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Savchenko association activities(1)


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Published in: Education
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Savchenko association activities(1)

  1. 1. Key Activities Odessa Association “American Class” 2015-2016 Anna Savchenko President of the Association Outstanding Teacher of Ukraine
  2. 2. Activities for Students  Global Student Dialogue  Skype video-conferences between students of Ukraine and students of other countries  Involvement of new participants of Global Student Dialogue among schools of South of Ukraine  Olympiads  Contest “Olympus”  Contest “Greenwich”
  3. 3. Global Student Dialogue Video-Conferences
  4. 4. Global Student Dialogue Video-Conference
  5. 5. Sharing the Experience of Global Student Dialogue
  6. 6. Doing Charity Work
  7. 7. Activities for Teachers  International Conference for teachers devoted to Global Student Dialogue  Teachers-managers of new schools taking part in the Global Student Dialogue participated in the conference  TESOL conference, Lviv, Ukraine  Khomyakova I. and Savchenko A. presented their papers during the conference  Articles written by Khomyakova I., Korenfeld I., Savchenko A. were published in the conference book  Meeting with the Head of Odessa Oblast M. Saakashvili  Association meetings of teacher-members of the Association  Organization of seminars for teachers on using computer technologies in English lessons  Participation in Summer Schools “Cloud Service Technologies in Education”
  8. 8. TESOL Conference
  9. 9. International Conference F2F
  10. 10. Meeting with M. Saakashvili
  11. 11. Cloud Service Technologies
  12. 12. Association Meetings
  13. 13. Seminars on Using Computer Technologies in English Lessons for Rural English Teachers
  14. 14. Connections with ADU/Siena College Associations & American Councils
  15. 15. Participation of Young Teachers in the Contest “Teacher of the Year”
  16. 16. All these activities would not be possible without ADU Support! Thank you very much!