The Art Of Why Wai Final


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Do you know why you do what you do? Does your customers know why?

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The Art Of Why Wai Final

  1. 1. Tetra Pak Technical ServiceWhy? It’s all about you, and yet,not at all about you… Peter Berthagen
  2. 2. Tetra Pak Technical Service[wai]It’s about purposeIt’s about causeIt’s about belief Peter Berthagen
  3. 3. Tetra Pak Technical Service (Source Golden Circle: Simon Sinek) Peter Berthagen
  4. 4. Tetra Pak Technical ServiceWhat – is about what you doHow – is about how you do itWhy – is about why you do whatyou doDo you know them all?In what order do you act?Which comes first? Peter Berthagen
  5. 5. Tetra Pak Technical ServiceWhy do you do what you do?What are your beliefs?Do you know? Peter Berthagen
  6. 6. Tetra Pak Technical ServicePeople don’t buy what you do.People buy why you do it!Why do you do what you do? Peter Berthagen
  7. 7. Tetra Pak Technical ServiceWhat do you do?What you do is a proof of whatyou believe.Whether you know it or not,you reveal your beliefs withwhat you do. Peter Berthagen
  8. 8. Tetra Pak Technical ServiceDoes your customer believewhat you believe?If not, do you think they willtrust you? Peter Berthagen
  9. 9. Tetra Pak Technical ServiceTrust is built on commonbeliefs.Does your customerunderstand what you believe?Can you make them believewhat you believe? Peter Berthagen
  10. 10. Tetra Pak Technical ServiceTrust is a critical success factorin customer relations.No trust = no business. Peter Berthagen
  11. 11. Tetra Pak Technical ServiceBut what you believe must beof value for the customer.Your job is to make yourcustomer see that!…so that they also believe whatyou believe. Peter Berthagen
  12. 12. Tetra Pak Technical ServiceDo you trust yourself?If you do, what do you believeyou can do for your customer? Peter Berthagen
  13. 13. Tetra Pak Technical ServiceDo you believe you can makeyour customer’s businessbetter? Peter Berthagen
  14. 14. Tetra Pak Technical ServiceThose opportunities youbelieve in – are those you canmake your customer believe in.If they have a value for thecustomer……because it’s not about you;it’s about your customer. Peter Berthagen
  15. 15. Tetra Pak Technical Service…and it’s about trust. Peter Berthagen
  16. 16. Tetra Pak Technical ServiceYour communication matters!The things you say and dosay something about who youare and what you believe.You have to say and do thethings you actually believe in!Be yourself, be authentic! Peter Berthagen
  17. 17. Tetra Pak Technical ServiceUnderstanding people is key…how can you otherwise buildtrust?Human interaction is thereforea must.If I believe what you believe,we will form a bond……and trust can emerge. Peter Berthagen
  18. 18. Tetra Pak Technical ServiceIf I trust you I will do businesswith you!Therefore you need a why!A why that is of value to me… Peter Berthagen
  19. 19. Tetra Pak Technical ServiceIf you believe in it – I mightalso believe in it…If it is true, and if I trust you! Peter Berthagen
  20. 20. Tetra Pak Technical Service [wai] You decide! Peter Berthagen