The Art Of Selling Services Final


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Selling is helping your customer sole his/her problems...can you do that, or do you only think about what you need?

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The Art Of Selling Services Final

  1. 1. Tetra Pak Technical Service SellingServices The art of givingTetra Pak customers added value Peter Berthagen
  2. 2. Tetra Pak Technical ServiceSelling is not about features.Selling is not about products.Selling is not about convincing.Selling is not about your company.Selling is not about you. Peter Berthagen
  3. 3. Tetra Pak Technical ServiceSelling is about humaninteraction.Selling is about belief.Selling is about trust.Selling is about creating the willto buy! Peter Berthagen
  4. 4. Tetra Pak Technical Service…something that only can bedone if the customer is a part ofthe process.…something that only can bedone if the customer perceives avalue.And in the end it should savemore than it costs! Peter Berthagen
  5. 5. Tetra Pak Technical ServiceSelling is about perception!The customer must have a need,either known or unknown(latent).Can you address that need so thecustomer personally feels thevalue in your message?Selling is about engaging thecustomer in your beliefs.Do you believe that you really cando something that your customerwants? Peter Berthagen
  6. 6. Tetra Pak Technical ServiceNever prescribe anything to yourcustomer!Don’t tell them what to think.Diagnose and lead the customerforward, instead.Allow them to draw their ownconclusions. Peter Berthagen
  7. 7. Tetra Pak Technical ServiceQuestions are tools to find outwhat your customer really wants.Don’t forget to listen to theanswers!The answers might give you yournext question. Peter Berthagen
  8. 8. Tetra Pak Technical ServiceQuestions engage the customerin your search for the right wayto help them!Questions prove that you arereally interested in knowing thecustomer!What do you want to know?Decide before you meet them –be prepared! Peter Berthagen
  9. 9. Tetra Pak Technical ServiceThe answers to the rightquestions let you know where thecustomer is.This is your starting point! Peter Berthagen
  10. 10. Tetra Pak Technical ServiceHave you found something thatyour customer doesn’t know?Then you have found a latentneed.How do you make your customeraware of this, as a latent need canhurt?Can you demonstrate the value inthis opportunity? Peter Berthagen
  11. 11. Tetra Pak Technical ServiceDo you know your stakeholders?Do you know who wants whichinformation?Do you know how thesestakeholders react to yourmessage?If you don’t, you must first findout! Peter Berthagen
  12. 12. Tetra Pak Technical ServiceSelling is about taking yourcustomer from point A to point B.You must first find out where thestakeholders are.But beware… all stakeholdersmight not be at the same startingpoint! Peter Berthagen
  13. 13. Tetra Pak Technical ServiceYou must then be clear on wherethe stakeholders are prepared togo. What do they want? What do you want?You must be able to show thatthis is of value to them.You must be able to show themhow to get there. Peter Berthagen
  14. 14. Tetra Pak Technical ServiceSending a message……is not just about being right.…is not only about being the best.It’s about winning.Winning is about making thecustomer want to buy!A message is measured by itseffect, not by its technicalexcellence! Peter Berthagen
  15. 15. Tetra Pak Technical ServicePresenting a message is aboutengaging the audience……emotionally as well asrationally. Peter Berthagen
  16. 16. Tetra Pak Technical ServiceSome basic principles can helpyou make your message moresuccessful.Involve your listeners, make itsimple, make it personalized,add a surprise to it and……most of all:You must believe in what yousay! Peter Berthagen
  17. 17. Tetra Pak Technical ServiceWhatever you say will be filteredby your stakeholders’ experience.It’s not what you say that isimportant.It’s what your stakeholdersreceive and how they process it! Peter Berthagen
  18. 18. Tetra Pak Technical ServiceDo you know what they want tohear from you?Do you know what they need tohear?These can be different, so youneed to prepare both areas inadvance!Questions are a way to find out! Peter Berthagen
  19. 19. Tetra Pak Technical ServiceWinning is when the customermakes a decision to buy fromyou.Remember, people don’t makedecisions on rational groundsalone! Peter Berthagen
  20. 20. Tetra Pak Technical ServiceIn any presentation rememberthat your audience has to feelthat……nothing is more important toyou than what you are saying…no person in the world is moreimportant than the one who islistening to youEverything you do and say has toappear to be for their benefit. Peter Berthagen
  21. 21. Tetra Pak Technical ServiceSelling is about helping yourcustomer solve a problem!Without a clear value for them...Why should they be interested?Why should they believe you?Why should they trust you?Why should they buy from you? Peter Berthagen
  22. 22. Tetra Pak Technical ServiceHere is some space for yourthoughts… Peter Berthagen
  23. 23. Tetra Pak Technical Service Peter Berthagen
  24. 24. Tetra Pak Technical Service Tetra PakTechnical Service Peter Berthagen