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OpenStreetMap Community by Jorieke Vyncke


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Jorieke Vyncke on the OSM-Community during the OpenStreetMap break-out session at Open Belgium 2015.

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OpenStreetMap Community by Jorieke Vyncke

  1. 1. But are we really alone behind our computers? I love mapping!
  2. 2. crowd – sourcing passive active
  3. 3.
  4. 4.
  5. 5. How are OSM-people connected with eachother?
  6. 6.
  7. 7. A variety of mailing lists: Mailinglists, IRC & Forum IRC: forum:
  8. 8. OpenStreetMap Wiki Belgian home page:
  9. 9. Twitter @osm_be Facebook group OpenStreetMap België/Belgique/Belgium Website
  10. 10. And it doesn’t stop in the digital world…
  11. 11. Mapping parties Mapathons State of the Map Meetup’s Events and conferences Workshops Hangouts
  12. 12. OSM Belgian Meetup Group
  13. 13. How is the community organizing itself?
  14. 14. Discussion on motor roads
  15. 15. Discussion on crane rails
  16. 16. HOT Tasking Manager
  17. 17. What are the advantages of having a mapping community?
  18. 18. Community Is helping eachother in the mapping process
  19. 19. Community Facilitates the mapping by developing tools and creating the right environment
  20. 20. Community Is exchanging and sharing knowledge with others
  21. 21. Community Improves the data quality
  22. 22. Community Makes you able to handle bigger challanges (eg. Ebola Actavion Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team)
  23. 23. Community Leads to continuous improvement
  24. 24. Community Makes mapping more fun!
  25. 25. Local community Improves tremendously the detail of the data
  26. 26. Aerial imagery of Goré, Chad
  27. 27. Goré, Chad on Google Maps
  28. 28. Goré, Chad on OpenStreetMap
  29. 29. Aerial imagery of Lubumbashi, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)
  30. 30. Lubumbashi, DRC on Google Maps
  31. 31. Lubumbashi, DRC on OpenStreetMap
  32. 32. How can we scale up our community even more?
  33. 33. The bigger the community, the more diverse views, the better OpenStreetMap!
  34. 34. For this, we need to ask ourselves, what motivates people?
  35. 35. Possible strategies to motivate more people • Project based mapping • (Diversity-friendly) social events: mapping indoor and outdoor with other people • Reducing the complexity of learning OSM mapping • More user-friendly, intuitive, efficient tools and better documentation for data contribution • Education and training • Positive feedback & rewards for editing • Awareness raising towards different groups • Creation of demonstrators to showcase the values of OSM (make it close to people’s everyday lives!) • Peer support and community networks (eg. more profile options) • Make OSM fun and cool!
  36. 36. So I still love mapping…
  37. 37. … but even more in our world wide mapping community!
  38. 38. A mapper is never alone! Jorieke Vyncke Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team