Report about etrc events in november 2012


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Report about etrc events in november 2012

  1. 1. Grant number - SMD700-12-GR073 Report on ETRC events in November 2012 The month of November included such events as three Webinars, five workshops for school English teachers, aseminar for university lecturers and five meetings within discussion club for students - “FACE”. The webinars were held on the 7th, 14th and 28th November, they were attended by 6, 13 and 10 peoplerespectively. The workshop sessions were opened by Irina Pomazanovschi on the 1st of November with a presentation foruniversity lecturers about “Moldova: the image of the country”. The session was attended by 29 teachers. Later thesame date Rafel Naseer, ELF from Balti delivered a presentation to school teachers with the topic: “Warm-upactivities”. This session aroused a great interest among teachers, and was attended by 38 persons. On the 8th ofNovember, Bob Earlie, Visiting Scholar from Ireland, delivered a presentation for teachers with the topic:“Developing and Sharing Activities”. The workshop was attended by 21 teachers. Next seminar was held onNovember 15th by Cristina Macaev, who presented a redy-made lesson “Family”. The participants could find a widerange of activities for different levels of students. The workshop was attended by 13 teachers from local lyceums. OnNovember 22 the session was presented by Irina Pomazanovschi, who shared with teachers “Differences betweenBritish and American English”. This workshop was attended by 12 teachers. The last seminar of November waspresented by Larisa Guzun, on November 29th with the topic: “What is best in teaching English: TV series, news orsocial networks?” The seminar was attended by 14 people. To provide a picture in numbers, it can be summarized that every seminar in November was attended in averageby 21 persons. Activities for students facilitated and organized by ETRC included weekly meetings for discussion club FACE.Two of five sessions were presented by the native English speaker – Bor Earlie, Visiting Scholar from Ireland. The topics for discussion included: Irish music and poetry, superstitions, obesity, alphabet race conversation,etc. Every meeting was attended by 10-11 students in average.Pictures taken during the events are published every time after the event on our FACEBOOK page and in our photogalleries on google, they are accessible through our official web site: It can be mentioned that ourFACEBOOK page has 242 Likes. Below you can see the scheme of FACEBOOK overview: