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TOC Bologna 2012: The Discovery Problem: Getting Your Book App Noticed in the App Store (Hermés Piqué)


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The iOS App Store has half a million apps already. On top of that, it wasn’t designed with books in mind. How do you get your book app noticed in such a hostile environment? In this session, Robot Media’s Head Robot Hermés Piqué shares his experience in dealing with the discovery of book apps, and provides a series of best practices to give your app a fighting chance.
Speakers: Hermes Pique (Robot Media)

Published in: Technology
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TOC Bologna 2012: The Discovery Problem: Getting Your Book App Noticed in the App Store (Hermés Piqué)

  1. 1. The Discovery Problem @hpique
  2. 2. 600,000 apps in the iTunes App Store
  3. 3. “About 63% of App Store downloadscome from rankings” Source: Nielsen
  4. 4. “the average gain [of getting featured inrankings] is +27 in iPad and +15 in iPhone” Source: Distimo
  5. 5. 1.rankings <=> featured 2. profit!
  6. 6. how to get featured?
  7. 7. how to get into the rankings?
  8. 8. Questions?
  9. 9. oh...
  10. 10. poor man’s guide to solve book app discovery•why a book app?•the icon•keywords•coding discovery
  11. 11. book apps2nd category in volume
  12. 12. book apps6th (?) in revenue
  13. 13. know thy enemy
  14. 14. category
  15. 15. search
  16. 16. detail
  17. 17. the icon
  18. 18. the most important design element of an app
  19. 19. icon design•Simple...but detailed•Tell a story...•...without words (remember the app name is there too)•Standard = bad•Stand out
  20. 20. keywords does searchlike does tablets
  21. 21. keywords 101•100 characters•Do not include title and company name•Separate with commas•Be specific
  22. 22. keywords 201•Test keywords and adjust•Separate with “,” but not “, ” to save chars•Include singular and plurals•Not necessary to combine keywords
  23. 23. keywords 301•Use Google Keywords Tool for ideas•In-app purchase titles count as keywords (?)•Include common misspellings
  24. 24. developers can help too!
  25. 25. code discovery into your app•virality•cross-promotion•app size•vote reminder
  26. 26. virality•Let the app help discover itself•Share content through Facebook, Twitter or e-mail•Include the app link in each outgoing message (cross-platform apps should use an “intelligent” link)
  27. 27. cross-promotion•Build a network of apps•Be helpful: do not recommend an app I already have (for devs: canOpenURL)
  28. 28. app size Between“as small as possible” and 20MB 50MB (use remote assets)
  29. 29. vote reminders•Do not spam•After “positive” experience•See: appirater
  30. 30. Questions? @hpique
  31. 31. Thanks!