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Socially speaking breakfast [compatibility mode]


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Socially speaking breakfast [compatibility mode]

  1. 1. 2004December Facebook reaches nearly 1 millionactive usersSeptember Groups application is added; the 2006Wall is added as a Profile feature December Facebook reaches more than 12June Facebook moves its base of operations million active usersto Palo Alto, Calif. November Share feature added onMarch Facebook expands from Harvard to Facebook, simultaneously launched on overStanford, Columbia and Yale 20 partner sitesFebruary Mark Zuckerberg and co-founders September News Feed and Mini-Feed areDustin Moskovitz, Chris Hughes and Eduardo introduced with additional privacy controlsSaverin launch Facebook from their Harvard Facebook expands registration so anyonedorm room can join August Facebook development platform2005 launchesDecember Facebook reaches more than 5.5 Notes application is introducedmillion active users Facebook and Microsoft form strategicOctober Photos is added as an application relationship for banner ad syndicationFacebook begins to add international school May Facebook expands to add worknetworks networksSeptember Facebook expands to add high April Facebook raises $27.5 million fromschool networks Greylock Partners, Meritech Capital PartnersAugust The company officially changes its and othersname to Facebook from Facebook Mobile feature launchesMay Facebook raises $12.7 million in venturecapital from Accel Partners;Facebook grows to support more than 800college network
  2. 2. 2007November Facebook launches Facebook AdsOctober Facebook reaches over 50 millionactive users 2008Facebook launches Facebook Platform for December Facebook Connect becomesMobileFacebook and Microsoft expand advertising deal generally availableto cover international markets; Microsoft takes a August Facebook reaches over 100$240 million equity stake in Facebook million active usersJuly Facebook acquires startup Parakey April Facebook launches Facebook ChatMay Facebook launches Marketplace application Facebook releases Translationfor classified listings application to 21 additional languagesFacebook hosts F8 event to launch Facebook March Facebook updates privacyPlatform controls to include Friend List privacyFacebook Platform launches with 65 developer Facebook launches in Germanpartners and over 85 applications February Facebook launches in SpanishApril Facebook reaches 20 million active users and FrenchFacebook updates site design and adds network January Facebook co-sponsorsportals Presidential Debates with ABC NewsMarch Facebook reaches over 2 million activeCanadian users and 1 million active UK usersFebruary Virtual gift shop launches as a feature
  3. 3. 2009December Facebook reaches over 350 2010million active users August Facebook launches PlacesSeptember Facebook reaches over 300 July Facebook reaches over 500million active users million active usersAugust Facebook acquires FriendFeed July Facebook launches beta ofJuly Facebook reaches over 250 million Questionsactive users February Facebook reaches overJune Facebook launches Facebook 400 million active userUsernamesMay Digital Sky Technologies makes a$200 million investment for preferred stock 2011at a $10 billion valuationApril Facebook reaches over 200 million February Facebook reaches overactive users 600 million active userFebruary Facebook reaches over 175million active usersFacebook joins OpenID board“Like” feature addedJanuary Facebook reaches over 150million active usersCNN Live/Facebook integration
  4. 4. 638,000,000
  5. 5. Facebook The average Facebook user has 130 friends. More than 25 billion pieces of content (web links, news stories, blogposts, notes, photo albums, etc.) is shared each month. Over 300,000 users helped translate the site through the translationsapplication. More than 150 million people engage with Facebook on externalwebsites every month. Two-thirds of comScore’s U.S. Top 100 websites and half ofcomScore’s Global Top 100 websites have integrated with Facebook. There are more than 100 million active users currently accessingFacebook through their mobile devices. People that access Facebook via mobile are twice as active thannon-mobile users (think about that when designing your Facebookpage). The average Facebook user is connected to 60 pages, groups andevents. People spend over 500 billion minutes per month on Facebook. There are more than 1 million entrepreneurs and developers from180 countries on Facebook.
