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The State of Open Knowledge in Belgium II Open Knowledge


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Presentation by Toon Vanagt at Open Belgium 2018 -

Published in: Data & Analytics
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The State of Open Knowledge in Belgium II Open Knowledge

  1. 1. Share with #OpenBelgium Wifi: OpenBelgium18 Aula Magna, Louvain-La-Neuve 12/03/2018 Presentation template by SlidesCarnival Opening address by Toon Vanagt (@Toon) Chairman Open Knowledge Belgium Founder &
  2. 2. Open Communities Smart Society Open Belgium 2018 Opening Address
  3. 3. Bienvenue, Welkom, Willkommen and Welcome! Our lowest common language denominator will be English today, but feel free to speak your favorite language for Q&A.. Open Belgium 2018
  4. 4. Open Belgium 2018 Open Belgium Open community Researchers Governments officials Industry influencers Organised by Open Knowledge Belgium (asbl/vzw)
  5. 5. Addressing reliable and open address data Who considers their home address to be theirs too?
  6. 6. Address data = Meta data How do you feel about this? GDPR LIDAR
  7. 7. Reliable and open Address data Not as simple as it looks.. ● Authentic base registry originates at city level ● Maintained by Region (Flanders, Wallonia, Brussels) ● Consolidated at Belgium’s federal level (BeST address initiative) ● Huge societal and economic impact
  8. 8. Reliable and open Address data Not static and daily changes.. 300.000 Flemish citizens are estimated to be impacted by an address change on 1/1/2019 due to consolidating cities: ● Renaming cities (eg: Overpelt + Neerpelt = Pelt) ● Renaming ‘duplicate street names’ ● Rearranging some postal codes..
  9. 9. Status in the Interfederal Cooperation on the Base Registries for Addresses in Belgium (23/02/2018) Source: François Du Mortier, CIRB - e-Government Manager and Chairman of the BeST Address Committee
  10. 10. Feel free to pass by our new company address @ BeCentral
  11. 11. Open Knowledge Belgium changes official address
  12. 12. Cultural dimension of privacy sensitivity Dutch license plate = public key to open meta data (eg: ) Reduced fuel theft because existing camera’s in petrol stations now use ANPR-check in real-time..
  13. 13. OVI.RDW.NL Equivalent to DIV in Belgium
  14. 14. Banning the diesel cars Source: Lectrr, the Brussels Times, 03/11/2017 Partly banned in Antwerp (low emission zone) 20+ year old diesel banned in Brussels too Dieselgate German cities can now forbid car fuel types if they want to..
  15. 15. Self-driving cars as a data factory Sensors Open Data? Morality?
  16. 16. Moral call for ethical AI + Open Benchmarks GDPR
  17. 17. Whenever a government agency gets to regulate, license or subsidise a mobility related service: Require every mobility service provider to share an “Open Data”-compliant real-time set of availability status, location and cost. This policy measure doesn’t cost you anything, stimulates intermodal transport, avoids vendor lock-ins and natural monopolies.. Policy suggestion
  18. 18. Mobility service providers API’s
  19. 19. Schedules Contract API keys Contract (about to change) Open License Real-time Contract API keys API keys beta-version no Historic no no no no
  20. 20. Powering intermodal route planners & integrations
  21. 21. Academic research intro to state of Open Access What to expect? European Open Science Cloud Open Access provision in the Belgian copyright law
  22. 22. Source: VLIR white paper, Research Data Management and the Flemish Universities
  23. 23. Call for structured open data feedback loops Need for Open Data feedback loops Not only government, but citizens and companies Anonymization is required Example: Civic Lab
  24. 24. Open data index with review 2017/2018 Belgium’s Open Knowledge ranking advanced from #53 (2014) to #35 (2015) to #22 (2016)
  25. 25. Many good things have happened GDPR upcoming excuse to keep it closed Dangerous to give the keys only to private gatekeepers Example: For (SFP/FOD Finance) information portal you now need a (free) Sharepoint account in the Microsoft cloud Concerns
  26. 26. ● Mirva ● Open Summer of Code ● Open Street Maps ● Digital Wallonia Do visit the upstairs booths