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Pxw launch hcc


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The Health Consumers Council of Western Australia ran Patient Experience Week Events in April 2016. Uniquely these events were consumer driven, and drew together consumers, carers, community and service providers to celebrate and promote the importance of patient experience. It highlights HCC's services and the Recommendations from the Clinical Senate debate run in December 2015 entitled "The Patient Will See You Now - Moving Beyond Accreditation to the Patient Experience"

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Pxw launch hcc

  1. 1. Patient Experience Week Pip Brennan, Executive Director Health Consumers Council of WA (HCC) #HCCPXW
  2. 2. Program – What to Expect LAUNCH – FORMALITIES – 9.45-10.45 Welcome to Country – Olman Walley Welcome to the Event – Pip Brennan, Executive Director of the Health Consumers’ Council A Word from our Sponsors – Empower ICT and Illuminance Director General, WA Health Dr Karen Luxford – Clinical Excellence Commission – By Skype Jason A Wolf – Beryl Institute President – By Zoom Networking – morning tea – 10.45-11am - Lobby Two Sides to the Patient Experience – Agents Improvocateurs #HCCPXW Launch
  3. 3. Program – What to Expect DAY 1 – THURSDAY 28TH APRIL DAY 2 – FRIDAY 29TH APRIL Launch Aboriginal Perspectives on Patient Experience Panel Discussion Agent Improvocateurs – Two Sides to the Patient Experience Kate Ryder – An Insiders Guide to Getting the Best out of the Health System. Meet the Author, Book Signings Organisational Approaches to PXW – Lunch box Session Workshop Involving Consumers in Organisational Governance – Lunch box Session Workshop Partnering with Consumers Workshop Measuring the Patient Experience Panel Discussion HCC CONSUMER EXCELLENCE AWARDS#HCCPXW Program – What to Expect
  4. 4. Why Patient Experience Week? #HCCPXW Each year, the Health Consumers’ Council (HCC) runs its Consumer Excellence Awards. Why not shift this from Christmas Morning Tea to Patient Experience Week? So we did. Why Patient Experience Week?
  5. 5. Patient Experience #HCCPXW Patient Experience has its roots in the Patient Safety movement. It recognises that there are layers to Patient Experience. It is not merely the clinical safety of the care received in a hospital or health service, but it is also how the patient’s own priorities are identified and factored into care. Instead of care by checklist, the open-ended questions of “what’s important to you?” needs to be asked, to inform the care around the patient’s needs and priorities.
  6. 6. Patient Experience #HCCPXW Respect for Patient’s Preferences Coordination and Continuity of Care Emotional Support Physical Comfort Access to Care Information Communication Education P A T I E N T S A F E T Y
  7. 7. HCC and the Patient Experience #HCCPXW HCC has three main services: 1. Individual Advocacy 2. Aboriginal Advocacy 3. Consumer and Community Engagement All of our services feed systemic advocacy, that is, providing big picture feedback informed by everyday situations and people’s patient experiences.
  8. 8. HCC and the Patient Experience Individual Advocacy Aboriginal Advocacy Consumer and Community Engagement S Y S T E M I C A D V O C A C Y #HCCPXW
  9. 9. HCC and the Patient Experience #HCCPXW HCC is renewing and refreshing our consumer representative training programs so that there is now an introductory and an advanced training program. This recognises the consumer representative journey. We start as people having a health system experience and become skilled representatives that can “code switch” between service constraints and the consumer perspective
  10. 10. Consumer Advocate Consumer – recency of experience Introductory Training Consumer Representative Experience plus knowledge of health sector Advanced Training #HCCPXW Updated Training for Consumers
  11. 11. Support for the health sector #HCCPXW HCC’s consumer training sits alongside health sector training. Providers need to be supported in working in new ways with health consumers, including working with culturally diverse consumers, and Aboriginal communities. A diverse, well-resourced consumer community helps drive the reform and culture change required to have a patient-centred health care system.
  12. 12. Consumer and Community Engagement Support for Consumers to be part of health system reform Training in how to be a consumer representative Placing on committees Feeding systemic issues back and forth between HCC advocacy, health service issues Mentoring, networking, ongoing professional development Support for service providers Training on how to engage with consumers and communities in governance Specialist training on working with CaLD and Aboriginal consumers and communities Creation of a pool of well-resourced consumer representatives Finding of suitable consumer representatives #HCCPXW
  13. 13. #HCCPXW WA’s Clinical Senate Debate in December 2015 was entitled “The Patient will see you now – Thinking beyond accreditation to focus on the patient experience”. For the first time for some years, HCC was a co-sponsor for the Clinical Senate Debate and presented on the Journey to Partnership. Four Recommendations were Endorsed, which gives WA Health a mandate to implement them. DF/final-report-dec-2015.ashx December 2015 Clinical Senate Debate – Patient Journey
  14. 14. December 2015 Clinical Senate Debate – HCC Presentation A key message was the importance for services to transition from seeing the National Safety and Quality in Health Service Standard 2 – Partnering with Consumers as purely a compliance mechanism. Rather, Standard Two needs to become “what we do.” PPT/P%20Brennan%20Dec%202015.ashx
  15. 15. #HCCPXW In Partnership… Standard 2 Patient Centred Care Core Culture (It’s what we do)
  16. 16. Outcomes of December 2015 Clinical Senate Debate Four Recommendations generated from the Clinical Senate Debate were Endorsed by the Director General of WA Health, which gives them a mandate to implement them. The next four slides list them in full, and the website has details of all presentations and other Recommendations not endorsed. %20Senate/PDF/final-report-dec-2015.ashx
  17. 17. #HCCPXW WA Health should introduce a system-wide, consistently branded ‘Patient First’ program that drives the patient experience agenda and under which all key patient experience improvement programs are measured, with results publically available. Endorsed Clinical Senate Recommendation
  18. 18. Endorsed Recommendation #HCCPXW In consultation with consumer and carer peak bodies: •A statewide definition of a great patient experience is developed that incorporates a value-based, patient- centered approach. WA Health, as system manager, is to ensure this is adopted by the whole of Health. •Patient experience tools are developed or selected for use that reflect the indicators that matter to patients.
  19. 19. Endorsed Recommendation #HCCPXW The Senate recommends that a consumer is appointed as a member of State Health Executive Forum (or its equivalent post legislative amendments to create Health Service boards).
  20. 20. Endorsed Recommendation #HCCPXW The Senate recommends Chief Executive Officers visibly and actively lead consumer partnership programs and have related Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) in their performance agreement with their boards.
  21. 21. Happy Patient Experience Week! Questions? (08) 9221 3422