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Awakening India - Jago Party


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Terrorism, discrimination based on reservation, injustice, corruption, crime, unemployment, poverty, pollution - problems of India are multiplying every day, but there is nobody coming forward to offer a solution.

And we common Indians carry on our lives as usual hoping that something good will happen someday on its own.

Let us realize that nothing will change till we, the common people, wake up. To bring about this change, we need to clean the system by being a part of it and not as an outsider. Let us all rise to this occasion.

We admire A. P. J. Abdul Kalam, T. N. Shesan, Narayan Murthy, K. P. S. Gill, Kurien Verghese, E. Sridharan, Kiran Bedi, Joginder Singh, Dr. Jai Prakash Narayan, Arvind Kejriwal, Anna Hazare, Aruna Roy, Sundeep Pandey and similar other leaders for their selfless contribution to the nation.

We have launched this political organization called JAGO PARTY to initiate this cleaning action and to say boldly that enough is enough.

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Awakening India - Jago Party

  1. 1. OUR MAIN POINTS OF MANIFESTO 1. Reservation for none, job for everyone through free English education 2. Hang terrorists, murderers, corrupts & rapists; Judgments in 3 months 3.All voters will get Rs 800 p.m. in lieu of subsidies 4. 24 hrs electricity & comfortable train journey through privatization; less government & more private enterprises 5.Reduction in tax rates; no income tax up to Rs 4 lakh
  2. 2. Now, we have to package & market our product by reaching the people HOW TO DO THIS?
  3. 3. WHAT YOU CAN DO – 1 MAKE PEOPLE AWARE OF JAGO PARTY: by discussion by e-mails / sms on social networking sites/ blogs by distribution of pamphlets to your neighbors by putting stickers in your cars/banners on your houses by giving ads in local newspapers
  4. 4. WHAT YOU CAN DO - 2 Organize camps on RTI, traffic rules, govt schemes, municipal duties etc to make people aware of their rights Encourage people to complaint to authorities & Jago Party Expose corruption in government offices & schemes Get events published in the media No destructive activities like bandh, rasa roko etc
  5. 5. WHAT YOU CAN DO - 3 Be a leader, not advisor Membership fee waived in states other than Rajasthan Get supporters; form a team; meet regularly Contest elections or find people to contest elections Keep on doing things as mentioned before
  6. 6. WHAT YOU CAN DO - 4 Sir, I support you, but I have no time THEN JUST DONATE SOMETHING No contribution is small Online list of donors You can pay by: Online account-to-account transfer Credit card after clicking Donate cheque / cash
  7. 7. What we are doing - 1 Monthly commitment of contribution by Deepak Ji and others Ads in Rajsthan Patrika, ETV Rajasthan, Sahara TV, The Hindu 50% contribution in local initiatives for campaigns [pamphlets, ads, hoardings, vehicles etc]
  8. 8. What we are doing - 2 Handling of complaints through web site Lots of success stories Full-fledged Jago Party office functioning in Secunderabad [ call Shyam / Santosh on 040-66330575] Sending sms messages frequently An Interactive Voice Recording machine starting soon PILs to be filed against general problems
  9. 9. What we would like to do, if we have resources High voltage publicity across country by ads in all newspapers, TV, radio & web Thousands of articles all over media every day Presence on every TV discussion Lots of hoardings in all cities Active leadership all over India