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Open Data: Elag workshop report


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Open Data: Elag workshop report

  1. 1. Open Bibliographic Data
  2. 2. Open Data• Open Access• Open Standards• Open Licensing
  3. 3. Problems• Technical problems (export)• librarian perfectionism• unclear rights situation of data ownership (copy cataloging contracts)• Skepticism• Missing support of Linked Data by library system vendors
  4. 4. Recommendations• Remember: No IP rights on single records, only on collections• Include ownership for data in contracts for copy cataloging• More transparency for contracts with data vendors• Sherpa/ Romeo List for data vendors• Pressure on library system vendors together!
  5. 5. Community• CKAN• Open Bibliographic Data group • mailing list • (Blog)• Principles of Open Bibliographic Data
  6. 6. Way to go• Own database rights?• Export data• Publish data• Describe data / add license• Create CKAN entry• Let the world know! (Twitter, ...)
  7. 7. Its should be done
  8. 8. Its should be done andNOW is the right time to DO so!
  9. 9. Its should be done and NOW is the right time to DO so!Workshop Wiki: