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Pgl ishareEV presentation Project Green Leaf


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Project Green Leaf
Jay Patel
Nash Patel
Rusty Quave
Jackson State University JSU
Michael Thomas
Bill Cooley

Published in: Environment
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Pgl ishareEV presentation Project Green Leaf

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  4. 4. WIRELESS CHARGING MARKET And other Qualcomm – Siemens – Bosch – Valeo - Powercast - Conductix – Kaist – Elektromotive – Ecoupled – IAV – IHI – Magtech - Sew-Eurodrive - Maxwell technologies – Nissan Infinity - Renault – BMW – Volvo – Tata - etc.
  6. 6. EXPERTS SPEAKING “Our core business in the ’70s was selling cars; in the ’80s, late ’70s came the great innovation of leasing and financing, Now you can pay per use of a car. It’s like the music industry. You used to have to buy an album, now you can pay per play” Tony Douglas, head of marketing and sales at BMW’s mobility unit Daimler and the rental giant Europcar have joined forces to create Car2Go, while BMW has teamed up with the car-rental company Sixt to form DriveNow. Both companies offer a technology-driven twist on the on-street rental model made popular by Zipcar, which itself is owned by Avis.
  7. 7. ELECTROMOBILITY Moving with energy into a mobile future. Quiet, clean, sustainable: these are characteristics people usually do not associate with conventional automobile travel with its CO2 emissions, dependency on limited petroleum reserves, and clogged highways. But these positive attributes are exactly what sets electromobility apart. Electric cars and Navias have low emissions and can become integral parts of a smart grid, where they do not just consume power, but also provide mobile storage of energy acquired during periods of high electricity generation from renewable sources, high winds or sunshine. In times of high demand, they can feed electricity back into the grid. Therefore, electromobility’s greatest potential for climate protection is the interaction with renewable energies and sustainable mobility. This is not just a dream for the future. Plans exist for a million electric vehicles to be on the road in the U.S. by 2015. The pioneer cities of Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Jose CA. and Pensacola FL. will be able to pass their experience on to other urban areas. Propelled by private investment, the U.S. plans to take the lead in electromobility. The demand for innovative technologies is increasing. Project Green Leaf already offers an entire range of products and solutions for the electromobile future – including smart grids, wireless charging infrastructures, components for electric cars and a complete, coordinated software portfolio.
  8. 8. PGL Induct has developed a special flexible charging systems with capacity to transfer up to 150 kW which exceeds the goal set by Tesla. The system offered is an EVPad® wireless charging system. This system is comprised of an emitting pad integrated into the electric grid, and a receiving pad added on to an electric vehicle. It is capable to charge Electric Vehicles untethered from cables. Furthermore, the pads will exchange data with an operation center via ZigBee, WiFi, or other wireless standards. Other features include real-time remote monitoring, firmware updates and optional communication modules. Fast DC charging stations will be particularly advantageous in places where drivers park for just a short time like when shopping or eating at a restaurant. Inductive charging will allow electric vehicles to be charged without a cable. A coil buried underground establishes the connection to the public energy grid. When drivers start the charging process, a magnetic field induces electrical current. This induced current charges the electric vehicle’s battery. The charging stations can be integrated virtually invisibly into any environment. CHARGING INFRASTRUCTURE
