Advertising and Brand Engagement on Facebook


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Few vital stats on reach of facebook with some good examples of how some brands have used it to genertae brand communities and campaigns

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  • Real people, real identities, authenticity
  • Recent studies shown that users move between the profile pages and hp, this is the first place they log in
  • Active users
  • 35+ fastest growing segment
  • Beyond reach and engagement, the primary reason marketers find the platform to be so effective and a key benefit to working with Facebook is the opportunity for people to share your content and message organically.
    A typical impression on the internet has a beginning, middle and end. A user clicks through to your site and and that action ends there. There is no opportunity for them to share with their friends.
    On Facebook there is a unique opportunity for that impression to live on and the message to be shared organically through user connections.
    If a user engages with your ad or content on Facebook, they might comment or even become a fan. When they do that, their friends see it via their home page and can then interact as well.
    We find that advertising with social context, meaning my friends have engaged with it and I can see that, garners 2X the engagement as the original ad or piece of content.
    Sharing that happens beyond that original impressions is free.
  • Key learnings, over
  • Doing this with Dulce Gusto
  • Advertising and Brand Engagement on Facebook

    1. 1. Driving the Facebook Effect for brands in the UK Sam Malcolm/Agency Sales
    2. 2. Give people the power toGive people the power to shareshare and make the worldand make the world moremore openopen andand connectedconnected
    3. 3. Facebook ‘Home’ Newsfeed Where users spend time communicating with friends & brands
    4. 4. Facebook is growing
    5. 5. 500M monthly active users 150M mobile users Global reach Source: Facebook Ad Tool & Internal data
    6. 6. More than 60% of users return daily in UK
    7. 7. 27 millionActive Users in the UK
    8. 8. = 13M+ Daily reach in UK Episode 1 World Cup Final = 13M 13M
    9. 9. 200 Friends 26mins Session time With high engagement Source: Facebook internal data, July 2010
    10. 10. Gender Age Facebook has a mainstream user base Source: Total active audience Facebook internal data August 2010
    11. 11. Ways to market
    12. 12. 2 dedicated Ad positions PremiumPremium AdAd AdAd SpacSpac ee UnitUnit
    13. 13. Premium Image Ads Driving traffic on or off Facebook
    14. 14. Video Lightbox on Facebook
    15. 15. HD is possible Pages & Ads can now deliver HD quality video
    16. 16. your brand Engagement Ad impression engagement organic impression connection Social branding: distribution
    17. 17. Engagement Ads Event Video commenting Poll Sampling Like
    18. 18. Marmite Sampling Ad Circa 30,000 cereal bars were requested and distributed within a 2 week period.
    19. 19. Targeting
    20. 20. Target specific audiences TV Shows Country City Town Age Gender Music Movies Political View InterestsSchool Workplace College Relationship Books Celebrities
    21. 21. Target on a demographic & behavioral level: Kit Kat Senses Accurately targeting your audience 13.2m13.2m 6.5m6.5m 1.6m+1.6m+ Females in the UK aged 18-35 18-35 Adults in the UK Female Fashionistas 16- 34 : who like: Fashion, Fashion Design, Fashion TV, fashion magazines, fashion shows, Beauty, America's Next Top Model, Handbags, Shoes, shopping for shoes, Shoppin, Shoping, Designer Purses, Designer Jeans, Designer Clothes, High Heels, Hair, Celebrity Gossip, Glamour, Cosmo, Cosmopolitan, Sex And The City, The Devil Wears Prada, Lipstick Jungle, The Hills, Pretty Woman, Friends, Ugly Betty
    22. 22. Clusters generated using Profile, Group Use Facebook’s Cluster Targeting 895,000895,000 Mums 2.7m2.7m Pets 1.75m1.75m Fashion 1.15m1.15m Green 629,850629,850 iPhone 2.31m2.31m Sports
    23. 23. Facebook Pages
    24. 24. Facebook Pages – content ‘Hub’ for FMCG brands Create unique dialogue between brand & audience Develop deeper relationship with consumers Drive Fans & Post directly into their Newsfeeds Create a 2-way dialogue
    25. 25. Hub for all communications Update status Wall for brand and user communication Build a fan base Tabs for rich content
    26. 26. Best in Class
    27. 27. Skinny Cow - Facebook as a central hub Vanity URL was used in above the line advertising Tabbed approach used for to house different bits of content Generating 11,000 fans in the first week, an above the line campaign using Facebook as a fully integrated ‘Hub’ for the campaign A bespoke application run by Kelly Brooke allowed users to tag items of clothes they wanted for the chance to win them.
    28. 28. Ben & Jerry’s – Free Cone Day Ben & Jerry’s France Katie O’Brien, who helped oversee the campaign said, ”We gave away 500,000 virtual cones and in real life we gave away about a million!" Ben & Jerry’s ran the hugely successful Free Scoop Day in the US before launching a network of global Pages with accumulative Fans of 2m+ Ben & Jerry’s US/Global
    29. 29. P&G Tampax Mother Nature campaign Light hearted tone of voice generates 100,000’s of Comments on the Wall Mother Nature Gift-O- Matic Application gives users the opportunity to win prizes 7 fun forfeits they can share with friends Mother nature is a real person who attends premieres & events to speak to the female public P&G Mother Nature has used a real character to introduce fun & sharing into the femcare market – 70,000 Fans in the K with 20,000 unique users of the Application
    30. 30. Louis Vuitton – Live Stream Customised Tabs deliver content related initiatives such as latest World Cup magazine campaign Louis Vuitton have driven over 1m Likes to their Page since launching in 2010 when they Live Streamed their Spring Fashion Show ion Facebook attracting over 46,000 views of the content Louis Vuitton use their Wall to keep Fans up to date with their latest news Louis Vuitton show the first of its kind to be broadcast via Facebook
    31. 31. (c) 2007 Facebook, Inc. or its licensors. "Facebook" is a registered trademark of Facebook, Inc.. All rights reserved. 1.0