouraged to take a photo of themselves/ upload their favorite one, add a cover title and …ta daaa! They became a cover star! Results: 2,800 mentions of the #IAMPORTER around the magazine’s launch, according to Topsy.
  5. 5. #LoveJu by Juventus <The worlds ‘first social-driven choreography’ where Juventus gave its global fans a chance to get involved in the pre-match rituals> For the game against Inter Milan on the 2nd of February, fans could submit their own choreography ideas through a Facebook app; the pattern they created was used by the stadium fans , with multi-coloured cards. *according to
  6. 6. Communication media: social media – core Results: 3,000 choreographies were submitted 13,500 tweets using the hashtag #LoveJu fans’ feeling of being app
  7. 7. Life-O-Graph by Pedigree Central element: a mobile application that allows users to upload images from their phone and then create a dublicate of the present, in order to compare how they changed over time.
  8. 8. Communication media: social media – core Results: unspecified
  9. 9. #UndressNewTwingo by Renault The new Twingo model from Renault had a special launch campaign: a teaser that slowly unveiled the new car on behalf of people’s tweets about it; the more they tweeted, the more information they got about the car. Users - influencers, their audience, the general public - were encouraged to tweet using the hashtag #UndressNewTwingo. Every 100 tweets brought a choreographed striptease number, performed around the Twingo by a professional dance troupe, along with a slow unveil of the new vehicle.
  10. 10. Communication media: social media Results: 45,000 visits on the website in the first hours after the campaign launch (without paid media) 100 blog posts about the campaign 4000 tweets during the 1.5 hour pre-reveal event
  11. 11. Urban Decay Pinterest competition The contest challenged people to to win tickets to the Coachella music festival in an uncoventional way. What you had to do: create a pinboard called ‘Electric Festival Style with UD’, pin the looks you would have worn at at the festuval. Follow Urban Decay on Pinterest and submit your email address .
  12. 12. Communication media: social media Results: 50,000 Pinterest followers
  13. 13. Info& Photos: