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How we use the massive open lidar dataset for the benfit of our clients


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How we use the massive open lidar dataset for the benfit of our clients

  1. 1. Open Knowledge How we use the massive open lidar dataset for the benefit of the client Monday, March 12, 2018
  2. 2. Rockestate Pietjan Vandooren Materials science engineer Financial markets expert CFA Charterholder Kasper Van Lombeek Energy engineer Geo statistician Data scientist Mathieu Carette Mathematician, PhD Software engineer Data scientist
  3. 3. Business model Rockestate ● Open geospatial data is often needed in data science use cases ● Gathering, cleaning, standardizing this open geo data is hard work ● Data scientists are too scarce to do this internally
  4. 4. Business model Rockestate By doing lots of use cases ● We improve our curated data lake ● We gather background knowledge about Machine Learning, spatial statistics and building products in general
  5. 5. Address API Demographics GIS application (F) GIS application (BE) GIS application (W) GIS application (B) Feature extraction from GIS applications Open geo data?
  6. 6. i.e. addresses ● Old school: sell your own address database ● New school: work and contribute to an address database that is shared by all stakeholders
  7. 7. Advanced feature engineering
  8. 8. Advanced feature engineering
  9. 9. Open data helps
  10. 10. How much can we extract? We are here
  11. 11. 3D vector models based on Lidar data
  12. 12. Demo
  13. 13. Do we give back? Everything open source It is not because you open source something, that it helps the community We do have some secret sauces that we can’t just open today Everything closed source Doesn’t work, clients love transparency Is not attractive to attract talent
  14. 14. Do we give back? ● We blog in great detail ● We give trainings to non-profits ● We tried to organise a hackathon for a good cause ● We contribute to open source geo software ● We speak at meetups and open source events
  15. 15. Why Open Knowledge? ● Measuring my weight daily allows me to monitor my behaviour ● We believe these transparent dashboards are needed to evaluate policy ● i.e. dashboard about traffic accidents ● i.e. remuneration of notaries
  16. 16. Thank you