  6. 6. Facebook Executive SummaryObjective:To distribute samples of a new cerealbar and to drive awareness of the newproduct by increasing connections tothe brand’s Facebook PageSolution:A Facebook Sampling Ads campaignto seed the sampling initiative that “”Facebook offers a greatlet redeem a sample on the Facebook opportunity for us toHome Page engage with our consumersKey Lessons: in a place where they• Using Facebook to help launch a are already spending lotsnew product can leverage both of time. The Marmitethe platform’s viral nature and sampling activity is a greatthe fact that users are more likely example of how we’ve worked closely withto try products when they’re Facebook to innovate in this area.”recommended by their friends• Facebook can offer valuableearned media, as brand loyalists Amanda Smithwill continue to discuss products Interactive Marketing Manager, Unileveron Facebook long after anadvertising campaign hasofficially ended
  7. 7. Results • The campaign on Facebook generated 21.5 million impressions over the course of the campaign • The overall engagement rate during the campaign was 0.27 percent • Through the Facebook sampling initiative, Unilever delivered 33,000 samples of the Marmite Cereal Bar in two weeks to the targetaudience of mums and 16 – to 44-year-old adults• The campaign grew the Marmite core Facebook Page by 10 percent, with a total of 300,000 people connected to the Page. By early October 2010, the number of people connected to the core Marmite Page had risen to more than 528,000 • 5,000 Fans were also generated on a tactical Marmite Cereal Bars Page• Status updates on the Page included comments such as “my free bar arrived, this morning, AMAZING! I’ll be buying lots of those”• Marmite took the unique approach of expanding the campaign into the Marmite ‘Hate’ FacebookPage with 160,000 Fans, where users could sign up to ‘stop the spread
  8. 8. Facebook Executive SummaryObjective: Harnessing the passionof global Budweiser enthusiasts andsports fansSolution: Bringing Budweiser andsoccer fans “closer to the game”through a range of interactive featureson the Bud United Page “Facebook enabled us to activate on the WorldKey Lessons: Cup global stage connecting Budweiser• Budweiser saw the potential withto draw people around a common passionate fans, and ultimately overcominginterest and bridge geographical geographic distance to feel closer to thedistance in a way only possible game”through a truly global platform• The simplicity of the ‘Paint Andrew Sneyd, Global Advertising Director,Your Face’ application that Budweiserallowed Facebook users toalter their profile image increasedengagement by making it easy,natural and fun
  9. 9. Results• The campaign went global. It was created for multiple regions – Canada, USA, PuertoRico, Argentina, Bahrain, and many more –but it was embraced by the world, as shownby the hundreds of thousands of users who participated from all over the planet. • The Bud United Page’s growth was explosive, with 6 people per minute joining in and liking the Page during the first days of the World Cup Advertising Case Study • As a sign of the high engagement levelsgenerated by the campaign, some 2.7 million people “painted” their faces virtually. • More than 900,000 people clicked to like Budweiser’s Bud United Page by the end of the campaign. • The viral aspect of Facebook led to people telling the friends they were connected to on Facebook about the campaign,increasing the number of people connected to Budweiser Pages from countries where the beer is not commercially sold.
  10. 10. Twitter Twitter’s web platform only accounts for a quarter of itsusers – 75% use third-party apps. Twitter gets more than 300,000 new users every day. There are currently 110 million users of Twitter’s services. Twitter receives 180 million unique visits each month. There are more than 600 million searches on Twitter everyday. Twitter started as a simple SMS-text service. Over 60% of Twitter use is outside the U.S. There are more than 50,000 third-party apps for Twitter. Twitter has donated access to all of its tweets to theLibrary of Congress for research and preservation. More than a third of users access Twitter via their mobilephone.
  11. 11. LinkedIn LinkedIn is the oldest of the four sites in this post, havingbeen created on May 5 2003. There are more than 70 million users worldwide. Members of LinkedIn come from more than 200 countriesfrom every continent. LinkedIn is available in six native languages – English,French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish.Oracle’s Chief Financial Officer, Jeff Epstein, was headhuntedfor the position via his LinkedIn profile. 80% of companies use LinkedIn as a recruitment tool. A new member joins LinkedIn every second. LinkedIn receives almost 12 million unique visitors per day. Executives from all Fortune 500 companies are on LinkedIn.Recruiters account for 1-in-20 LinkedIn profiles.
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