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CV Peter Berthagen

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CV Peter Berthagen 2014

  1. 1. Curriculum Vitae Peter Berthagen Creative Entrepreneur and Integrator with focus on customer, results and engagement I create engagement and make changes happen within business & organizational development by building integrated commercial excellence. This means creating an integrated value chain from supplier to customer. The key is to create the right portfolio of value adding products and services and strengthen the commercial capability within the organization thus helping the customer improve their business. This is my core competence area and passion. My most dominant strength is my strategic drive - the ability to discover patterns, create new solutions and find the best way forward. This strategic capability is strengthened by my curiosity and ability to see visions of what could be – nothing is impossible and I’m not one to give up. I have a strong positive drive that creates spin off effects on others, gives me energy and keeps us moving towards achieving results. My specialty is to manage situations that are complex, unclear or unstructured and where there is a real need for achievements. The phrase “this can be done better” will always show up within me, and I strive towards high quality and excellence. As a leader I have the ability to build trust, engage people, create a strong positive commitment and drive a team or an organization to fulfill the goals and create results - having fun at the same time. What can I do for you? My natural role is executive, as an integrator, an entrepreneur, a change manager when there is a need for innovations or improvements – developing the business and organization to the next level.
  2. 2. Professional experience BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT & LEADERSHIP o Build front-line commercial excellence ensuring customer satisfaction, operational performance and drive profitable sales growth within global liquid food business o Create and build a value based customer centric sales in B2B with global coverage o Drive market and business development of local companies on a global level to build a service business with in liquid food industry o Lead and facilitate creation of new strategy and actions for strategic development in large service oriented group faced with strong increased competitive environment o Build new service business – as Business Owner building new service operation and organization – lead, organize and drive creation of a global cross organizational organization to be able to deliver a worldwide service within mobile telecommunication o Establish efficient supplier integration to deliver the right performance at the right cost o Recreate business – as Managing Director with focus on business development, recreate customer confidence, manage supplies and develop organization & business to satisfy customers and owners, employee 20-30, total staff 50-60, company sales 30 msek, total sales 120 msek o Business development – successfully create, lead and implement new processes and solutions for 5 companies within a group (steel, plastics and food industry) for the total logistic chain including finance PROJECT MANAGEMENT & LEADERSHIP o Successfully lead, implement and establish new global processes, routines and workflow covering worldwide warranty claim repair handling in more than 30 countries within telecom business - became a “reference project” o Successfully turnaround and rebuild a large project for business development; implementing new business solution and processes covering more than 150 subsidiaries in gravel, asphalt and concrete business. o Recreate strong customer confidence, reorganize and drive critical project to finalize delivery and reach successful end-results within large entrepreneur contact business and financing o Lead and drive total process change of new processes and systems to develop efficient total logistics flow from purchase via production to order fulfillment in car electronics industry – large project successfully managed within time and cost o Negotiate business deal, set up team and successfully drive development of business solution to manage legal enforced change in energy business with short timeframe
  3. 3. Employment history 2010- Tetra Pak Strategic initiative driver to build commercial excellence on global basis Service Sales Development Manager with focus on customer and value based sales Cluster Business Support Manager working with global business development 2004-2010 Sigma iMål Projektledning AB Develop the business as Deputy Managing Director (2009-2010) Strategic Business & Product development (2009-2010) Sales development of complex services (2009-2010) Strategic Project Manager Nationalencyklopedin (2008-2009) Strategy Process and Project Manager Sigma Group (2008) Business Owner Global Service Sony Ericsson (2005-2008) Project Manager Sony Ericsson (2004-2005) 2000-2004 TheWay (own company) Project Manager Sony Ericsson (2002-2004) Private clients in personal and leadership coaching, conflict management, organizational development and project management education 1991 - 2000 WM-data Group Project Manager and Coach at Sydkraft (EON) (1999-2000) Managing Director at WM-data ASG AB (1997-1999) Project Manager at NCC Industri (1995-1996) Strategy development for Stora Group (1994) Project Manager at StoreBaelt (DK) (1993-1994) Project Manager at Gullfiber (1993) Project Manager at Nokia Motala (1992-1993) Project Manager at Novo Nordisk (DK) (1991-1992) 1989-1991 Boxholms AB Group, Business development & IS/IT Manager 1987-1989 Saab-Scania Group, Corporate Business Controller 1981-1983 FAW Jacobi AB, Sales and marketing representative, chemical & process industry 1981 IBM Svenska AB, Sales representative, Office products 1979-1980 Svenska Sockerfabriks AB, Laboratory Manager at Roma Sugar Factory
  4. 4. Education & Training 2012 2010 2010 2008-2009 2008 2006-2008 2000-2002 1991-2000 1991 1983-1987 1974-1978 Solution Selling – SPI/Implement Consulting Group Leadership & Intuition – leadership development course – Creative Experience Certified Change Manager by Prosci Extended research in the field of Strategic Change and Change Management Six Sigma Green Belt Leadership development program at Sigma iMål Coaching & Therapy education, NordlysCentret Denmark Leadership development, Business Management and Project Management education at WM-data internal training program Leadership education & training program, M-gruppen Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and Economics, University of Linköping, including 1 year of assistant master role and research within strategy, leadership and organizations Chemical Engineer 4 year senior high school International experience 20102005- 2008 2002- 2005 Responsibility for Central & South America and Russia & Central Asia Business Owner, developing service business within global operations in Europe, Asia and Americas Project management, user trainings, investigations and implementations in more than 30 countries in Asia&Pacific, Middle East, Europe and Americas 1991- 1994 More than 2 years of work as consultant and leader in Denmark 1981- 1983 Swedish representative for German, Swiss and British chemical companies Languages Swedish – Native English – Fluent German – Partly Peter Berthagen June 10, 1958 Married, three children Address: Norregatan 15 242 31 Hörby Sweden Mobile phone: Mail: +46 (0)733 – 36 23 12 Facts Danish – Partly