Music Video Ideas Presentation


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Music Video Ideas Presentation

  1. 1. Music Video ideas presentation
  2. 2. Idea 1-Daydream. Nick starts in apartment having an increasingly violent fight with girlfriend. He then drifts off not listening to the fight fantasising about riding through desolate land.
  3. 3. Nick arrives in a field skidding to a dramatic stop- dust flying through the air with girlfriend now in far more aggressive clothes i.e. Leathers Nick gets off bike and starts walking towards girl, mouthing some lyrics as if he is shouting them arguing. Very over the top dramatic violent body language, Nick tries to take hold of girl however is slapped away as solo starts after lyric “intertwined”
  4. 4. Various shots of nick playing music extreme close ups of fingering on guitair. Also shots of nick composing music writing scores etc. Cutting back to argument daydream Nick gets mad and walks away camera stays on his face looking over his shoulder behind him.
  5. 5. He gets back on his bike. More montage bike shots as shown. I.e. Nick accelarating. Or driving past a low angled camera.
  6. 6. Nick comes out of daydream back in argument scene, now being throw out of apartment. Girl throwing clothes etcs at him. He picks them up seemingly not caring however responding aggrasively mouthing lyrics towards end “throw me out”
  7. 7. Idea 2- paper city Nick alone in apartment sitting in front of model city made from paper cut out buildings. Moving toy cars around. Cut to close up on model toy cars and bikes moving independently (through stop motion filming) cut in shots of Nick actually biking in places that are mirrored by model, cutting back and forth between this the model and close ups of Nick’s face to show him voyeuristically riding through his own little city.
  8. 8. Stop motion of toy bike causing various crashes of toy cars knocking down paper buildings causing chaos
  9. 9. Cutting back and forth between different shots of Nick standing over model doing different things i.e. Sometimes playing music in time to song, other times seemingly becomming obsessed with model moving more possibly sped up for emphasis. Showing clock to show a long passage of time.
  10. 10. Nick then lights match cut to paper flames coming out from underneath a crashed toy car (stop motion) various shots of the paper fire gradually spreading across paper city (panning shots) showing cars crashing by pushing them offscreen so they crash onscreen blurring lines between reality and the paper model. Fire eventually spreads over whole city final shot slow motion Nick throwing a bucket of water over model from the side.
  11. 11. Idea 3- Time traveller Shot of countryside, Nick (future) appears in a flash looking around, then close up of him looking at paper with place time and date on. He gets on bike and drives off close up on bike back wheel as he moves off.
  12. 12. Cutting to Nick (present) in house playing guitar to girl singing lyrics. Then stops to have a cigarette causing a argument with girl which escalates dramatically. Girl points to the door. Nick argues more before packing a bag and leaving. Slamming door behind him
  13. 13. Shots of Future Nick riding along, arriving at location mentioned on paper at start and him beginning to wait, looking at time a couple minutes before paper said it would be. Cut to nick walking through area with fencing to re-enforce idea of danger. He walkings up to road with the camera following him at last second Future nick runs up and pulls him back as a car drives past.
  14. 14. Future and present Nick begin subtitled conversation. Future Nick explains he is from the future and when Present Nick questions him he takes off helmet revealing himself as Nick to Nick. Present Nick shows very surprised confused reaction. Future Nick tells him to return to house and sort things out with the girl, saying it is for the best. Nick returns to house while Future Nick bikes off disappearing with a flash. Final shot is Nick being let back into the apartment.