Facebook presentation for Simply Zesty Winter Camp


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Gail Power from Facebook takes us through businesses using Facebook and looks at the opportunity for brands with Facebook Connect.

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  • Print advertising was about Brand Imagery. Example: This popular VW ad really gave the brand an opportunity to clearly define their brand image with compelling illustration. VW known for their small cars further defines that with this ad.
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  • Facebook presentation for Simply Zesty Winter Camp

    1. 2. Mission Give people the power to share and make the world more open and connected
    2. 3. best friend mom co-worker favorite band tv show tv show brother roommate girlfriend teammate restaurant clothing designer coffee shop favorite cereal celebrity dad Product vision Identity Connections Sharing >50B connections
    3. 4. European Figures USA 89m Over 95m Active Users in Europe Netherlands 1.5m Hungary 440k Australia 7m NZ 1.1m 1.5m 2m Czech Egypt 4.5m India 350k Romania 2m Egypt Switzerland 1.7m France 13m Germany 4.5m Ireland 1.1m Turkey 14.5m Italy 11.5m Russia 550k Sweden 2.7m Austria 1.0m Swiss 1.7m Finland 1.3m Portugal 700k Belgium 2.7m Norway 2.3m Greece 1.9m Denmark 2.1m UK 21.5m Spain 6.8m
    4. 5. Most engaging home page on the Internet Source: comScore July 2009 & Facebook Internal Data, Worldwide, September 2009 ~50% daily <ul><ul><li>Active users log in daily </li></ul></ul>Daily 22.2 minutes <ul><ul><li>Average minutes per usage day </li></ul></ul>2.6 visits <ul><ul><li>Average visits per usage day </li></ul></ul>
    5. 6. Over 300 Million Active Users Open Registration Internationalization Sept 2009 300 M Gail’s Mother-In-Law joins Facebook
    6. 7. Social media popular across all age groups Worldwide social media reach Source: comScore, September 2009
    7. 8. connecting Mother Father Coworker Best Friend Roommate Sister Brother Girlfriend Me
    8. 10. Authentic Informed Connected Authentic Informed Connected The social marketing & information platform BRAND
    9. 11. What is Facebook doing to brand advertising?
    10. 12. Print
    11. 13. Television
    12. 14. Online
    13. 15. Facebook
    14. 16. 3 ways to create dialogue around your organisation
    15. 17. Guiding principles for brands <ul><li>Make it social. </li></ul><ul><li>“ That’s what I do on Facebook.” </li></ul>2. Keep it simple. “ If I understand something, I’m more likely to try it.” 3. Optimize for speed. “ If it’s fast, I’ll do more of it.” 4. Integrate. “Keep it within my Facebook experience.”
    16. 18. Homepage Image – Marks and Spencer
    17. 19. Become a Fan - Heineken
    18. 20. Event Advert – Mini Open Air Cinema
    19. 21. Virtual Gift – Guinness 250 th Birthday Send a branded gift to a friend and include a personal message.
    20. 22. Gift tab added to Fan Page
    21. 23. Connect overview
    22. 24. Social everywhere Game Consoles Web Mobile Desktop Identity Social Relevancy Distribution
    23. 25. Connect for the Web
    24. 26. Connect for desktop
    25. 27. Connect for iPhone applications
    26. 28. Facebook Connect for devices
    27. 29. CNN: Michael Jackson Broadcast Live Feed Widget: <ul><ul><li>Enabled users viewing the broadcast live on CNN to chat via Status Updates. Filter Status Updates by everyone watching the event, or by your friends. Status Updates to Facebook included attribution links. </li></ul></ul>Approximately 1 million users posted approximately 800k status updates CNN - Michael Jackson Broadcast
    28. 30. Developer resources Connect Wizard Widgets Page Developer Wiki
    29. 31. Get the latest Developer News Facebook Connect Page