Baby Strollers


Published on An On-line Amazon store detailing the different types of Srollers available for you. A stroller is one of the most important pieces of baby gear you will purchase and it is expensive so choose wisely !

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Baby Strollers

  1. 1. Strollers for Babies and Kids
  2. 2. Which Stroller to Choose?As you are aware there are many varieties of strollers available and thebest stroller for you depends on many factors.• How many children you plan to use it for• How you are going to use the stroller• Your budget• Storage of your stroller• Weight of the stroller• Transportation means (car/public transport)A stroller is one of the most important pieces of baby gear you willpurchase and it is expensive so choose wisely !
  3. 3. Stroller Guide - Different Types ofStrollers Available• Lightweight stroller frame• All-in-one travel system• Combo stroller• All-terrain and jogging strollers• Umbrella stroller• Double Stroller• Triple Stroller• Quad Stroller
  4. 4. Lightweight Stroller FrameIf you will be taking your infant in and out of a car a lot, a lightweightstroller frame would be most suitable.These universal frames let you attach an infant car seat very easily. Simplyremove it from the car (including baby!) and snap it right into the frame.These are great for letting your sleeping baby continue napping.Stroller frames are inexpensive, and they are handy for quick tripsbetween parking lot and supermarket or for hauling on a bus or train.
  5. 5. All in One Travel SystemAll-in-one travel system consists of an infant car seat, a car-seat base, anda full stroller but they can be bulky and heavy. Make sure you have roomto store it when it is not being used.
  6. 6. Combo StrollerAs the name suggests, Combo strollers let you change the stroller from abassinet on wheels to a regular stroller as your child grows.They are eye catching, but can be expensive.
  7. 7. All Terrain and Jogging StrollersBesides being more shock-absorbing, all-terrain and jogging strollerstypically have three wheels and a seat that gives your baby more support.If you want to run, use a jogging stroller only.All-terrain and jogging stroller may be easier to push if you will be going forlong walks.These bigger, heavier strollers might be harder to use on publictransportation. If you do have a car, make sure it fits inside easily and givesome thought to where you will store it in your home.
  8. 8. Umbrella StrollerQuick trips can easily be accomplished with an umbrella stroller. Anumbrella stroller is comfortable for your baby and easy for you.Some umbrella stroller have features for cool and warm weather as well ascup holders, sun canopy and storage bags.
  9. 9. Double Strollers2 kids ? No problem – we have a stroller for that!Either a compact, side-by-side stroller or a stroller with seating one in frontof the other. Ideal to get the kids out of the back seat and head to themany places you have to go! From birthday parties to picnics, thesestrollers make a perfect ride of choice for all your many adventures.
  10. 10. Triple Strollers3 kids ? No problem – we have a stroller for that too!Either a compact side-by-side stroller or a stroller with seating one in frontof the other.All passengers get their own space and the frames and tires are all verysturdy. These strollers make a perfect ride of choice for all your manyadventures.
  11. 11. Quad Strollers4 kids? Make traveling with four children simple!• The Quad 4 Passenger Stroller seats have a 3 point harness and recline to accommodate infants. Shock absorbing wheels provide comfort and easier maneuverability. Also features side-by-side design to facilitate child interaction and is sized to fit through most standard doorways!• The Four Passenger Bye-Bye Baby Buggy is the perfect buggy and features terraced seats so all children can see. It also features easy fasten seat belts, and the ability to fit through standard doorways!
  12. 12. Thanks for Stopping By! Don’t forget to check outThe Best Strollers for Babies and Kids Amazon On-line Store for all your Stroller and Stroller Accessory needs.