  9. 9. Much like WiFi, very soon Wireless Charging will become a necessary amenity to boost business from college students, mobile business people and meeting planners. This goes beyond Wireless charging, EVPad® associated with IshareEV’s Digital Interactive Display (DID) is a delivery system for Social Media Marketing and other eMarketing initiatives. IshareEV® hotspots deliver Real Time Advertising (RTA) messages about services to guests each time they interact with the DID. The system collects the email addresses and cell phone numbers of guests to help deliver incentives encouraging guests to come back sooner rather than later. Offering IshareEV® to capture a larger market share is a strategy that will be used by national brands such as Panera Bread, Starbucks, McDonalds, Hotel brands and other franchise brands. Using IshareEV® DID in restaurants’ or hotels’ growth plan is right on track with national consumer trends. With the explosion of Interactive touch screens and other enabled devices such as iPods, iPhones, Laptops, it is clear that consumers are hungry for the service. Our DID is designed to build a stronger one-on-one connection to guests. It is important to make the most of guest interaction on-site and after they have left. “With today's economy we want to give Restaurants, Hotels and other franchised businesses every online advantage they can get." Jay S.Patel Chairman of AAHOA’s Franchise industry committee. IshareEV’s EV Pad®-DID and Franchised businesses
  10. 10. The Market: As the CEO "Technology advancements drive revenue and efficiency," Hertz CEO Mark Frissora told investors "Increasing value with technology and speed, not through pricing, is our strategy.” Hertz shares jumped 6.8% on the day of the announcement to close at $23.41, the stock's highest closing price in more than five years. The Hertz announcement comes about three weeks after Avis Budget Group completed its $500 million acquisition of U.S. car-sharing leader Zipcar, which has more than 760,000 members and operates in 20 cities and on more than 300 college campuses in North America and the U.K By offering the 24/7 service, Hertz will bring the quick-access feature of car-sharing to many more locations, making better use of its U.S. fleet of 395,000 vehicles. Enterprise then combined Mint with its existing WeCar and PhillyCarShare units to create Enterprise CarShare. Mint at the time had more than 8,000 subscribers and about 45 locations in the New York and Boston areas. Members, many of whom are younger city dwellers who would rather forgo the hassle of buying, insuring, maintaining, fueling and parking a car, can make an online reservation, swipe their membership card over a car-window sensor for access and drive away. Hertz controls about 26% of the U.S. car rental market, 70% of Hertz fleet will receive the 24/7 technology, while Avis Budget, inclusive of Zipcar, has about a 20% share, according to Auto Rental News. Enterprise has about 49% of the U.S. market Source: IshareEV vs. everyone else.
  11. 11. Benefits of the IshareEV Program 4. One of the greenest projects in history.  Reduces >15,000 Tons of CO2 emissions over 5 years IshareEV 5. Reduces dependency on foreign fossil fuels.  Over 1.5 M Gallons of gas saved over 5 years. Equating to over 5 Million Dollars in fuel purchase savings 6. This project should generate positive national and worldwide attention for UWG, supporting student enrollment growth.
  12. 12. Cutting edge technology that will attract students and faculty IshareEV THE FUTURE OF TRANSPORTATION IS HERE, at UWG
  13. 13. Benefits of the IshareEV Program  Changing the mindset of students to transition to Green mobility  If our trajectory is to change, it will be the students of today that will change it 8. Social impact on future generations Change my thoughts and change my world IshareEV 7. Through the installed network of Digital Interactive Displays (DID) both on campus and in the business community, Your University will potentially receive hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash revenues - thus creating a new revenue stream.
  14. 14. Benefits of the IshareEV Program 10. Protecting Our Future  Contribute to reducing Global Warming and transforming an entire industry. 9. Stimulate the Alternative Energy Automobile Industry  Thousands of Green jobs could be created.  Cutting edge technology, will advance the clean energy/clean transportation discussion. IshareEV
  15. 15. UWG THE GREENEST CAMPUS IN THE USA. Qualifies for the study: ① IshareEV Car sharing Program. ② Solar Photovoltaic Panels ③ Electric Vehicles ④ Academics: IshareEV - Sustainability credits for adhering to IshareEV values - Green mobility data collection - Research on the technology - Partnering with other green universities
  16. 16. 8.5 MW of SOLAR PV Means: Almost 1.5 M Equivalent Mature Trees Planted IshareEV
  17. 17. 8.5 MW of SOLAR PV Means: 25 Years of energy at a predetermined price 30 Years Warranty 15 Years of free energy IshareEV
  18. 18. 8.5 MW of SOLAR PV Means: OFFSETS 1.2 M lbs Acid Rain IshareEV
  19. 19. 8.5 MW of SOLAR PV Means: OFFSETS OVER 1.5 M lbs of Smog Emissions IshareEV
  20. 20. UNIVERSITIES Project Green Leaf 501(c)3 6919 Pensacola Boulevard - Pensacola, FL 32505 - - Phone+1-850-602-5163