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Raihan media research


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Raihan media research

  1. 1. Anuvahood I chose to analyse the opening/title sequence section of Anuvahood – a spoof comedy interpretation of the popular Adulthood and Kidulthood. I personally feel that the way this opening is put across to the audience worksreally well because it is able to establish not only the setting of the film but it also picks up uponthemes and characteristics within certain people.
  2. 2. The opening shot starts with an extreme close up of the main character kay. There is an action code which shows him smoking which then will make the audience realise that he is a typical gangsta person. We also can see he is wearing his hood up which is an enigma code and creates aThis sets up the genre of urban crime as sense of mystery. The camerawe see him smoking and in a hoody. cuts between an extreme close up of his face to extreme close ups of 2 other characters as they have the conversation.
  3. 3. The camera cuts betweenshots as they are speaking.It shows 2 black men and 1white this could show thatthey are not on the same sideas there not the same skincolour. Also slang is used toshow that these guys are bad,this is mainly used by teens onthe streets. The conversationbetween them seemsaggressive and shows us theyare going to do somethingbad.
  4. 4. Sound and settingThe music in the in the background is slow asthey are having the conversation. This makes theaudience want to listen more to theconversation.• The setting takes place at first in a dark place and then it shows some council flats and parks typical place where there will be gangstas.