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My advert proposal


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Published in: Education, Lifestyle, Business
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My advert proposal

  1. 1. Advert Proposal By Paulina A
  2. 2. I am going to advertise Coco ChanelThe product … lip stick. I have chosen to advertise Coco Chanel lip stick because the make up industry is very big and popular. The cosmetic industry is a profitable business for most manufacturers of cosmetic products. By cosmetic products, we understand anything that is intended for personal care such as skin lotions or sun lotions, makeup and other such products meant to emphasize ones look. Slogan: Dieu ma donné le style, Dieu ma donné la grâce. Dieu a mis un sourire sur mon visage! (This means: God gave me style, God have me grace. God put a smile
  3. 3. Ideologies … Expensive Good quality Glamour Worth having For an every day use
  4. 4. Target audience … Women who love make-up Women who want to look and feel glamorous Women that love Coco Chanel Women that are confident and independent and that don’t need a man to boost up their self-esteem Mostly wealthy/middle-classed women The two lifestyle categories which the target audience fits into is the Egoist(People who are mainly concerned to get the most pleasure for themselves out of life) and the Groupies(people who want to get accepted by those around them).
  5. 5. The Beauty Bunny - SheSocial ranking class: believes that just becauseThe social class category in which there is science in a beautythe target audience lies is mostly product, it will work. She issocial class A but I do think that is into every new invention in thecan be social class B too. beauty industry and reserves •A: High ranking managers in her greatest enthusiasm. industry or the profession like law or medicine. •B: Middle managers in companies or public services like health or education.Female stereotype:The female stereo type for thisadvert would be something in- The Alpha Female – She is abetween the Beauty Bunny and the powerful professional whose mainAlpha Female. focus in life is her career. She is definitely in control, but herGender: Females entire life is work.
  6. 6. Maslow’s hierarchy of needs … The need I’ll be targeting for the audience is: Esteem(confidence, self -esteem)
  7. 7. Persuasive techniques … Beautiful people: Using good looking models as if telling us we will look like them if we use the product. Snob Appeal: This technique suggests that you can be like the expensively dressed, perfectly shaped, beautiful person who uses this product. Repetition: Slogans, images and brand names can be repeated and add creditability to a campaign. Anchorage: When an advert uses a caption to fix the meaning of an image.
  8. 8. Comes in twenty different shades Design …The cover of the lip stick is blackand goldThe bottom of the lip stickcontains the Coco Chanel logo.ROUGE COCO SHINE HydratingSheer Lip shine provides lastingmoisturizing shine in a water-lighttexture. The formula glides on foreasy application, and a uniqueHYDRATENDRE complex hydratesand softens lips, giving them ahealthier and fuller appearance.Available in a complete range ofshades, from delicate beiges todazzling berries, with a hint ofshimmer to enhance a glossy finish.
  9. 9. Extrathe attention is to be concentrated on advertso …•Most of information about the the face themodel has to make strong eye contact with the consumers.•The background for the advert is going to be quite dull and notreally colourful; you get very similar colours just in differentshades, e.g. black, a bit of white, dark navy blue and differentshades of grey.•The model will be the most colourful object in the advert. Thereason for this is because the model is to be the main focus in theadvert because it is her that is advertising the product; thereforeshe cannot blend in with the background (she has to stand out).•She’ll be wearing a tight dark blue dress (just above knee length),light brown leather jacket and light brown leather heels.•Most of the light will be concentrated on the model and thebackground will be kind of blurry. High key lighting is going to beused to give the overall image a clear look.•The model will be holding a blackberry in one of her hands whilethe other hand will be empty with the Red Coco Chanel lip stickbeneath her hand to give an effect like she’s dropping it.
  10. 10. The model:•Cheeky smile•Curly hair•The model is walking down the road•Fierce body language•Strong eye contact•Face full of confidenceThe Product:•The product will be at the left bottom corner of the advert and will be fairly big.I don’t want the product to take up too much space because that way the advertwill not be as effective. I also don’t want the product to be too small because theconsumer has to be able to see without squinting, so it has to be clear and visiblefor everyone to see. The lip stick on the advert will also be red however there willbe a little caption saying: “Comes in twenty different shades, from delicate beigesto dazzling berries.” The reason that I want this little caption to be there is sothat every consumer knows there is a range of shades and colours to choose fromwhich is hard to do just by looking at the advert, reason being the product on theadvert is in the colour red and the model lip stick that the model is wearing is alsoin red so it would be hard to tell what other colours/shades there are (if any).The model’s facial expression for my advert is going to be that of a strong andconfident woman. The aim is to look natural but confident and beautiful at thesame time. I have decided for the model to use direct mode of address. Theconnotation of me using direct mode of address is that it stimulates an interactionwith every individual consumer.
  11. 11. Background… they’re all looking at her•Men surrounding her and•All the men are business men and they are all wearing suits•The model is not wearing business clothes (to make her stand out)•Model not wearing extensive make-up; only mascara and a bit ofeyeliner. This is so more attention is concentrated on the lipsrather than the rest. The focus point are the lips and not the restof the face, if the model was to wear extensive make-up it woulddistract the whole image and the main focus would no longer bethere.•She will be wearing red Coco Chanel lip stick and the reason forthat is because red is a colour that symbolises mostly guilt, sin,passion and anger, often as connected with blood or sex. Howeverin my advert the colour red is going to symbolize courage andsacrifice but mostly courage rather than sacrifice.•The model is not paying the men any attention at all.•She is an un-business woman in a place full of business men•The model is representing independence, confidence, dominance(woman/girl power) and of course ... BEAUTY!•The background will be Canary Wharf.
  12. 12. The end! 